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Ring of Honor began the New Year by looking back at the Best of 2014.

Roll he opening montage!

Our host was Larry Mercer. Larry explained that it his honor to present the best of the best. He started with discussing the returns: Chris Hero, Chris Daniels, Matt Sydal and A.J. Styles. Larry sent it to the first match:

A.J.Styles vs Roderick Strong


Strong had Styles in a Body Scissors. Styles flipped over and grabbed a Side Headlock. Strong fought up to his feet but Styles pulled him back down. Strong took Styles to the corner. Strong screamed at Styles that A.J. was in Roddy’s ring. Styles with an amateur takedown. Front Face Lock by Strong. The fans began to chant “This is Wrestling!” Strong took the Side Headlock and Shoulder Tackled Styles. Modified Universal into a roll up by Strong. Styles with kicks and chops. Universal led to a Styles Dropkick. Slider Dropkick, through the ropes, by Styles. Ro H took a quick break.

Strong ran Styles into the corner. Strong then blocked he Springboard Inverted DDT. Strong rocked Styles with kicks but A.J. came back to nail the Springboard Inverted DDT. Strong caught Styles on the top rope and blasted him. Superplex by Strong! 2 count only. Both men were rocked by that move. Styles kicked out of a Tiger Driver and connected with a Pele and Brainbuster. 2 count, again. Styles slipped coming off the ropes. Styles tweaked his knee in the move. Styles went for a Superbomb but couldn’t lift Strong. Strong kicked away and pulled Styles off the ropes into a Side Breaker and Double Knee Gutbuster. Styles could not believe that Styles kicked out. Strong threw forearms and then took quite a few. Jumping Knee Strike by Strong but Styles came back with the Calf Kutta. Strong rolled over to almost pin Styles. He two threw wild chops. Strong with the Sick Kick! 1-2-No! Jumping Knee by Strong but Styles came back with a wicked Clothesline and the Styles Clash!

Your Winner: A.J. Styles
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.75

Larry was back to talk about the departure of Kevin Steen…now stuck with the Kevin Owens name in WWE.

Kevin Steen vs Steve Corino
Steen’s Final Match


Steen and Corino unloaded with Forearms that led to a Hockey Fight. Steen asked to face Corino, his mentor. Steen used a Dropkick to send Corino to the floor. Corino swept the legs to cause Steen to crash to the apron. Corino Whipped Steen into the barricade. The two kept throwing punches and such on the floor. Steen threw Corino into the barricade. Steen slid in and out of the ring and then grabbed an El Generico mask. Running Boot by the now-masked Steen. The “Ole! Ole!” chant broke out. Steen pitched Corino back in the ring. Steve hit the Flip, Flop and Fly and Bionic Elbow. Steen dodged the charging Corino and hit a Chop. Abdominal Stretch by Corino. Steen got free and hit the Rikishi Run and Cannonball! 1-2-Denied. Steen with a huge chop but Steve connected with the STO. Time for a break.

We return to find Steve Corino doing his best to pin Steen. He had hit a nice Suplex prior to the pin attempt. Steve Dropped the Straps, which is never a good thing. Kevin pulled Steve off the ropes and nailed a Rope Assisted DDT. 2 count. Swanton by Steen brought Kevin a 2. “Mr. Wrestling” broke out from the crowd. Corino escaped a Fireman’s Carry. Standing Switches. Colby Shock by Corino. 2 count. Step-Up Enziguri into the F-Cinq by Steen. 2 count. “Kill Steen Kill” by the fans. Corino blocked the Package Piledriver and hit a Superkick. . Lariat by Corino into a Baseball Lariat. “You Still Got It” rang out from the fans for Corino. Steve put Kevin up top and blasted him, repeatedly. Headbutts by Steen. They were up on the ropes. Steen with a Fisherman’s Superplex for a two. Corino with a Jackknife Pin after blocking the Package Piledrive. Superkick by Corino. Powerbomb led to the Package Piledriver!

Your Winner: Kevin Steen
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.75

Larry returned to push the Kevin Steen DVD. He then brought up ReDRagon, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly.

RoH looked at when Jay Lethal took the TV title from Tommaso Ciampa, thanks to some help from Truth Martini. The House of Truth is growing…

Highlights aired of Michael Elgin defeating Adam Cole. Ms. Chif, Elgin’s wife, spat the Poison Mist into Maria’s eyes. Elgin hi numerous Powerbombs to become the World Champion. Just 3 months later, Elgin would drop the title to Jay Briscoe. Elgin has had a major attitude change since losing to Jay. Larry rolled a highlight reel of the match between Elgin and Briscoe.

Larry Mercer was back to talk about RoH’s partnership with New Japan Pro Wrestling. A fantastic highlight video package. Larry showed the 2014 Match of the Year:

The Young Bucks vs ReDRagon
World Tag Team Title Match


The Bucks with a massive double team on both members of the Dragons. Back Rakes to both Fish and O’Reilly. Corkscrew Plancha by Nick. The ropes were shaken to take out Matt. Matt Jackson had a broken hand so it was aped up. Double Team by ReDRagon. Kyle with the Fujiwara Arm Bar but Jackson reached the ropes. Fish tagged in and kicked away. Tom Lawler was in ReDRagon’s corner and got involved a few time. Matt was isolated by Fish and O’Reilly. Mat fought out of the corner. Low Bridge to Fish. Nick took down Fish. Lawler got involved and pulled Nick off the apron. Matt wanted a tag but Nick wasn’t there. Regal Plex by Kyle. Fish was flipped to the outside. Inverted Buffbuster by Matt as RoH went to break.

Nick got the ag and he took out both members of ReDRagon. Nick was flipped onto the apron. Nick with a Tornado DDT to Kyle, on the floor, and then a Springboard X-Factor to Fish. Low Bridge to Fish. Fish dodged Nick and ran Jackson to the corner. Superkick to a flying Kyle! The “Superkick” chant broke out. Double Team on Fish, back in the ring. 1-2-Not yet. Buckle Comb/Enziguri combo by the Jackson Brothers. Kyle tripped Nick. Fish went for the Ankle Lock by Matt reversed things. Kyle rushed in but ate a Superkick. Superkick to Fish. They put him into a Tombstone position on O’Reilly. The Bucks Superkicked O’Reilly’s knees to force him to Tombstone his own partner. Quick break.

Kyle with a Chain Dragon Screw Leg Sweep on both Jacksons. They all ended up on the floor. Mat went up top but Kyle held the leg. Fish hit a Super Falcon Arrow for the 2 plus. He Bucks avoided Chasing the Dragon. Superkick for Kyle to prevent Ax and Smash. Nick got tripped. Guillotine Choke by Matt. Nick hit a 450 Splash but Kyle kicked out just before 3. Damn. Crash and Burn by Nick. The Jacksons went for More Bang for your Buck. Kyle caugh Matt in the Triangle Choke. Superkick blocked. Kyle with a Brainbuster! 2 count. Chasing the Dragon for a two count. Kyle with the Fujiwara Arm Bar. Tap Out!

Your Winners (and New RoH World Tag Team Champions): reDRagon
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.95


–Jay Shannon

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