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Smackdown in Norfolk, VA.

*Recap of Cutting Edge Peep Show and the return of The Authority on Raw.

Edge and Christian came out. Edge felt that it was his fault that The Authority is back. They were ready to start the show without The Authority until the Titantron showed a limo pulled up backstage. J&J Security came out of the limo and walked to the ring. Edge made a joke about J&J entering the ring and that they should have climbed over the bottom ropes. Christian referred them as the Geek Squad. Jamie Noble said that they have an “apparent statement from The Authority”. Joey Mercury read the statement. He mentioned that The Authority had nothing to do with the attack on last Raw, and they apologized for what happened to Edge and Christian. He also stated that J&J Security are the “official observers of Smackdown”. Edge said that they are still in control, and they make all the matches on Smackdown. He announced a match between Ryback and Big Show. Christian announced a match between Roman Reigns and Rusev.

The show was cut to Bray Wyatt coming to the ring.

*Commercial Break

Bray Wyatt VS Erick Rowan –
Erick Rowan came to the ring. Wyatt ordered Rowan to lay down because they were not meant to fight each other. Wyatt attacked Rowan. Rowan retaliated and took him down. He delivered some hard hits. After Rowan hit the ring post, Wyatt took control of the match. Later, Rowan picked up the pace, and threw Wyatt around against the turnbuckles. When Wyatt was on the mat, he kept asking Rowan, “don’t you remember me?” Rowan showed compassion and helped him up. Wyatt surprised Rowan with the Sister Abigail and pinned him for the victory. Wyatt took the mic and said that all good things must come to an end. He mentioned that their story will end with Dean Ambrose going in the ambulance.

*Backstage – Edge and Christian were talking about doing a 5 Second Pose. J&J Security appeared, and they did their 5 Second Pose – as Edge and Christian backed away with smiles on their faces.

*Commercial Break

*Promo of Smackdown returning to Thursday on 1/15/2015.

Goldust, Stardust and Adam Rose are in the ring.

*Recap of Adam Rose attacking The Bunny 2 weeks ago on Raw.

R-Truth came out. Then, the Usos came out.

*Recap of the Usos winning the Tag Titles.

The Usos and R-Truth VS Goldust, Stardust and Adam Rose -
R-Truth started off with Adam Rose. R=Truth took control of the match. Arm twist on Rose. Jey was tagged in. When Jey ran to the ropes, Stardust lowered the top rope and caused Jey to fall out. Stardust started taunting him at ringside.

*Commercial Break

Goldust was dominating Jey with a lock. He delivered a powerslam and made the cover but Jey kicked out. Stardust was tagged in. He kept Jey down by stomping on him. Rose was tagged in. Jey tried to fight back but Rose delivered some shots. Goldust was tagged in. Jey almost made the tag but Goldust pulled him away from his corner. Jey was able to knock Rose and Stardust off the ring apron, and he threw Goldust out of the ring. Jimmy was tagged in. Goldust reentered the ring and tagged Rose. Jimmy nailed Rose with some attacks. Jimmy delivered a Samoan Drop on Rose. Goldust entered the ring to interfere but Jimmy stopped the attack. R-Truth entered the ring and delivered a kick to Goldust. Goldust went outside the ring. R-Truth flew through the ropes and landed on Goldust. Stardust surprised R-Truth with the Falling Star on R-Truth. Jimmy was distracted by the fight at ringside. Rose grabbed him from behind to roll him over for the pin but Jimmy kicked out. Rose set Jimmy up for the Party Foul but Jimmy escaped and superkicked him. Jey was tagged in. Jey hit the frog splash on Rose and pinned him for the victory. The male Rosebuds entered the ring to attack the winning team but The Usos and R-Truth fought them off.

*Commercial Break

*Recap of Daniel Bryan’s emotional story and amazing announcement.

Ryback was heading to the ring.

*Recap of Ryback’s promo from the last Raw.

Ryback VS Big Show –
Big Show came to the ring. The two men locked up. Ryback delivered a shoulder to Big Show in the corner. Big Show threw Ryback out of the ring. As Big Show was pulling Ryback up, Ryback grabbed Big Show and nailed his neck on the top rope to take control. He entered the ring and knocked Big Show down. He was setting up the Meat Hook Clothesline but Big Show retreated to ringside.

*Commercial Break

Big Show delivered some headbutts on Ryback. Ryback fought back with a shoulder attack in the corner. Big Show delivered a big boot to Ryback and then a clothesline. At ringside, he hit Ryback’s left knee against the ringpost. Back in the ring, Big Show was working on Ryback’s left knee to keep him down. He charged at Ryback but Ryback pulled down the top rope, and Big Show fell out of the ring. When Big Show entered the ring, Ryback delivered some hits. Ryback leaped off the top turnbuckle but Big Show caught him with a chokeslam hold. Ryback escaped the hold before being chokeslammed. He hit Big Show with a Spinebuster. As Ryback was setting up the Meat Hook Clothesline, the Russian flag came down. Rusev and Lana came out. Ryback moved to the ring apron and was distracted by them. Big Show knocked Ryback off the ring apron with a punch. The ref counted Ryback out and awarded the match to Big Show. Rusev entered the ring and set up the Accolade on Ryback but Ryback escaped and clotheslined Rusev out of the ring.

*Backstage – Edge was standing by a door. J&J Security showed up, and they were looking for Christian. Edge said that Christian was in the bathroom. Noble walked through the door to look for Christian. The sound of a woman scream was being heard. After Noble came out, Edge stepped aside to reveal the sign for the ladies room. He said that Christian was in the men’s bathroom and walked away.

*Promo for Royal Rumble.

*Commercial Break

Cesaro and Tyson Kidd came out with Natalya.

*An earlier backstage promo of Cesaro and Tyson Kidd. They mentioned that they’re glad to see The Authority back, and their New Year Resolution is to become Tag Team Champions.

Los Matadores VS Cesaro and Tyson Kidd –
Diego started off with Tyson Kidd. Diego had Kidd in a headlock. Fernando was tagged in. He took Kidd down. He made the cover but Kidd kicked out. Fernando hit Kidd with a back elbow. Cesaro tagged in. Fernando knocked Kidd out of the ring. He was going for an aerial attack on Kidd but Cesaro surprised him with an uppercut. Back in the ring, Kidd was tagged in. He kept Fernando down in the corner. Cesaro was tagged in. He kept Fernando away from his corner. He tagged Kidd and was putting Fernando in the big swing. Kidd hit Fernando with a drop kick in the middle of the swing. He made the covered but Diego stopped the count. Kidd leaped off the top rope but Fernando caught him with a dropkick in mid-air. Diego and Cesaro were tagged in, and Diego took control. Toward the end, Cesaro caught Diego on his shoulder and held him up. Kidd tagged in and nailed Diego with a Bomb Buster from the top rope as Cesaro held him up. Kidd made the pin for the victory.

*Backstage – Dean Ambrose was heading to the ring.

*Promo of Smackdown moving to Thursday nights.

*Commercial Break

Dean Ambrose VS Curtis Axel –
Curtis Axel was in the ring. Dean Ambrose came out, and he immediately started pummeling Axel. Axel retreated to ringside, and Ambrose followed him. Ambrose threw Axel to the guard rail and then to the announce table. Axel retaliated with some attacks. He tried to throw Ambrose back into the ring but Ambrose returned and surprised Axel with a clothesline. Ambrose threw Axel into the ring, kicked him in the gut and nailed Axel with the Dirty Deeds. Instead of going for the cover, Ambrose demanded for the mic. After he took the mic, he walked away from the ring and approached the ambulance. He explained what he will do to Bray Wyatt in the Ambulance Match, and he said that they will take a trip to “Happy New Year Hell”.

*Promo of The Ascension.

*Commercial Break

*Promo of new season of Total Divas which will air this Sunday.

*Recap of The Authority return.

The Ascensions came out. They were fighting against two local, indy wrestlers (didn’t get their names). They pretty much dominated the match, and their opponents did not have a chance to fight back. The Ascensions delivered their tag team finisher, and Victor made the pin for the win.

*Backstage – Edge and Christian were talking in their office. J&J Security appeared and said that they have to get the office ready for The Authority. They switches posters around and left. Edge pulled out two sharpies, gave Christian one and they were drawing on the poster of Triple H and Stephanie being on the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine.

*Commercial Break

Roman Reigns came out.

*Recap of the Reigns/Big Show match on Raw 2 weeks ago.

*Recap of Reigns/Rollins match and Big Show attacking Reigns last Raw.

Roman Reigns VS Rusev –
Rusev and Lana came out. The bell rang, and both men locked up. Rusev tried to throw a punch but Reigns got out of the way. They locked up again. Rusev backed Reigns in the corner and delivered some kicks. Reigns turned things around with some punches. He clotheslined Rusev over the ropes and out of the ring.

*Commercial Break

Rusev was back in control. Reigns fought back but he later hit shoulder first into the ringpost. Rusev delivered a German Suplex on Reigns and then a suplex. He covered but Reigns kicked out. Rusev applied the sleeperhold but Reigns fought out of it. Rusev threw Reigns out of the ring. Reigns was fired up. He reentered the ring and threw some punches. Rusev tried to push him away. Reigns set up the Superman Punch but Rusev surprised him with a dropkick. Rusev made the cover but Reigns kicked out. He tried to superkick him but Reigns blocked it. Reigns ran to the ropes and delivered the Superman Punch. Big Show arrived, and Reigns nailed him with a Superman Punch. Rusev surprised Reigns with a superkick. He made the cover but Reigns kicked out. Rusev tried for another superkick but missed. Reigns knocked him down with the Spear. Reigns went for the pin but Big Show pulled Reigns out of the ring to break the count and attacked him at ringside. Reigns won by DQ. Big Show was tearing up the announce table and set Reigns up for a chokeslam on the table. Reigns countered and slammed Big Show’s face on the table. He hit him with a slide kick to the face. Smackdown ended with Reigns flipping the table onto Big Show.

My Thoughts –
I was a little bit disappointed that John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Seth Rollins – and even The Authority did not appear in this episode of Smackdown, it was still a good show. I was very happy to see Edge and Christian work together, and them ribbing J&J Security was very entertaining. Bray Wyatt may have the most enigmatic, eerie promos but Dean Ambrose gave us a very disturbing thought on what he plans to do to Bray Wyatt in the Ambulance Match. Honestly, I really do not want their feud to end but it could be over after Raw next week. I guess we shall see. The Ascension is a very impressive tag team, and they are very similar to the Legion Of Doom/Road Warriors (my all-time favorite tag team). I look forward to seeing more of this team in action. – Lisa Williams

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