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In an evolving sport such as MMA with fighters looking to establish identities in order to separate themselves from the pack, you’ll often see talents going the pro wrestling route and employing a gimmick to do so. It worked for Chael Sonnen, who was a trailblazer for pro wrestling-style promos in order to hype a fight. Almost everyone recognized that’s what he did, it was obvious.

Why isn’t it so obvious with UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones? Because he’s better at it.

Jones burst onto the MMA scene in 2008 as a humble, god loving youngster with a wealth of talent and potential. Fans of several denominations took to Jones and boarded his bandwagon as it chugged along towards his eventual UFC title run.

In the three and a half years since Jones’ title win over Mauricio Rua fans have noticed a significant change in Jones’ demeanor, resulting in the “Jon Jones is fake” comments. A DUI, which is indefensible, stained his public perception and probably didn’t help that he had two women who weren’t his fiance with him. His braggadocious tweets, Instagram posts and the like also set people off. Often times Jones will play these people and delete the posts.

If you can’t see the motivation in Jones deleting posts, you’re being worked. In the same manner in which Sonnen trolled a legion of Brazilians, you’re being puppeteered. As it pertains to his personal life with his fiance, is that really the business of any fight fan?

Jones was also blamed for the cancellation of UFC 151, although his opponent Dan Henderson didn’t disclose a knee injury for several weeks after sustaining it. When Jones refused to fight Henderson’s friend Chael Sonnen, fans came out of the woodwork to criticize the champion. Just another day in the life of Jon Jones’ heat seeking gimmick.

Jones isn’t soft spoken anymore. He was embroiled in a huge brawl in promoting his bout with Daniel Cormier and shortly after, a video was released of the two trading insults back and forth while cameras were rolling. Jones has a great PR team, and believe when it’s said that he knows what he’s doing. If he didn’t want to risk being cast in that light, the comments would have never happened in front of a camera whether he knew it was rolling or not.

“Bones” Jones knows exactly what he’s doing, but do you? He’s the John Cena of the UFC. He’s loved by many, and hated by just as many. Either way, he’s getting a reaction in and out of the cage.

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