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Championship Wrestling from Hollywood ended the year, in top style, by rebroadcasting the “Red Carpet Rumble”. This event featured many top stars of yesterday and today. There were 30 men involved, all together. The winner of this would get a future title shot at the Heritage Heavyweight Title. Two men started and a new man entered every 90 seconds. Due to the length of the actual match, this week’s show was basically a Highlight Reel of the event. You’ll be amazed just who shows up to walk the Red Carpet.

The first person out was…Johnny Yuma of Vermin. The 2nd person to enter was “Pretty” Peter Avalon. Peter and Vermin have been at war for some time. Avalon went after Yuma with a vengeance. Peter stood on Yuma’s neck. Yuma began to fight back with kicks and punches. Peter threw wild punches and kicks in the corner. Double Underhook Suplex by Avalon. Running Knee Strike by Avalon. He next person out was Vermin member, Johnny Goodtime. Goodtime jumped on Avalon’s back. He Vermin members kept hitting Running Elbow Drops. This is why they are known as the Rock Nes MONSTERS. Avalon was decimated by this double team.

Number 4 to the party was Todd Chandler, who was a part of Footloose, at the time. That team has since broken up and Todd went heel. Avalon almost sent Yuma out but Johnny held on. Goodtime blasted Todd and got ready to throw Chandler out. It didn’t happen. It was time for number five to come out as Avalon was almost sent out. The other member of Footloose, Dan Joseph, was next to arrive. Double team by Footloose on both of the Rock Nes Monsters. Nice Double Team by Footloose. Time to pay the bills. We will be right back.

Leo Blaze joined the fight at Number 6. Blaze is a former Battle Royal winner. Yuma ended up on the apron. Blaze went after Avalon, with help from Goodtime. Spot number 77 belonged to…Ethan H.D.. He went right after Avalon, along with Leo. Ethan, from Chicago, was the hottest property, at the time. Yuma blasted Chandler. Avalon punched away at Ethan. Time for another player in this wild match. It was Willie Mack. Wild Knife Edge Chop to Ethan. Corner Splash by Mack. He was ready to take out both member of the Rock Nes Monsters. Leo attacked but got taken out. Willie Mack took out everyone in sight. Willie was thrown into the corner. Stu Stone bragged about how the Family Stone had their sights set on Willie Mack. Todd Chandler was eliminated. Sasha Darevko was ready to join the party. Dan George went out of the match as Sasha stopped to chat with ring girls. Leo and Willie went after each other and Mack go the better of it. The Rock Nes Monsters tried to get rid of Avalon but failed. Number 10 was Hoss Sutton. Sutton blased the Russian, Sasha. Hoss pitched Sasha in. Leo kicked Hoss and worked over he back.

After another Lucas Oil sponsored break, the fight was still going wild and wooly. Tito Escondido, a Vermin member, showed up to fight. Willie Mack flipped Sasha up and out of the match. Hoss “Hog” tried to take out Ethan and failed. #12 to arrive was Sgt. Major. The Grappler was in Sgt.’s corner. Major hit Clotheslines o everyone he could hit. Major and Mack threw bombs at each other. Major dropped Mack in an amazing show of strength. Lucky #13 was…JAKE “THE SNAKE” ROBERTS! Jake took shots by Major. Jake nailed the DDT on Major. Grappler got in and eliminated Jake! Jake got the bag and found his huge albino snake. The ring cleared as Jake wrapped the snake around Grappler. That was just freaking awesome. Break time.

We’re back as the next person in was…Stu Stone! Seriously? I know he was my choice for Manager of the Year but he’s like a Buck 10. Othello had entered during the break and he protected his manager. Tito Escondido locked his leg around the bottom to avoid eliminated. Tyler Bateman, a strange cat, was next to enter. He is very similar, in gimmick, to the Vaudevillians of NX. Othello was jumped, en masse, but they couldn’t get the Giant out of the match. Othello dropped faces and heels alike. Johnny Yuma got eliminated. Cedric the Hitman joined the other members of the Family Stone. The Family Stone set their sights on Willie Mack. Mack with a brutal Knife Edge to Cedric. Big Duke was party the party. Number 20 in the Red Carpet Rumble was the returning Jerod Matthews. Matthews was put out, almost a year ago, due to a broken neck. He was eliminated, instantly, by Othello. Tyler Bateman and Cedric the Hitman and Tito Escondido were all sent out in less than 30 Seconds. Johnny Goodtime was sent to the showers, thanks to an Exploder Suplex by Willie Mack. Vermin was completely gone from the Battle Royal. CWfH took another break.

The Hobo (The Boxcar Superstar) was set to join this match. Hobo blasted everyone. Othello dropped Hobo and went back to the corner. Ethan wanted to get rid of Hobo but failed. Hobo sent Ethan into Othello. Big Duke and then Willie were sent towards Othello. Othello hit a wild Standing Buffbuster. Eric Cross took his time coming in to fight. He joined Ethan to double team Hobo. Willie saved Hobo. Cross wen to Mack’s eyes to prevent expulsion. Hobo whipped Cross into Othello. Next out was Nick Madrid. He is another member of Vermin (forgot about him). Othello and Big Duke punched it out. Stone went out to talk to the fans. Willie Mack was almost eliminated. Stone slid back in and talked trash to Duke.

Another party member arrived. It was XPAC! (Sean Waltman) XPac attacked several guys. XPac threw out Nick Madrid and Eric Cross. Big Duke was eliminated by Othello. Othello clocked XPac. Willie saved XPac. Willie with the Low Bridge to send out Othello. Joey Ryan, the then-TV Champ, came in and went right after Stu Stone. Willie and Joey threw Stu out and onto Othello. That little flurry of action triggered another round of commercials.

Mikey O’Shea had entered during the break. Matt Striker was also in the match. Ricky Mandel got in the ring and cracked Hobo in the face with the Heritage title belt. Matt Striker threw out Hobo. Mikey O’Shea and Fidel Bravo were gone. Hoss Sutton was sent out, as well. Joey and Ryan Taylor were on the apron fighting. Low Kick by Joey. Joey popped Ryan and took him out. XPac used an Enziguri to send Joey off the apron and out of the match. Ethan hit Star Struck on XPac. Striker taped himself to the ropes. The fans called for a Bronco Buster and Ethan HD felt it. X Factor to Ethan. Willie and XPac sent Ethan out. XPac kicked Willie and Mack flipped XPac out of the match.

It was down to Matt Striker vs Willie Mack. He final two competed in a standard mach. Stu Stone crowed about how Striker was the Crown Jewel of the Family Stone. Striker was entrant number 30. Willie came in way back at 8. Striker dropped Willie and tried for a pin. Leg Lariat by Willie Mack. Striker kicked out at two. Matt with Thrusts and kicks. Striker nailed a Pedigree but couldn’t get the 3. Matt couldn’t believe it. Samoan Drop by Willie into a wild Standing Moonsault! Willie is a huge guy but moves like a Cruiserweight. Matt went to the eyes and hit a Flying Arm Breaker. Rolling Fujiwara Arm Bar. Willie would not tap out. I’ve been in that move and it hurts like all Hell. Willie into the Uranage. Anaconda Vise by Willie Mack. Tap Out!

Your Winner: Willie Mack
Match Ranking: 4.75 out of a possible 5

Stu Stone screamed that he Family Stone had been robbed! WWE so screwed up when they passed on using Willie Mack. This kid is incredible.

Happy New Year to each and every one of you. I’ll join you in 2015.


–Jay Shannon

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