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The Top 20 Moments of TNA, Part Two

This week, we count down to the number one moment in TNA. This will be the final episode of TNA on Spike TV. In January, TNA moves over to the Destination America Channel. Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme were our hosts, yet again.

#10. Sting vs Kurt Angle
Empty Arena Match for leadership of the Main Event Mafia


The two unloaded with hard punches and Sting nailed a La Bandera Clothesline. Sting threw Kurt into a section of chairs and then into a wall. Kurt came back and cracked Sting in the head, over and over. Later on, the two fought towards the ring. Sting Whipped Kurt into the wall. Kurt was cursing like a sailor. They went up into the upper deck. Sting flipped Kurt over the top of the railing and Kurt fell about 1 ½ stories down to the floor. Kurt drove a trash can into Sting and nailed a Low Blow. Kurt talked too long and Sting took a chair and walloped Kurt’s back. Kurt begged off. Sting said he was going to kick Kurt’s in. Kurt stated he was sorry for what he has done. Kurt wanted to know if they were cool. Kurt then turned to yell at Sting when Kevin Nash walked up. Kurt played Nash and Scott Steiner. Nash shrieked to “Make This Right”. Scott begged Kurt to shake Sting’s hand. Sting wondered if Kurt was man enough to shake his hand and settle this. Kurt did. Kurt spat in Sting’s face and the fight was back on. Eventually, the Main Event Mafia would completely shatter.

Time for a series of commercials.

#9. The Wolves vs Team 3D vs The Hardys


This won my choice as 2014 Match of the Year. Davey Richards was dealing with a leg injury. The Wolves threw chairs into Matt Hardy and then Suplexed him into a set of chairs. Bully Ray would later Powerbomb Davey onto a section of Ring Barrier. Jeff Hardy rocked Bully Ray and hit Whisper in the Wind. He followed with the Swanton. Jeff went up to hit a Legdrop onto Bully. Ray moved and Jeff crashed through a table. Three men went up top to fight. One of The Wolves was thrown off he ladders and Matt and Ray punched away. They ended up sending each other to the outside. Matt hit a Legdrop off a ladder to send Davey through a table. Team 3D wanted the Wazzup on Eddie but Jeff shoved Devon off the top and Devon went through a pair of tables. Ray cracked Jeff. Eddie set up a huge ladder and started up. Ray pushed the ladder over and Eddie crashed to the floor. Ray was set on a table. Matt wanted to do a Moonsault but he was tripped. Jeff was up the ladder but he got caught. The ladder was pushed over and Jeff fell on Raya and they both crashed through the table. Davey tried to climb but his back was a mess. He fought with Matt on the top of the ladder. Eddie Powerbombed Matt off the ladder and through a table. Davey retrieved the belts to retain.

Your Winner: The Wolves
Impact Scorecard: A Perfect 5.0

Christy and JB were back to introduce the eighth highest ranking moment. The girls took this spot…

#8. Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim
Last Knockout Standing Match


ODB was the special guest ref for this one. Taryn went up top and hit a Flying Crossbody. The only problem was that Gail was holding a chair at the time. Later, Gail sent Taryn into a chair, wedged in the corner. Corner Post Figure Four by Taryn. ODB couldn’t force Gail to break. ODB counted Taryn but Taryn got up at 8. Gail rushed and struck the chair and fell to the floor. ODB started the count but Gail was up at 9. Taryn with the Corner Post Figure Four. Gail shrieked in agony. Taryn dived at Gail but missed. Gail went to attack Taryn but Terrell fought back. Gail tripped Taryn and Terrell struck the steel ramp hard. Gail had to go back and attack. Taryn blocked a Piledriver and hit a Running Cutter off the ramp! ODB counted both girls. Taryn barely made it to her feet.

Your Winner: Taryn Terrell
Impact Scorecard: 4.95

#7 Hulk Hogan arrives in TNA

This was built up for several weeks. Hogan also introduced Dixie Carter to the fans. Hogan entered the Impact Zone to the old n.W.o theme. He came out in all black, though the graphic was still in red and yellow. The fans just lost their collective minds at the arrival of the Hulkster. Hulk cut one of his best promos as the fans cheered wildly. Hogan explained he was living his dream. Eric Bischoff joined Hogan in the ring. Eric tore up the night’s script. Eric handed the new script to So Cal Val. Eric said he and Hulk were going to turn things upside down, starting right away. Hogan said the only people allowed in the ring were those that could work and talk.

It was time for another Sehar brainwashing vignette. This reminds me of Sybok’s mind games in Star Trek V. (yep, that movie was on earlier this week).

#6. A.J. Styles vs Magnus
Title Unification Match


Styles won the title and then basically took off with the belt. Dixie Carter eventually set up a tournament, which was won by Magnus. Styles returned as said it was time to unify the belts. Dixie didn’t want it to happen but Magnus agreed.

The match started off with Magnus bailing out of the ring. Styles had no help for most of this match. Ethan Carter III and Rock Star Spud rushed down and attacked Styles. This match was a No-Disqualification match. Styles took out Spud and EC3. Ethan prevented the Styles Clash on the champ. Ethan and Spud came back to continue the attack on Styles. This was ridiculous. Sting finally came down to neutralize EC3 and Spud. Styles with Knife Edge Chops that sent Magnus back to the floor. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian also got involved. Earl Hebner refused to make the count. Dixie brought out Brian Hebner after Earl walked out on the match. Earl took down Spud on his way out.

Styles kept fighting back but Daniels and Kazarian kept the fight on. Sting helped Styles take out Bad Influence. Styles whipped Kaz into Daniels. Flying Foreamr by Styles and a Stinger Splash by Sting. D.J. Z. (Zema Ion) was flipped out. Styles got the Calf Killer on Magnus but Kaz took out the ref. Brian was tossed out to the floor. Styles with a Pele to Kaz after escaping a double team. Styles Clash but there was no ref! Earl Hebner rushed back down but Bad Influence stopped the count. Bobby Roode rushed the ring and attacked Magnus. A 3rd ref, Brian Stiffler, came down and made the official count.

Your Winner: Magnus
Impact Scorecard: 4.0

#5. Bully Ray marries Brooke Hogan, Taz joins Aces and Eights

Hulk Hogan had sworn he would not be part of this farce but he changed his mind and walked his daughter down the aisle. Ray had numerous members of the ECW Alumni as his groomsmen. The fans wanted Hogan to shake Bully’s hand. The ceremony went on without a hitch. It was after the exchanging of vows and such that things went awry. Taz stepped up and said he just couldn’t stand this. He really wanted to know if Bully wanted to do this. Taz took off his jacket to reveal an Aces and Eights vest. The other members of Aces and Eights rushed the ring to beat down on everyone in sight, including Hulk Hogan. Devon cracked Bully Ray in the face with a pedestal. Most of Aces and Eights were still masked.

#4. Beer Money implodes

Bobby Roode vs James Storm
World Title Match


Bobby Roode and James Storm both wanted the World title. Storm and Roode both fought hard. Storm was the reigning champ. Crossbody but Roode rolled through. Back Stabber by Storm but it only brought a two count. Storm worked over the back and called for Eye of the Storm. Roode escaped it and hit a Double R Spinebuster. 1-2-no. La Bandera Clothesline took both men out to the floor. The ref started the count. They barely made it back in. Roode with the Crippler Crossface on the champ, Storm. Storm inched over to get to the Ropes. Storm had to use his foot to break the hold.

Roode put Storm up top and went for the Superplex. Storm blocked it and dropped Roode with the Front Face Drop off the ropes. Storm climbed up and connected with eh Savage Elbow. 2 count. Storm set up for the Last Call Superkick. Roode blocked the move. Storm blocked the Fisherman’s Suplex. Code Breaker by Storm. The ref was taken out. Bobby Roode was also on the floor and found a beer bottle. Roode palmed the bottle and smashed it into Storm’s face. Roode slid back in the ring and made the cover. Brian Hebner slid back in the ring and made the three count.

Your Winner (and New World Champion): Bobby Roode
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

#3. A.J. Styles vs Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe
Triple Threat Match for the X-Division Title


Andrew Thomas was your ref. JB did the introductions. Christopher Daniels was the champ going into this war. Styles and Joe immediately jumped Daniels. Joe with Knife Edge Chops and Joe with hard punches. Both men kicked Daniels in the back. Daniels became a punching bag for both men. Daniels jumped and yelled at both opponents, before getting dropped. Later, Daniels hit a Uranage on Styles. BME by Daniels but Joe made the save. Jawbreaker by Daniels to Joe. Dragon Sleeper into a Powerspin Faceplant. Joe rolled out to the floor. Styles kicked Daniels and hit the Springboard Inverted DDT. Styles went up top but got caught by Daniels. The two men fought on the top turnbuckle. Superplex by Daniels.

Joe crawled in and pinned both men, only getting 2s. Pele to Joe. Styles lifted Joe into the Torture Rack. Spin Slam from that position by Styles. Amazing! Daniels with a Headbutt to Styles. Daniels Scoop Slammed Styles onto Joe. Styles Floated Over and caught Daniels in the Styles Clash! Joe made the save at the last second. Joe tossed Styles out to the floor. Joe then Whipped Daniels to the ropes. Daniels dropped down so Joe flew through the ropes. Styles came back in the ring. Daniels and Styles threw wild punches. Daniels went to Styles’ eyes. Styles blocked the Angel’s Wings into a Bridging Back Suplex.

Your Winner: A.J. Styles
Impact Scorecard: 4.99 (only dropped it by a fraction because I didn’t see the entire match)

#2. The 10-10-10 Mystery

This was all about a surprise that would show up at Bound for Glory. It happened during Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy. The ref, Brian Hebner, got taken out with Clothesline. Mr. Anderson was fighting, at this point. Both Ken and Kurt were down. Eric Bischoff walked out with a steel chair. Who was it for? He was stopped by the arrival of Hulk Hogan. Hulk was on crutches, at the time. The fans felt Hogan was going to stop Bischoff in this vicious attack. Hogan made his way up the stairs and into the ring. Hogan had just come off back surgery. Hogan got up in Bischoff’s face but it was all a ploy. Jeff Hardy slid back in the ring to get between Hogan and Bischoff. Hogan handed his crutch to Hardy. Jeff turned and bashed Kurt Angle with it. Hogan grinned as Bischoff gave Jeff the other crutch. Jeff took out Ken Anderson. Twist of Fate by Hardy to Anderson. Hardy took the pin and became the new World Champ. This was the birth of a huge new faction, led by Hogan. Jeff Jarrett and Abyss joined Hogan and Bischoff in the ring. This was the only time, to the best of my research, that Jeff Hardy turned heel. The group would later be known as Immortal and were very similar to the New World Order from years earlier.

JB and Christy re-visited the top 10, so far.

#1. Dixie Carter goes through a table.

Bully Ray had promised, for months, that he was going to put the owner of TNA through a table. Several others had fallen to Bully, including Rock Star Spud and Ethan Carter III. It was at the Hammerstein Ballroom that this disturbing incident happened. Bully Ray, Devon, Tommy Dreamer and Al Snow had won an 8-man battle over Dixie’s forces. Dixie had King Mo there to protect her but he didn’t do much good. Dixie started to exit but the roster came from the back to stop her escape. Tommy Dreamer lifted Dixie and slid her into the ring. Bully Ray was waiting on the turnbuckle. Devon lifted Dixie into position and Bully Ray planted her through the table (which had her name spray-painted on it). According to reports after the fact, Dixie suffered neck and back issues. She has yet to return to the ring. I know how things are done in this great sport and I understand it was a storyline but this one still bothers me. I hate to see a woman get brutalized by a male, no matter why. I do give TNA credit for doing something extremely shocking. I just don’t condone the way they did it.

JB and Christy returned to wrap things up. They didn’t mention the move to Destination America.

I want to thank all of you who have spent the last several years with me watching TNA on Spike. Rest assured, I will be here, starting in January, as TNA moves to their new home. Until then, please be sure to check out my reports on Raw, Ring of Honor and my new Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.

May all of you enjoy the holidays with good friends and family. Our little family of 8 will be sitting down for dinner and festivities around 2, today. You will all be in my prayers as 2014 turns to 2015. God Bless.


–Jay Shannon

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