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KCW’s Deck The Halls Event

On December 20, 2014 – I attended an independent wrestling event for the first time. Keystone Championship Wrestling was having a show “Deck The Halls” at the Edward Bacon Rec Center in Darby, Pa. last Saturday. I did not know what to expect because I am so use to attending live WWE shows – but I went to the show with an opened mind. General admission was $10, and a VIP ticket was $30 – which included ringside seat, meet & greet the wrestlers, a free hot dog (or pizza) and a free drink. To me, that is a great deal. And because of the holidays, fans get $3 off at the door if they bring in an unwrapped gift. Also, a portion of the proceeds will go towards anti-bullying.

I arrived about 6:15pm, and the ring was already set up in the gymnasium. Fans were getting their seats, taking pictures with the KCW superstars and meeting two well-known superstars in the industry at the vendor tables – and they were The Patriot and former WWE Superstar Brodus Clay. I met a few people before the start of the show. Kahreem – the man in charge, and he was kind enough to let me go anywhere I want to take pictures – with the exception of inside the ring of course. I also met a tag team called Smooth Aggression. These guys were nice enough to let me know that I dropped my camera lens cover. Later, I spoke to Johnny McClane – one of the broadcasters for the show. I learned that KCW has been around for a few years and that Kahreem is indeed the owner of KCW. And finally, I had the pleasure of meeting The Patriot and Brodus Clay at the vendor tables. It was very nice speaking with The Patriot. Brodus was very mellow but it was cool meeting Funkasaurus.

The first match was a tag team match between South Philly’s Finest and The Flying Grayson. Based on the reaction from the crowd, The Flying Grayson was definitely the fan favorite in the match. It was a good tag match, and I loved it when one of the members of South Philly’s Finest interacted with the crowd. At one point, he drank a little kid’s soda. South Philly’s Finest tried to cheat their way to victory but the tables turned on them, and The Flying Grayson ended up winning the match. After the match, a team called The Gorilla Squad attacked the winners. A few more wrestlers came down to help out but they did not succeed. Then finally, Smooth Aggression arrived and fought off The Gorilla Squad to save the other wrestlers.

The next match was a divas match between Nyla Rose and Amber Rodriguez. Nyla Rose was the “Native Beast”, and Amber Rodriguez had the “Flawless” persona. Both women delivered some good moves in the match, and Rodriguez ended up winning the match.

The next match was a Qualifying Match for the Heavyweight Title. Bobby Shields versus Chris Wylde. Bobby Shields came out with a bag as if he was coming from the gym, and I believe he referred himself as “Tyrannosaurus Flex”. Chris Wylde came out, and he was ready to fight. The match ended with Chris Wylde advancing in the tournament.

There was another Qualifying Match for the Heavyweight Title. Dirty Money was facing Breaker Morant. Breaker Morant was definitely the fan favorite in the match. The fans did not like Dirty Money – mainly because he was being very cocky. Dirty Money cheated his way to victory by putting his feet on the ropes when he pinned Breaker Morant.

It was advertised that Chuck Payne was supposed to square off against SuperPogo (a masked clown) but he fought a wrestler (with no mask) named “American Tiger” – at least I thought that’s the name I heard. But it could still be the same guy – not quite sure. Getting back to this match, it reminded me of David and Goliath. Chuck Payne was a huge 300 pounder, and his opponent was a lot smaller – but that did not stop him from delivering some impressive moves. At the end, Payne won the match to advance in the tournament.

The next match was a Tag Team Street Fight Match. Bad Karma versus The Patriot and Kid America. To my surprise, the owner – Kahreem is actually one half of Bad Karma who goes under the name The Madd Man Kahreem, and his tag team partner is a masked Mr. Arrogance. So Bad Karma came out with a steel chair and the US flag. The Patriot and Kid America came out, and they were giving away small US flags to the kids in the audience. Storyline-wise, it appeared that Bad Karma stole the US flag from The Patriot and Kid America in the past – which explained why Bad Karma came out with the flag. The two tag teams went at it – mainly at ringside. They used chairs, they used a table, and I believe a baking pan was used during the match. Towards the end, Bad Karma was in control until The Madd Man Kahreem went through a table. The Patriot and Kid America scored a victory and got their US flag back.

Dirty Money and Chris Wylde fought in the next match. The winner would advance to the final match for the Heavyweight Title. Dirty Money defeated Wylde to advance.

Big Daddy and Chuck Payne went at it in the next qualifying match. Big Daddy entertained the crowd with his funky entrance, and he had two ladies with him. Big Daddy defeated Chuck Payne to move on to the final match. However, Dirty Money came in with a chair and hit Big Daddy with it to try to eliminate him from the tournament.

The next match was the Special Attraction Match. It was Brodus Clay versus King Fine. King Fine had a very bizarre entrance. He came out with a servant wearing a leopard design outfit, and he was spraying himself from a long perfume bottle that looked like a cane. He was very arrogant, and he really took his time with this entrance. Brodus Clay came out, and the fans were happy to see him. Before the match, King Fine went in the audience and interacted with the fans. He even flipped some empty chairs over. The two men fought. King Fine’s manager tried to get involved in the match. But despite the interference, Brodus Clay won the match. After the match, Brodus Clay invited all the children to enter the ring and dance with him

Because the senior referee felt that Big Daddy could not continue in the final match for the Heavyweight Title, they were planning to automatically crown Dirty Money as the first ever KCW Heavyweight Champion. Big Daddy (who was still injured after the chair shots) came out and fought Dirty Money. He defeated Dirty Money to become the first KCW Heavyweight Champion. After the match, Big Daddy’s family came into the ring and celebrated with him. He delivered his speech and even brought up that his son – “Loverboy” Lavar James is wrestling and may appear in WWE in a few years. So we should definitely watch out for that name. Brodus Clay not only came out to be the first to congratulate Big Daddy – but to be the first to challenge him.

I really enjoyed the “Deck the Halls” event. The Tag Team Street Fight was a great match. Also, one of the best part of the show was when the children were dancing with Brodus Clay in the ring. I love the fact that KCW is helping with anti-bullying and Toys For Tots – especially around this time of year. Would I go to another KCW show? Absolutely! I strongly feel that wrestling fans to should attend any independent show in their area. After all – it’s where well-known wrestlers like Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins started off at.

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