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WWE Monday Night RAW Wrestlers of the Week 12.15.14
By Neil Borenstein

Each week here at 1wrestling.com, I will select three of the top wrestlers from the Monday Night RAW brand and present them to you in inverse order as the show’s Wrestlers of the Week.

Monday Night RAW Wrestlers of the Week for December 15, 2014

3. The New Day — for scoring its second win in 24 hours over former WWE Tag Team Champions Gold and Stardust:

The New Day wants to make a mark in the WWE, and the group made a hell of an impression over a 24-hour span earlier this week by picking up two straight victories over former WWE Tag Team Champions Gold and Stardust.

It started with a tag team showdown at the Tables, Ladders and Chairs…and Stairs Kickoff, where Kofi Kingston and Big E suited up for The New Day to take on Goldust and a green-painted Stardust. Kingston and Big E combined at the end for The Midnight Hour that netted The New Day a big pinfall victory to “kick off” the pay-per-view on Sunday.

These two teams met again the next night on RAW, except The New Day was represented by Big E and Xavier Woods this time. The different combatants didn’t net different results, as The New Day managed to get a second consecutive “W” over Gold and Stardust.

After Woods launched himself onto both Goldust and Stardust on the outside, he sent Goldust back into the ring to Big E. Goldust managed to nail Big E to send him reeling into the corner, where Woods made a tag. But before Big E was finished, he moved back in on Goldust to combine with Woods for The Midnight Hour that got The New Day — including a very excited Kingston on commentary — another pinfall victory.

Two straight wins in a 24-hour span over former tag title holders is nothing to scoff at for The New Day. The trio wants to make an impression in the WWE, and it’s doing a decent job of that so far.

2. Jimmy Uso — for getting some aggression out on The Miz for talking to his wife, Naomi, with a one-on-one victory:

The Usos were not successful in capturing the WWE Tag Team Championships at Tables, Ladders and Chairs…and Stairs this Sunday. They did defeat titleholders The Miz and Damien Mizdow, but the win came as a result of a disqualification after Miz decided to blast them with the Slammy Award he accepted on his stunt double’s behalf on last week’s RAW.

Still, there was heat between Jimmy Uso and Miz because of Miz’s constant discussions with Naomi about advancing her out-of-WWE career. Uso doesn’t want Miz talking to his wife, after all. He received an opportunity on RAW this week to go one-one with Miz, and he made the most of it.

There were naturally instances in which Mizdow played his part as the stunt double, but Jey Uso was also able to help his brother by hitting Miz when the referee was distracted by Mizdow. Jimmy Uso followed with a superkick to Miz, and then he headed up top for the splash. He connected and covered up to get the pinfall, much to the delight of Naomi.

Miz still had discussions with Naomi afterward, and this scenario is not yet complete. But it had to feel good for Jimmy Uso to get his hands on Miz—and get a win over him, too.

1. Brock Lesnar — for showing up unexpectedly to leave a path of destruction against Chris Jericho and John Cena:

Brock Lesnar isn’t around often, but it’s rare for him to not make an impact when he does show up to RAW. With Tables, Ladder and Chairs…and Stairs out of the way, and with the knowledge that John Cena will be his opponent for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble, it was only a matter of time before Lesnar made an appearance and wreaked some havoc.

It was unexpected, but that moment came this week on RAW. With Chris Jericho as the guest general manager, Paul Heyman managed to shockingly ruffle a few feathers. And because of some things Seth Rollins said, which he did not intend to lead to this, Jericho booked himself in a match against Heyman for later on in the evening. And the fans would get to vote on the stipulation via the WWE App.

Well, Jericho and a Heyman came down to the ring, and Jericho revealed the fan vote. But then Heyman dropped the bomb that Jericho would be fighting Lesnar instead, and the champion made his way down to the ring. Y2J tried to fight him off, but Lesnar got the better of him and laid him out with an F-5.

Lesnar’s night was just beginning, though, as he made his presence felt during the Steel Cage Match that main evented RAW between Cena and Rollins. Both men were down on the mat when Lesnar came down to the ring. He went for Cena and delivered three consecutive German suplexes. Rollins looked on in concern for his own well being, but Lesnar simply handed Cena over to him from there. Heyman shook Rollins’ hand, and the champion and advocate left the cage for Rollins to close things out. He Curb Stomped Cena and exited the cage to win the match, though the victory was obviously incredibly tainted since Lesnar did the dirty work.

As usual, Lesnar left a path of destruction and barely broke a sweat laying out two of the top Superstars in WWE history. The latter of the two — Cena — is his opponent in just six short weeks, and that kind of domination could be a sign that we’ll see another instance of SummerSlam rather than when Cena put up a much better fight at Night of Champions.

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