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Ring of Honor: Tag Wars 20144

Ring of Honor presented 3 amazing tag team matches.

The show began with The Briscoes cutting a promo. Pushing the night’s event. Jay talked about facing Jay Lethal and J. Diesel in the first round. The winner of this tournament will get a shot at ReDRagon and Jay was ready to be a 9-Time Tag Champ.

Roll the opening montage!

We are in Baltimore, MD, this week. The three winners of tonight’s show will go after ReDRagon, in 2 weeks. Steve Corino would also have Christmas advice for the fans, later on.

Jay Lethal and J. Diesel (w/Truth Martini) vs Jay and Mark Briscoe
Tag Wars, Opening Round, Match #1

The streamers flew like snow in the Sierras as the Briscoes got up in the ring. Jay yelled at Kevin Kelly that he was the number one champion in the company. Code of Honor Handshakes all around.

Mark started against Lethal. Jay mocked Mark’s look. Mark ducked and dodged Jay. Collar nd Elbow into a Side Headlock by Mark. Shoulder Tackle by Mark. Another Collar and Elbow into the Standing Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle into a Universal. Shoulder Block by Mark. Nice acrobatic moves. Mark hit a Shoulder Block on Diesel and Mark stumbled. Official tag to Diesel.

Diesel shoved Mark away. Mark with a little Redneck Kung Fu on Diesel. Pie Face by Diesel that led to a Clothesline. Jay took the tag and got ready to fight. Diesel punched the ribs but Jay nailed Headbutts and stiff lefts. Diesel got the boots up but took a Discus Clothesline to drop him. Time for a quick break.

All four men were in the ring for a slugfest. The Briscoes with a double team on J. Diesel. Mark tagged back in and hit a Scoop Slam and Muta Power Twist Elbow Drop. Jay tagged back in and kicked away. Diesel rushed Jay into the corner and Lethal made the tag. Jay rocked Lethal and held the ropes to avoid a Lethal Dropkick. Jay popped Diesel and Lethal. Truth and Diesel posted Jay Briscoe, but the ref didn’t see a thing (of course). Diesel tagged in and hit a Corner Clothesline and Running Stomp to the side of the head. Tag back to Lethal. Seated Side Headlock by Lethal. Lethal placed Briscoe up on the top turnbuckle. Jay fought out of the Butterfly Superplex. Briscoe nailed a Top Rope Superplex but couldn’t follow up. Both men were seriously rocked by that move. The ref started counting. Diesel and Mark tagged in. Redneck Kung Fu to the extreme on the rookie. Nice Uranage Suplex by Mark. Jay with a Superkick to Mark. Double Team by the Briscoes on both opponents. 2 count but Diesel kicked out. Jay Driller! Froggie Bo!

Your Winners: The Briscoes
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75 out of a possible 5

The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) vs The Decade (B.J. Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs)
Tag Wars, Opening Round, Match #2

Whitmer jumped Colby Corino (verbally), who was working as a cable puller. Whitmer yelled at him and Steve Corino was ready to open a can of Whoop *ss on Whitmer. The Decade jumped Kaz and Daniels, before the bell. The fight spilled out of the ring and Jacobs and Kaz slugged it out. Whitmer with a Shoulder Tackle to Daniels. Daniels came back to hit a Scoop Slam and Elbow Drop. The streamers were still in the ring as Kaz made the tag. Backsplash Senton by Kaz as Daniels held Whitmer. Whitmer kicked the ribs of Kaz and tagged out to Jacobs. Jacobs unloaded with massive bombs to Kaz. Running Side Russian Leg Sweep by Kaz. Tag to Daniels. Rolling Neckbreaker by Kaz.

Stall Suplex by Daniels. 2 count. Daniels threw Jacobs into Kaz’s boots. Whitmer rushed in and they double teamed the Addiction members. Dual Suicide Dives by Whitmer and Jacobs. Double team on Kaz as RoH went to break.

The Decade with a Double Steam Curb Stomp to Kaz. Kaz and Whitmer traded punches. Tag to Jacobs. Double Back Whips to Kaz. The Decade members both pounded on Kaz’s back. Jacobs kept Kaz in place with a Waist Lock. Tag to Whitmer. Double Whip into a wicked Neckbreaker/Powerbomb combo. Kaz almost rotated past the move. Whitmer with a hard right, which was answered with by Kaz. Jacobs worked over Kaz as the ref’s back was turned. Tag to Jacobs. Double Heel Trip by Jacobs into wild punches. Tag back to Whitmer. Snap Mare by Whitmer and Elbbow Drop to the top of Kaz’s head. RVD Back Roll by Kaz into a tag to Daniels. Low Level Enziguri bot Whitmer. STO by Daniels. Jacobs rushed in to try and double team. Daniels used Jacobs to Spear Whitmer. Nice Springboard Moonsault by Daniels. Jacobs with a Cutter on Daniels and WHitmer nailed a Saito Suplex. 1-2-Kick Out by Daniels. Kaz got the tag and nailed a Slingshot DDT. Jacobs and Daniels got involved in the fray. High Lo on Jacobs. Whitmer cracked both members of the Addiction. Whitmer punched away on Kaz. Whitmer blocked the Angel’s Wings. Kama-Kaz-I (Unprettier) by Frankie Kazarian to advance.

Your Winners: Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75

ACH and “Rebourne” Matt Sydal vs The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)
Tag Wars, Opening Round, Match #3

There was a huge “Young Bucks” chant. Code of Honor Handshakes all around. Ach opened the match with Nick. Nick worked the arm. ACH rolled through and flipped out. Ach cranked on the arm but Nick Cartwheeled into a Hammerlock. Standing Switch by ACH. Shoulder Tackle by ACH. Nice Dropkick by ACH. Tag to Sydal. Warrior’s Way on Nick’s arm. Double Thrusts by Nick and tag to Matt. Jackson kicked and clubbed on Sydal. Whip and Sydal with a Hurancanrana and Dropkick. Cannonball modified by Sydal. 2 count.

Nice Inverted Hurancanrana. Matt blocked a Superkick and hit a Standing Shooting Star Press. Nick caught Matt Sydal with a kick and Matt Jackson nailed a Dropkick to ACH. Matt threw Sydal into the ring as the “Superkick” chant rang out. Matt Jackson kicked and punched away as RoH took a momentary break. Nice Wheelbarrow Double Team on Sydal. Matt with a Rolling Neckbreaker and Matt almost pinned Matt Sydal. I hate when I have multiple people with the same first name in a match (smile). Matt rushed Sydal into the corner. Back Rake by Matt Jackson. Matt choked Sydal on the middle rope. The local TV station finally realized they were supposed to run ads, and cut the feed in mid-move. Nice professionalism, guys. Jeez.

We are back after the screw-up by My21. Matt Jackson threw Sydal into the corner and stomped away. Front Face Lock by Matt Jackson. Sydal wanted a Sunning Hurancanrana but Nick came in and hit a Superkick. 2 count. Sydal escaped a Running Sliced Bread and hit a wicked Neckbreaker Slop Drop combo. Wow! ACH got the tag. ACH with Knife Edge Chops to Matt Jackson. There were like 2 dozen Chops in mere seconds. Double Boots into a Corner Biel by ACH. Ouch! ACH flew out to the floor as Corino yelled “Crash and Burn!”.

Ach went up top and hit a Warrior’s Way to one Jackson as Sydal hit the Flying Shotgun Knees (formerly known as Air Bourne) to the other one. Nick pushed the ropes to trip Sydal on the top rope. ACH went up top and took a Superkick. Assisted Sliced Bread by the Bucks. Knee Trembler by Nick. 1-2-not yet. Double Team to take down Sydal. Off the Apron Tornado DDT to Sydal. ACH escaped More Bang for your Buck. Indie-Taker (Spike Tombstone Piledriver) but Sydal made the save. Double team on Sydal. Double Hurancanrana and Jumping Spin Kick. Matt Superkicked his own brother. Sydal went up top and nailed the Shooting Star Press. ACH hit the 450!

Your Winners: ACH and Matt Sydal
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.5

After the match, both team showed massive respect to each other. So, that means, in two weeks…

ReDRagon vs The Addiction vs ACH and Matt Sydal vs The Briscoes for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles!


–Jay Shannon

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