Posted December 14th, 2014 by Bill Apter

Paul Heyman was at ringside as were Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury. A large portion of the crowd booed Cena when they heard his entrance music.

Rules are simple — put your opponent through a table an you win! There are no disqualifications!

Cena was ready to put Rollins through a table but Mercury and Noble pulled the table from the ring several times until he shoved them into the barrier with the table. They did it again — as Cena was going to powerbomb Rollins with the table on the ring corner — they ran in and took it down!

Again it happened but Cean fought them all off! Finally Cena got a steel ring barrier and beat them all with it and suplexed Noble on it as well! Mercury held Cena and Rollins and Mercury bashed his head into the ringpost (all is legal)!

Cena used the Attitude Adjustment on Mercury and now it’s just Cena and Rollins.

Rollins set up two tables outside the ring and was going to suplex Cena onto them but Cena suplexed Rollins into the ring.

Rollins smashed the “Money In The Bank” briefcase on Cena repeatedly.

The referee was knocked out. Cena put Rollins through the table from the top ropes. Mercury and Noble ran out and took out the broken table — the referee did not see this! They kept beating on Cena and setup another table! They tired the 3.0 but Cena fought out. Cena amazingly put both Noble and Matthews on his shoulders and through the table — AMAZING.

Now they are both on the ring apron near the two tables setup by Rollins on the floor and both crash into it at the same time and broke it — and the referee witnessed that!

Several referees came into the ring to discuss what to do. One referee raisied Cena’s arm and another raised Rollins!

Lilian Garcia was told the match is restarted (decided by the senior referee). Cena dumped Rollins on the announcer’s table but it didn’t break! Cena go another table and put it in the ring. At this time, Big Show came to the ring and beat up Cena. As he was getting ready to chokeslam Cena Roman Reigns came in and was headbutt by SHow and then used a superman punch and spear on Show. Rollins ran in, Superman punched Rollins and Cena put Rollins through a table! UNREAL!

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