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TNA was back with Part Two of their Best of 2014. Christy Hemme and Jeremy Borash were back as our hosts for the evening. The show presented highlights from Bound For Glory and tons of great clips from New York and other locations.

Before I get started, I want to send out my most heartfelt sympathies to one of my dearest friends. Joe and I have been friends for roughly 10 years now. He was one of the first people to write to me after I started writing here. Joe lost his mom on Thursday. I can’t be there with him and his family at this time but if you could all keep a positive thought for Joe, I would much appreciate it. He was there for me when Linda died and I want to help him now. Thanks.

Impact opened with a Highlight Reel of clips form the second half of the year. All the major players were shown in the 2-3 minute series of clips.

JB and Christy welcomed us back to the show. They ran down the matches and such that we could expect to see.

The Wolves vs The Hardys
World Tag Team Title Match

The crowd was split in their loyalties. Double Team on Matt by the Champs. Matt tagged out to Jeff. Jeff clubbed away on Davey’s arm. Jeff with a Reverse Mule Kick. Jeff was flipped to the apron. Matt snapped Davey’s arm over the top rope. Mattwith an Elbow Drop off the top. Tag back to Jeff. Double Back Whip into a Clothesline by The Wolves. Matt came back in and they Double Back Whipped Davey again. 2 count. Davey punched Matt to try to get to the corner. Matt stopped him with a Clothesline.

Jeff came in but Davey took him out. Tag to Eddie. He hit Double Sledges on both Hardys. Eddie flipped over and hit a Double Hurancanrana. Double Dive to the floor by the Wolves. Jeff was sent into the corner. Double Attack in the corner. German SUplex by Davey and Eddie with the Jackknife. Wild. Matt helped his brother escape a Double Suplex. The Wolves were sent to the floor. Jeff with Poetry in Motion to the floor. Back in the ring, the Hardys hit Poetry in Motion. Side Effect by Matt. Swanton by Jeff. Davey took out Jeff. Matt went up top after a brief delay. Top Rope Moonsault got Matt a 2. Eddie prevented the pin. Matt locked in the Ice Pick. Jeff got in and put Davey in the same move. Jeff and Davey crashed into Matt and Eddie to prevent the submission. Matt and Davey slugged it out. Double Team by the Wolves. Double Foot Stomps by both Wolves but Matt still kicked out. Eddie wanted to hit a Piledriver but stopped to Flip Dive onto Jeff. Twist of Fate by Matt brought a two. Matt with a Clothesline after escaping a Back Slide. Matt put Davey on the top turnbuckle and wanted a Superplex. Eddie with a Jumping Enziguri to stun Matt. Davey with wild Headbutts. Dramatic Back Stabber combo to seal the deal.

Your Winner: The Wolves
Impact Scorecard: 4.75 out of a possible 5

The two teams shook hands after this great match from Destination X. It was time to pay the bills so we got a couple minutes of commercials.

Next up, Gail Kim defeated Angelina Love to become the Knockout Champion. At Destination X, Austin Aries defeated Sanada to become the X-Division Champion. Aries would cash in against Bobby Lashley.

Bobby Lashley vs Austin Aries
World Title Match


Lashley tossed Aries around like a rag doll to open the match. Aries kicked Lashley out to the floor. Aries went up top and dove onto the champ. Unfortunately, Lashley caught him and hit a Release Over Head Suplex. Aries would come back with Roaring Elbows and Knife Edge Chops. Lashley charged Aries but missed. Ax Bomber to the floor by Aries. Flying Forearm by Aries. Later, he would connect with a wicked Missile Dropkick. Lashley came back with the Running Powerslam. Aries blocked the Spear into the Last Chancellory. Lashley power out of the move. Knee Strikes by Aries. Aries wanted the Brainbuster but couldn’t get Lashley up. Lashley with a Front Suplex Toss. Lashley Speared the ring post. Aries would Dropkick Lashley’s head into the post. Discus Forearms by Aries. Full Speed Dropkick by Aries led to a modified Brainbuster. 2 count ,only. Aries went back to the Penthouse and thought about flying. Lashley rolled out of the ring so Aries converted his move set. He dove out of the ring but ended up hitting the barricade. Lashley put Aries back in the ring. Spear!

Your Winner: Bobby Lashley
Impact Scorecard: 4.25

JB and Christy looked at James Storm and Great Sanada vs Great Muta and Tajiri. Sanada attacked his mentor, Muta, which led to this match. Manik would also be recruited to join the Revolution.

Great Muta and Tajiri vs Great Sanada and James Storm


Storm stepped between Muta and Sanada. Muta worked over Sanada’s arm but the two countered and re-countered. Sanada with the blue mist. Later, Tajiri was dazed. Sanada had a weapon and struck Tajiri with it. Tajiri would hit the Backspring Elbow. Dragon Screw Leg Whip by Muta. Sanada was thrown out ot the floor. Code Creaker by Storm. Savage Elbow by Storm and then Moonsulat by Sanada to Muta. Tajiri made the save. Eye of the Storm to Tajiri but Tajiri escaped and flipped Storm over the ropes and onto the ramp. Back Kick to Sanada by Tajiri. The ref took a bump and Tajiiri and Sanada blew mists, that missed. Sanada took a double blast of Mists from Muta and Tajiri. Buzzsaw Kick by Tajiri and Shining Wizard by Muta. There were four different colors of mists in this match (Green, Blue, Red and Yellow). Awesome. My alter-ego, J.C. Scott, preferred the purple mist but he/I never got the chance to use it as planned. Someday…

Your Winners: Great Muta and Tajiri
Impact Scorecard: 4.0

Impact looked at how Lashley defeated Bobby Roode in their first match. Roode’s leg gave out and Lashley nailed a Spear. Roode would be back…more on that later.

Team Bully Ray vs Team EC3

This was just insane. Snitsky, Rycklon, and Rhino were brought into the battle. Bully had Devon and Tommy Dreamer as his partners. A surprise member to Team Bully was Al Snow. EC3 was busted open but he was still able to choke Ray with the chain. The Foam Heads rocked as Al made his appearance…with the original Head. Too freaking cool. Ethan took down Snow as the fans screamed for Head. Trapped Arm Headbutts by Snow. Snitsky and Rycklon took out Snow. Bully took them out with a Crossbody. Rhino dropped Ray but Tommy Dreamer nailed he DDT. Rock Star Spud cracked Tommy with a Singapore cane. Devon Spinebustered Spud. Wazzup by Head (assisted by Al Snow, Devon and Bully Ray). Tables came out from under the ring, almost. Rycklon and Snitsky prevented the wood from entering the ring. Snow took out Rycklon and Snitsky with a Moonsault to the floor. The fans screamed “You Still Got It!”. 3D to Rhino to end this one.

Your Winners: Al Snow, Tommy Dreamer, Devon and Bully Ray
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

Bully warned Dixie Carter it was almost time. She turned to King Mo to protect her. Bully Ray promised to put her through a table on the same night.

TNA returned with Manik still talking with Sehar. The kid from India was being brainwashed by James Storm. This storyline really disturbs me. Not as much as the next segment would, however…

It was time to watch Bully Ray put Dixie Carter through a table. I realize that she trained for this moment and Bully did his best to protect her on the fall but the concept of a man assaulting a woman, no matter the reason, offends me to my very core. Dixie looked to be getting free from Bully Ray but the entire locker room came out to stop Dixie’s escape. Tommy Dreamer put Dixie in the ring and Devon lifted Dixie up onto Bully’s shoulders. Then they flew!

TNA then looked at the Triple Threat Tag Team Tourney. The Wolves, The Hardys and Team 3D each won a match in the Series. The Final Confrontation was a Full Metal Mayhem match. That was one of the very few matches that I gave a perfect 5.0 rating. It was the only time that I’ve given that high a rating to a match outside of a Pay Per View. You will also find that match amongst my awards winners in my Year End Awards. That column is coming very soon…

Before we got to Full Metal Mayhem, TNA focused on the X-Division title. Samoa Joe returned to take the strap from Sanada. Joe would head to Japan to defend in a Triple Threat Match…

Kaz Hayashi vs Low Ki vs Samoa Joe
Triple Threat for the X-Division Title


The Japanese fans chanted “Joe is gonna kill ya”. Joe rocked Low Ki but the Brooklynite came back with wild shots. Kaz with a Rolling Leg Lariat into Low Ki. Running Splash into Low Ki and Kaz and Jumping Enziguri to Low Ki. Later, Joe hit a wild Knife Edge on Kaz. Joe was on the way to a Suicide Dive but Low Ki caught Joe with a Springboard Kick. Kaz came back to send Ki into the corner. Warrior’s Way onto Kaz’s chest. 2 count. Kaz went to the floor and Joe hit a Suicide Dive onto both opponents. Ki went for the Ki Krusher but Joe escaped and locked in the Kokina Clutch. Low Ki passed out.

Your Winner (by referee stoppage): Samoa Joe
Impact Scorecard: 4.25

Joe was forced to surrender the title, due to an injury. A Four Way match led to Low Ki taking the X-Title. Time for another round of commercials.

TNA focused on the battles between Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell. Taryn came very close to taking the Knockout title from Gail but failed. That battle led to the debut of Havok. The Amazonian came down and just destroyed everyone in sight. Havok would end Gail’s title reign and ran rough shod over the entire Knockout Division for several months. She would eventually drop the strap to Taryn Terrell.

The Wolves vs Team 3D vs The Hardys
Full Metal Mayhem Match for the tag titles

Highlights (and there are a lot of them):

All six men went at this like there was no tomorrow. Davey Richards was injured, going into the match. Davey had a partially broken leg. Devon and Bully found tables. The Wolves double teamed Matt with a Jumping Enziguri and German Suplex onto chairs. Ray Powerbombed Davey onto a piece of guardrail that had been set between the apron and the ring steps. Jeff nailed Ray with the Whisper in the Wind. He came right back to nail the Swanton. Bully was on a table but he moved just before Jeff hit a Legdrop. Three huge ladders were put in place. Matt, Eddie and Ray went up top. Eddie was tossed off the top of the ladder with a Biel. Matt and Bully set the belts swinging as they punched away. Matt hit a vicious Legdrop to put Davey through a table. Devon was thrown off the top and through a pair of tables. Ray blasted Jeff. Bully was busted open. Eddie started up the ladder. Eddie went to get the belts but Bully pushed over the ladders and Eddie hit the floor. Matt put Ray on a table and went for a Moonsault. One of the Wolves tripped him. Davey pushed the ladder to send Jeff flying out of the ring and through the table where Bully was placed. Freaking incredible. Both Wolves and Matt were on the ladder. Eddie Powerbombed Matt through the table and Davey was able to get the belts.

Your Winners: The Wolves
Impact Scorecard: 5.0

The final segment focused on Roode vs Lashley II. Roode had jumped through a ton of hoops to get this mach. Kurt Angle was the Special Guest Referee for this one.

Bobby Roode vs Lashley
World Title Match


Lashley took Roode to the corner. The two shoved each other and stared each other down. Later, Lashley had Roode down and hurt. Lashley went for the Dominator but Roode fought out. Lashley held the ropes to prevent the Roode Bomb. Lashley snapped Roode’s neck on the ropes. Roode pulled Lashley off the ropes but couldn’t get the Roode Bomb. He sat down on Lashley and cradled him to become the new World Champ.

Your Winner (and New World Champion): Bobby Roode
Impact Scorecard: 4.25

MVP then jumped the line to ge the next title shot. That ticked off Lashley. Roode defeated MVP but Lashley hit the ring and Speared Bobby Roode. Lashley then dissed MVP and left he ring. I want to see Lashley vs MVP. Lashley would then go on a tear, taking out Eric Young and others.

Next week, TNA will begin counting down the Top 20 moments in TNA History. What a cool way to close the book on TNA on Spike. They head to Destination America in January.


–Jay Shannon

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