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Ring of Honor presented an hour-long informercial for Final Battle 2014.

Larry Mercer and Mandy Leon were in the studio to serve as hosts for this special episode of RoH. After mentioning tht the Final Battle show was a complete sell-out, they profiled the issues between “Waterboy” Adam Page and Roderick Strong. The Decade was created at last year’s Final Battle. B.J. Whitmer, Jimmy Jacobs and Strong were the original members. TaDarius Thomas and Page were later brought in as junior members. Thomas would eventually wise up about the mistreatment he was receiving and walked. Page is still “drinking the Kool-aid” and following Whitmer’s orders. To showcase the issues between Strong and Page, RoH showed a clip from the six-man match of Page, Whitmer and Strong vs Thomas, Caprice Coleman and Will Ferrera. Page tried to offer a chair to Strong, who would not accept it. That would be the catalyst that would have Strong bail from the renegade group. The segment ended with Page cutting a promo on his opponent, Roderick Strong.

The next segment focused on Michael Elgin vs Tommaso Ciampa. Both men have really lost it in recent weeks. A Highlight Package ran about the events that set up this match. Ciampa did a promo about this match which is expected to be brutal. Ciampa has issues with Elgin because he feels that Michael was “handed” so much in the company while he got nothing that he didn’t work his butt off to earn. These two really should bury the hatchet and team up. They could be incredible together. These two have met before and RoH showed one of their best matches, from Death Before Dishonor. Break time.

Larry and Mandy returned to launch the Jay Lethal vs Matt Sydal discussion. They will go to war over the TV Title. Larry considers Matt to be Jay’s toughest test to date. That led to highlights from Truth Martini’s attempt to enlist Sydal into the House of Truth faction. Matt looked ready to join but he swerved Truth be making it clear that he wanted the TV Title. After clips of Matt Sydal vs Adam Cole, from last week, Matt cut a promo about the upcoming match. Truth did a counter-promo where he wondered if Sydal was blind or stupid. Truth explained he was the Manager of Champions and Sydal was foolish in turning him down. Jay Lethal chimed in and said he offered Matt a chance at greatness but now he would just have to destroy him. Matt came back to share that he is ow “ReBourne” and he wants to forge his own path. Jay ended the segment by warning Matt that he would give Sydal the chance to be born again…as a loser.

Ring of Honor is releasing a profile disc of ReDRagon. I love the title “Enter the ReDRagon”. Yep, I’m a Bruce Lee fan and have all 5 of his movies in a collection that I bought many years ago. Smile.

Time Splitters vs ReDRagon was the next focal point. Larry expressed that he thinks ReDRagon are on their way to becoming one of the greatest tag teams of all time. Both teams were profiled, via video footage. RoH showcased the match from New Japan where ReDRagon beat the Time Splitters to become the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Champs.

Our hosts discussed a few other matches, including R.D. Evans vs Moose. I thought they were working together? Anyway, there will also be a great six man tag match with ACH and the Young Bucks vs The Addiction (Kaz and Daniels) and Cedric Alexander. They showed R.D. Evans’ loss to Moose at Glory by Honor. Moose defeated Evans on that night.

After another break, it was time to look at the biggest match on the card: Jay Briscoe vs Adam Cole for the World Title. Mandy reminded everyone that Briscoe has not been pinned or made to submit in two years. RoH ran a video package where Jay Briscoe defeated Kevin Steen for his first World Title win. Jay was forced to surrender the title, due to an injury. Cole would later win the title. He’d drop it to Michael Elgin, who lost the strap to Briscoe. Jay and Adam went back and forth with promos about the importance of this upcoming epic confrontation. Jay reminded Adam (and all of us) that the rules would be tossed out the door during this fight. Adam made it clear he was ready to head to levels of brutality never seen before. The segment is punctuated with footage of Adam Cole winning Survival of the Fittest to get this title shot. Time for more commercials.

As the show returns, Adam Cole enters the studio and dismisses Mandy and Larry. He goes off about what this match is going to mean for himself, Briscoe and Ring of Honor. Cole showed massive confidence when talking about winning the World Title. Cole suggested that Briscoe’s strength and bravado were all an act to cover up the fact that Briscoe was, in reality, weak and filled with fear. Cole made it clear that he sees himself as the best wrestler in the world today. Fade out.


–Jay Shannon

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