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Welcome to the 2014 Slammys.

Our main event saw John Cena face Big Show in a revenge match from Survivor Series.

Jerry “The King” Lawler came out to kick off the Slammys. He first brought out Seth Green. Seth talked about how excited he was to be there. He ran down some of the categories. Seth was cut off by the arrival of Miz…and Mizdow. Damien got a huge pop from the crowd. Miz and Mizdow are so going to feud, down the road. Miz played up to Seth to try and get a job. Seth said he really liked Mizdow, the true “A-Lister”. Mizdow signed to Seth to call him.

This is Awesome Moment of the Year”

1. Occupy Raw
2. Billion Dollar Jailbird
3. Goodbye Authority
4. All Time Greatest (Wrestlemania)

The fans were then given the chance to vote. Of course, thanks to the knuckleheads at Charter, those of us on the West Coast were screwed out of the East Coast feed and were shadowed out.

Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins

The Finish:

Dolph escaped the Buckle Bomb and went for the Superkick. Dolph missed with that but came back to nail the Jumping DDT. 2 count. Seth barely avoided the Superkick. Seth nailed an Enziguri and then headed up top. Dolph ran the ropes and caught Seth. The two battled on the top. Dolph pushed out of the Super Sunset Flip. Joey Mercury pushed Dolph off the top rope and Seth finished off Dolph with the Curb Stomp.

Your Winner: Seth Rollins
Raw Ranking: 3.0

The “This Is Awesome Moment of the Year” winner goes to: Good-Bye Authority. Sting was not there. Seth freaked out and got up in Seth’s face. Seth kept screaming about Sting and how he was not worthy of the award. Seth blamed Sting for putting The Authority out of power. Seth accepted the award on behalf of Sting, because Seth felt Sting did not deserve the award.

New Day danced from the back.

There were a few Slammys given out before Raw started. They were:

Insult of the Year: Rock goes off on Rusev and Lana

Tag Team of the Year: The USos

Breakout Star of the Year: Dean Ambrose

Hash Tag of the Year: #RKOOutofNoWhere

Fan Participation Award: “You Sold Out” directed at Seth Rollins

Kofi Kingston vs Star Dust

The Finish:

Star Dust pounded and stomped away on Kofi. The fans started a “New Day” chant. Kofi came back with Knife Edge Chops. Star popped Kofi and locked in a Rear Chin Lock. Star dropped Kofi and genuflected. Head Scissors Flip and Double Boots by Kofi. Kofi with Clotheslines and Dropkicks to rock Star. Jumping Double Legdrop by Kofi. Shotgun Knees by Kofi and Kofi headed up top. Flying Crossbody, from the top, sealed the deal.

Your Winner: New Day’s Kofi Kingston
Raw Ranking: 2.5

The Next award was for Surprise Return of the Year. The presenter was…John Laurinaitis. Darn it, I haven’t had to spell that last name in forever. Grin. Wow, I got it right. Big Johnny threw his name in the hat to be considered to be put in power. The Nominees were:

1. Hulk Hogan
2. Batista (or Boo-Tista, if you prefer)
3. The Rock
4. Ultimate Warrior

Such a shame that Warrior isn’t with us anymore. Can you imagine Sting and Warrior reuniting to bring back the Blade Runners? (or Powerteam USA…the trivia question that got me knocked out of contention at Wrestlecon 2014). The fans were told to vote. If I were able to cast a vote (West Coast Blackout, again), it would definitely have been for Warrior.

The Winner was: The Ultimate Warrior!

Seth Rollins was in the back and thrilled ot no end. Paul Heyman was there and he stared out Rollins. Paul was there for a clean sweep for the Slammys for Brock Lesnar. Seth was confident he would win the Tables Match against John Cena. Seth reminded Paul that he could cash in on Lesnar, at any time. Seth said they would never see it coming. Paul said Lesnar should be Champion for Like (maybe because it will be a lifetime before Brockie actually gets his over-hyped butt back in the ring to actually compete?)Paul told Seth to put Cena in the past.

Charlotte (Flair) vs Natalya (Neidhart-Wilson)
Non-Title Match

Raw ran a promo video of Charlotte. She is a serious babe. She has her daddy’s arrogance in full force. Raw went to a break before this battle of Next Generationers.

Tyson Kidd with there to support his spouse. Nattie jumped on Charlotte’s neck but she hit a Jawbreaker. 2 count. Charlotte punched away. Rolling Leg Trip but Charlotte countered with a Side Head Lock. Knife Edge Chops by Charlotte that brought the Flair Woo. Kneedrop by Charlotte. Nattie with the Double Heel Trip into an attempt at the Sharpshooter. Charlotte rolled through and almost got the Figure Four. Nattie spun through and rolled up Charlotte for the win. Tyson jumped in the ring to celebrate with his wife.

Your Winner: Natalya
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Santino Marella was out to announced the “OMG, Shocking Moment of the Year” Award. The Nominees were:

1. Seth Sells Out
2. Bella Betrayal
3. Whole World in his Hands
4. Streak is Conquered
There is no doubt in my mind which was the most shocking. I was on the road, coming home from New Orleans, when it happened. My cell almost exploded as I rode in the Big Silver Puppy towards California. Everyone was asking me what the Hell happened.

Raw looked back at Big Show turning on John Cena at Survivor Series.

The Winner of the Shocking Moment of the Year was, of course: The Streak is Broken.

Paul Heyman came out to accept the award because, as usual, Brock is nowhere to be seen. Bray Wyatt cut off Heyman’s speech with his entrance. Bray talked about seeing “Her” in the rocking chair. Bray has lost it because Dean destroyed the beloved rocking chair, last Monday. That chair was to Wyatt what the Urn was to Undertaker. Bray admitted that a piece of himself was destroyed, that night. Bray decided to take something from Dean. He drove a chair into Dean’s throat. Supposedly, Dean has a fractured trachea. Bray wanted to know if people were shocked or frightened. Bray said he was Fear Incarnate. Bray hated everyone. Bray warned all around that he burns those who get too close. Bray would not allow the fans to cry for the destroyed remains of Dean Ambrose, on Sunday.

Bray was cut off by the arrival of an ambulance. Dean Ambrose stepped from the depths of the vehicle. He was wearing a neck brace. Dean yanked a table out of the ambulance, followed by a ladder and chairs. Dean yanked off his neck brace. Dean walked towards the ring with a ladder and chair. Dean drove the ladder into Bray, multiple times. Dean found more toys and threw them at Bray. One chair struck Dean in the skull. Dean got in the ring and set up a table. Bray bailed out to avoid more destruction. Dean begged Bray to get back in the ring. Bray jumped up on the apron and took a chair to the chest. Dean explained to Bray that Wyatt was going to be leaving TLC…in an ambulance!

Seth and Lawler were back to announce the nominees for Diva of the Year:

1. Brie Bella
2. Paige
3. A.J. Lee
4. Nikki Bella

The Winner was: A.J. Lee

Titus O’Neil was hanging out with the girls. Lee did give The King a little hug. Lee told everyone she lived up to her promise to redefine the term “Diva”. She threw out respect to the NXT girls. Lee was ready to become a 4-time Divas champ.

Renee Young interviewed John Cena. She asked him about fighting Big Show. Cena brought up Vince McMahon’s comments that all the wrestlers needed to “Step it Up”. Cena talked about having to deal with Seth Rollins and Show, most likely, tonight. John understood what was at stake, on Sunday. John was sure he would have to “Step Up or Step Aside”. John was not ready to get knocked off his perch, just yet.

“Big Red” Erick Rowan vs Luke Harper
Non-Title Match

The two former Wyatt Family members tore into each other. Rowan with punches and a huge round of punches. Corner Splash by Rowan but Harper came back with a Dropkick. Stomps by Harper to Big Red’s skull. Gator Roll by Harper into the Rear Chin Lock. Rowan Elbowed free. Superkick by Harper brought a two count. Back Body Drop and Clotheslines by Rowan rocked Harper. Corner Clotheslines and Full Nelson Slam by Rowan. 2 count. The two ended up out on the floor. Harper grabbed the ladder and slammed it into Rowan, pulling the DQ loss.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Erick Rowan
Raw Ranking: 1.25

Rowan and Harper continued to battle, after the match. Rowan dropped Harper onto the ring stairs, face-first. Rowan then pushed Harper into the ring. Rowan dismantled he ring steps and threw the top half into the ring. Harper tried to Pearl Harbor Rowan but Big Red slammed the stairs into Harper’s face. Harper took off for the hills.

The Uss showed off their Slammy awards. Naomi shared how Miz’s agent has been in contact with her. Naomi is heading to Hollywood for a screen test. Her hubby wanted to head to Hollywood with her, because he did not trust Miz. Naomi wondered if her hubby trusted her.

Adam Rose and crew were out to present the LOL Moment of the Year. Bunny won Animal of the Year, over El Torito, Mini-Gator and Grumpy Cat. Rose actually got a heavy round of boos. The nominees were:

1. Mother’s Day Message from Mr. T
2. Wee-L-C
3. The Stunt Double
4. Princess Pudding

I have to go with Puddin’. Just because it showcased Vickie Guerrero. Time to vote, if you can.

There were more pre-show awards given out:

Faction of the Year: The Shield

Rivalry of the Year: Daniel Bryan vs The Authority

Raw Guest Star of the Year: Hugh Jackman

Best Twitter Handle: @HeelZiggler

Best Couple of the Year: Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

The LOL Moment Winner was: The Stunt Double. Mizdow came out to talk about his win but Miz pushed him aside to take credit and keep Mizdow silent. “We Want Mizdow” rang out and Miz suggested they were saying “We Want Miz Now”. Let there be feud.

Rusev and Lana came out to face the crowd. Rusev will defend the US Title against Jack Swagger at TLC. Lana did her typical Anti-America crap. Lana said the biggest LOL Moment was “Real American” Jack Swagger. Jack came from the back to confront the US Champ and his manager. Jack said he would snap Rusev’s ankle to repay the broken leg of Zeb Colter. Rusev missed the Thrust Kick and Jack attacked the ankle. Jack dropped the ankle over the railing and then cinched in the Patriot Lock. It took several refs to break them apart.

New Day will face the Cosmic Twins during the TLC(S) Pre-Show

The Usos and Ryback vs Miz, Mizdow and Kane
Six Man Tag Team Match

Seth Green was at ringside for this match.

The Finish:

Miz with the Reality Check ot one of the Usos. Miz popped the other Uso. Ryback tagged in and went off on Miz. Gorilla Press Drop by Miz but Kane made the save. Kane caught both Usos but couldn’t control them. Double Superkick and Jey flew out to take out Kane. Miz got nailed with the Meathook and laid out with Shell Shocked!

Your Winners: Ryback and The Usos
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Seth got in the ring with Ryback and the Usos. The Usos lifted Seth up. I’m a huge fan of Seth Green. He did co-create Robot Chicken.

Raw showed clips from the original SLammys from way back in 1986.

Match of the Year was presented by Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Too cool. The nominees for this highly anticipated award were:

1. Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton vs Batista (Wrestlemania).
2. John Cena vs Bray Wyatt (Last Man Standing Match) Payback
3. The Shield vs Evolution Extreme Rules
4. Team Cena vs Team Authority Survivor Series

Really, Taker vs Lesnar wasn’t there? Who gives a rat’s posterior who wins this one. Dolph thanked the fans for standing behind him for all these years. Dolph said the award belonged to every member of the WWE Universe.

The winner of Match of the Year went to: Team Cena vs Team Authority. Dolph Ziggler came out to accpt the award.

A.J. Lee vs Summer Rae

Summer pushed down Lee. Bad move. A.J. with an attack but Summer with a Wheelbarrow Faceplant. Whip by Summer into a Leg Lariat. 2 count. Summer choked Lee on the middle rope. Shinu Numaki by Summer. She is getting so much better. 2 count after Summer pitched Lee aside. Summer went back to the Shinu Numaki. A.J. spun into the Black Widow and Summer tapped out.

Your Winner: A.J. Lee
Raw Ranking: 1.75

Extreme Moment of the Year was presented by Rob Van Dam! Nice to see him back. Wow, he came out in a sharp looking suit. RVD stated there were epic choices.

1. Brock Lesnar (massacre of Cena)
2. Kane (destruction of Daniel Bryan)
3. Chris Jericho (Cage Dive onto Bray Wyatt)
4. Seth Rollins (Curb Stomp of Dean Ambrose onto Cinder Blocks)

RVD gave the award to…Chris Jericho. Jericho was not there to accept it. Fandango and Rosa danced their way out to the podium. Fandango bragged about beating Jericho at Wrestlemania. He left with the award.

Ol’ Saint Mick was back to talk about the WWE Network. He got a jab at Al Snow and a few others.

Raw looked at the betrayal by Big Show at Survivor Series. Show knocked out Cena and then walked out to get counted out.

Renee was back to chat with Big Show. Show was asked if he was going to be able to stay focused on Cena, with Erick Rowan on the horizon. Show laughed and said he was going to knock John off his perch and then take care of Big Red.

A few final Pre-Show Winenrs:

Double Cross of the Year: Seth Rollins turns on the Shield

Animal of the Year: The Bunny

Best Actor: The Rock

NXT Superstar of the Year: Sami Zayn

Anti-Gravity Moment of the Year: Seth Rollins dives off the balcony

Booker T came out to deliver the award for Superstar of the Year. The Nominees were:

1. Brock Lesnar
2. Dean Ambrose
3. Daniel Bryan
4. Roman Reigns
5. Bray Wyatt
6. John Cena
7. Seth Rollins

Next week, Chris Jericho will be running Raw. The votes have been counted. The Superstar of the Year is…Roman Reigns! Roman made his first live appearance since his emergency surgery. SO good to see him back, even if for only one night. Roman was very happy to ge the award. Roman said he was setting his sights at the top of the mountain, whoever would be there when he returns.

Big Show vs John Cena
Special Challenge Match

Show went after John’s ribs with hard shots. Show with a Hammer Throw that caused John to crumble in the corner. Show missed the Skillet Slap and John began to rock Show. Show stopped Cena from going Vintage. Show walked across John’s mid-section. Jumping Elbow Drop by Show but he only pulled a deuce. Show kicked the ribs o the multiple time champ. Show pushed John’s neck into the middle rope. Show Palmed John’s face and picked him up for the Skillet Slap. Another Hammer Throw by Show but he missed a Corner Splash. DDT by Cena. Side Slam by Show. Show kicked Joh down and rocked John with a vicious Headbutt.

Double Boots by Cena. Show caught a flying John in a Bear Hug. John converted a Chokeslam into a Sleeper. Show dropped to his knees but Cena didn’t have it fully cinched in. Show flipped Cena over. Cena threw Shoulder Tackles but Show wouldn’t budge. He did go down to a Back Drop Suplex. Wow! Counters and re-counters until John lifted Show up for the AA. Seth Rollins, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble rushed in to attack John.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): John Cena
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Seth wanted to Curb Stomp John off the ladder but Dolph pushed it over. John and Dolph beat the daylights out of J and J Security. Show hit KO Punches to both Dolph and John. Big Red rand own to take the fight to Show. Luke Harper jumped his “brother” Rowan. Show and Harper threw Rowan into the ring steps. Show Chokeslammed Rowan onto the ring steps. Ryback came out to join the party. He pushed Show into the ring post and then took out Haper with the Meat Hook Clothesline. Kane came in to attack Ryback with a chair. Ryback was getting ready to put Harper through a table with Shell Shocked. Dolph was back in the ring and Show went for a Chokeslam. Dolph escaped and hit a pair of Superkicks. Harper put Dolph through the table. Seth Curb Stomped John Cena! Seth called for Joey and Jamie to help him. They dismantled the announce table. Triple Powerbomb 2.0!

I realize this recap is a tad later than normal. My apologies. On Monday, I was helping my beautiful wife celebrate her birthday. Tuesday, I spent most of the day at my heart doctor’s office. I have good news to share. My heart doctor said I was in much better health than should have been expected. The heart is working at near perfection, which is a miracle considering how close I came to not having a working ticker, 13 years back. Smile.

I also wanted to throw out a warning to everyone. I got a call from one of my wrestling buddies, Tuesday afternoon. He told me that his mom had gotten a message on Facebook about a wrestler dying. She clicked on it and got some kind of virus. PLEASE! If you think that a wrestler has passed, check out our site or send me an e-mail and I will find out for you. I really don’t want to see anyone lose their computer because some jerk (nicest word I could come up with) has decided to infect a bunch of computer for cheap thrills.


–Jay Shannon

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