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Welcome to part one of The Best of 2014. TNA looked at the highs and lows of the company.

The show opened with an amazing Highlight Reel of the year’s events.

Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme were your hosts for this show. There would be several excellent matches shown, this week. Genesis brought us the first match…

Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle
Steel Cage Match


Standing Switch by both men into Hammerlocks. Bobby punched and kicked away. Kurt had to win this match to go into the Hall of Fame. Belly to Belly Throw by Kurt. Kurt went up top but stopped. Kurt went for an missed a Top of the Cage Moonsault. Ouch. Kurt recovered and ran the ropes to hit a Super Olympic Slam on Bobby. Kurt got a two count. Later, Kurt was going over the cage as Bobby headed for the door. Kurt barely beat Bobby out/over but he did.

Your Winner: Kurt Angle
Impact Scorecard: 4.25 out of a possible 5

TNA then showed highlights of Jeff Hardy vs Magnus for the World Title in the one and only DixieLand Match. Magnus joined up with Dixie Carter and became the World Champion. Jeff then told Sting (who was in TNA then). Jeff explained he was done with TNA. Everyone thought Jeff was done with the company, for good. That wasn’t quite true. Jeff Hardy returned as the masked Willow. A.J. Styles made a returned, under a 1-night only contract, to face Magnus to determine who the real champion would be.

JB and Christy were back to introduce Magnus vs A.J. Styles…

Magnus vs A.J. Styles
World Title Unification Match


Magnus went in and out of the ring to break Styles’ momentum. Styles was jumped by Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud. Styles fought back to take out both guys. Back Kick by Styles. Ethan prevented the Styles Clash. Magnus bailed out as Spud and EC3 kept beating on Styles. Sting finally rushed down to take the fight to Ethan and Spud. Magnus got back in and Styles hit Knife Edge Chops and a kick. Magnus went back to the floor.

Later on, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian got ivolved, as well. Earl Hebner would not make the count on Styles and left the ring. Dixie forced Brian Hebner to come out. Earl actually blasted Spud before taking off. Earl got up in Dixie’s face about using his son. Daniels and Kaz with the High-Lo. 2 count. Styles took out Back Influence, with help from Sting. Styles Whipped Kaz into Daniels. Flying Forearm by Styles and Sting hit his Stinger Splash. DJ Zema also got involved but was sent flying. Styles got Magnus in the Calf Killer. Magnus was about to tap but Kaz took out the ref. Styles came back from a Monkey Flip to destroy Bad Influence. Styles nailed the Styles Clash on Magnus but there was no ref. Earl rushed back down but was prevented from making the count.

Styles sent up top but Bobby Roode ran down and pushed Styles off the ropes. Roode Bomb to Styles. Dixie brought out a third ref. Brian Stiffler wasn’t sure what to do. Roode and crew held Sting as Stiffler made the three count.

Your Winner: Magnus
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

JB and Christy were back, again. This time, they were looking at Dixie Carter’s iron fisted rule and then discussed and showed video of Willow. That character was beyond brutal and spoke some weird cryptic promo pieces. I hated the voice and goofy laugh.

Christy and Jeremy showcased the rise of Ethan Carter III. Ethan, Dixie Carter’s nephew, had an incredible year by beating Kurt Angle, Sting and others.

Kurt Angle vs Ethan Carter III


Kurt with the Hat Trick Germans but he tweaked his knee. Kurt would collapse, multiple times, during the match. Ethan worked over the bad knee. Kurt kicked out of a Figure Four and hit the Olympic Slam but fell when his knee buckled. Ethan Speared the knee.

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

After this match, Kurt basically went into semi-retirement. He would return, in a huge way, later in the year.

The Gunner vs James Storm feud was next up for analysis. They had been partners but the Feast or Fired match drove a massive wedge between them. Gunner won the World Title Contract and cashed in on Magnus. James Storm prevented Rock Star Spud from interfering. He then caught a flying Gunner with a Superkick to spoil the match. Storm also attacked Gunner’s dad.

James Storm vs Gunner
Unlocked Match


Gunner went off on Storm with wild punches. Gunner set up a table. He didn’t get to use it, right away, as Storm jumped him. Gunner punched away and rammed Storm into the ring apron. Gunner with a Suplex on the floor.

Later, the two would break out the toys. Gunner and Storm mangled trash can lids. Gunner hit a monster Spear for a two. Storm found a beer bottle, under the ring. Gunner Speared himself and Storm through the outside table. Storm fought out of a Superplex, at first. Gunner would not be denied. Gunner hit a Superplex through a pair of set up chairs to get a two. Storm with a Code Breaker and pair of Last Calls but he couldn’t make the three. Storm and Gunner both had beer bottles. Gunner got to use it. Hanger 18 (Inverted F5).

Your Winner: Gunner
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

JB and Christy focused on the arrival of MVP. Dixie tried to take over from Dixie, initially. Dixie came out to introduce the ref for the Lethal Lockdown Match. That person was…Bully Ray.

Lethal Lockdown


Bobby Roode went for a Roode Bomb on MVP. Bully blocked the path to a table. Roode and Bully got into it. Roode screamed at Bully, who planted him with a Uranage. MVP looked shocked. MVP hit a Yakuza Kick, which gave MVP the win…and the power.

Your Winner: Team MVP
Impact Scorecard: 3.75

That led to a feud between Bully Ray and Dixie Carter. Bully was determined to put Dixie through a table. Dixie sent all kinds of people after Bully, including her nephew, Ethan Carter III.

Bully Ray vs Ethan Carter III
Texas Death Match (Slammiversary)


The two went wild and wooly with shots. Corner Clothesline by Bully. Bully used the bullrope to Biel Ec3. Bully went for a Piledriver but Rockstar Spud got in and attacked with a kendo stick. Ray caught the stick and hit him low and had Spud ride the stick. Ouch. Ethan nailed the 1%er on the exposed wood of the match. Ray had Ethan on a pair of tables but Dixie distracted Ray. Ray screamed “I’m gonna kill ya, B*tch” at Dixie. Dixie got knocked out by Ethan, accidentally. Ray looked ready to send Dixie through the table. He placed Dixie on the tables and climbed up on the apron. Ethan slipped back in the ring and cracked Bully with a kendo stick. Spud pulled Dixie off the tables just before Bully fell off the apron and crashed through. The ref counted out Bully Ray.

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III
Impact Scorecard: 3.75

Our hosts were back to introduce the next segment. Eric Young was the next topic. That led to a video package of Eric Young taking the World Title from Magnus, back in April. A lot of critics considered Eric to be TNA’s answer to Daniel Bryan. That’s not quite fair to Eric. Eric then went on a streak of wild title defenses.

Eric Young vs Lashley vs Austin Aries
Triple Threat Steel Cage Match for the World Title (Slammicersary)

Eric was in a cage match and hit a Mega Savage Elbow, from the top of a cage, on Lashley. This was a Triple Threat Match that also included Austin Aries. Lashley took out Aries with a Spear but Eric made the save. Lashley with a huge Spinebuster to Eric that led to a Spear attempt. Lashley hit the cage door and fell to the floor. Normally, that would have been a win for Lashley but not this time. Savage Elbow to Aries. 2 count. Aries blocked the Piledriver. Both Aries and Young threw hard Forearms. Both men missed wild moves. Aries rocked Eric with a pair of Discus Forearms. Full Speed Corner Dropkick by Aries. Erick blocked the Brainbuster and hit the Piledriver to retain.

Your Winner: Eric Young
Impact Scorecard: 4.25

Manik was training with Sehar when James Storm came up. Storm seemed somewhat impressed. Storm shushed Manik and stepped in the ring with the rookie. Storm wanted to offer the kid a future filled with success and money. Storm brought up family and mockery. Storm said there was a price for this special future. Storm said there would be an awakening, soon. Storm then attacked Sehar.

The Beautiful People Reunion was shown, via video package. They eventually got into a feud with Madison Rayne. Velvet Sky wanted her friend, Madison, involved. Angelina Love would have no part of it. Sky eventually turned on Madison, which allowed Angelina Love to defeat Madison.

Madison Rayne vs Angelina Love
Knockout Title Match


Madison took down Love and sent her flying with Arm Drags. Love went out to the floor to talk with Velvet Sky. Love came back to Surfboard Madison in the ropes. Dropkick sent Madison to the floor and Sky stomped away. 2 count as Sky threw Madison back in. Madison with the Scissors Push Ups. Madison took out both BPs with a Crossbody Block. Madison missed a Spear and Love nailed the Botox Injection 1-2-not yet. Love and Sky had hissy fits. Spear by Madison. Sky distracted he ref. Sky sprayed Madison in the eyes and Love pinned Madison to become a six-time champ.

Your Winner (and New Knockout Champ): Angelina Love
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Tigre Uno vs Manik vs Sanada vs Eddie Edwards vs Davey Richards vs Crazy Steve
6-Way Ladder Match for the X-Division Title (SLammiversary)


Sanada was the champ at the time of this mach. Manik attacked Sanada on the floor by diving out of the ring. The Wolves worked together to take out everyone in sight. Suicide Dives to Manik and Sanda. Tigre Uno went for a Hurancanarana to Eddie but it was blocked. Several guys were Suplexed out of the ring together. Davey and Manik almost got the title. Manik with a wicked Powerbomb onto another ladder. Damn, that was incredible. Sanada went up top. Eddie tried to stop him but he was just a bit too slow.

Your Winner: Sanada
Impact Scorecard: 4.5

Manik was dragging Sehar. Storm told Manik to “Throw him in”. Storm was doing some major Brainwashing I’m pretty disturbed by this whole storyline.

TNA showcased Ross and Marshall Von Erichs at SLammiversary. They won by Disqualification. Kevin Von Erich, their dad, got involved and put DJ Zema in the Iron Claw. Father and sons got back in the ring as Dallas, TX went wild at their hometown hero’s return with his sons, the third generation supeerstars.

JB and Christy were back to discuss the next segment. It was about MVP and his forces against Eric Young. MVP made life Hell for Eric. MVP put Eric against Lashley, after Eric had already had a brutal battle earlier.

Eric Young vs Lashley
World Title Match


Stall SUplex by Lashley. 2 count. Whip by Lashley but Eric got the Elbow in. Eric punched away at Lashley’s skull. Flying Forearm by Eric. Eric hit he Dropkick and went up top. Lashley kicked out of the Top Rope Crossbody. Whip by Lashley but Eric Side Stepped the run. Lashley grabbed Eric and rammed Eric in. Eric escaped the Dominator and a Back Drop SUplex. Eric caught Lashley with the Piledriver. Kenny King pulled the ref out of the ring. Eric went to attack King. Lashley accidentally took out King.Spike DDT by Eric. Eric called for the Savage Elbow. He missed it. Lashley with the Spear!

Your Winner (and New World Champion): Lashley
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

TNA looked at MVP’s ousting from power. He was replaced by Kurt Angle. Kurt asked Willow to step aside for the return of Jeff Hardy. He considered it and Jeff did return. Jeff Hardy would face Eric Young as the final two competitors in a 20-man Battle Royal to determine the number one contender. Hardy would eventually win the match. That led to…

Jeff Hardy vs Lashley
World Title Match


Lashley choke Hardy on the middle ropes. Lashley had tripped Hardy on the ring steps, during a break. Lashley put his knee into Hardy’s back with extreme force. Whip by Lashley into a Corner Clothesline. Torture Rack but Hardy fought out. Kick by Lashley. Flying Forearm by Hardy. Inverted Atomic Drp into the Double Legdrop. Dropkick by Hardy to follow that up. Lashley reversed a Whip but took an elbow and Whisper in the Wind. Lashley dropped Hardy on the top turnbuckle. Lashley went for the Running Powerslam but Hardy nailed a duo of Twists of Fate. Hardy hit the Swanton but Lashley still managed to kick out. Hardy bashed Lashley’s face into the ring steps, several times. Hardy’s downfall came as he went to hit a Swanton from the top rope onto the steps. Lashley moved and Hardy hit the steps, full force. Lashley pitched Hardy back in the ring. Spear!

Your Winner: Lashley
Impact Scorecard: 4.0

TNA will return, next Wednesday, for Part Two of the Best of 2014. There are only 3 episodes left of TNA on Spike. TV Tapings will return to NYC, during the first week in January, for their debut on Destination America.


–Jay Shannon

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