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A.J. Styles was back to face Hanson. Plus, Michael Elgin returned to action.

Roll the opening montage!

The Kingdom’s Michael Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett came to the ring. They were wearing “Mr. and Mrs.” Shirts. Too cote. They played a serious game of tonsil hockey in mid-ring. Michael officially announced that he and Maria got married. Congrats to both of you. Michael insulted several members of the audience as he talked about love. Michael wanted the Title of Love to be defended. Bennett threw out an open challenge for the Title. Of Love. So obviously, the Romantic Touch made his way from the back.

Touch took the microphone and accepted the challenge and said the honeymoon was over.

Romantic Touch vs Michael Bennett
Title of Love Title Match (Did I seriously type that?)

Code of Honor handshake but Touch also kissed the hand. Bennett tore into Touch with hard kicks. Touch reversed things and stomped away. Bennett blasted Touch in the face and nailed a Scoop Slam. Elbow Drop by Bennett. Clothesline by Touch and Touch danced around. Knife Edge Chop by Touch. Float Over by Touch into a Monkey Flip 2 count. Touch worked over Bennett’s arm. Snap Mare and Knee Drop by Touch but it only drew a two. Arm Bar by Touch. Bennett with a Back Elbow off a reversed Whip. Arm Drag and Dropkick by Touch. 1-2-no. Bennett rolled out to the floor as RoH went to break.

We’re back and the two men were fighting on the apron. Touch blocked a Suplex and kicked Bennett down to the floor. Touch went for a Suicide Dive but Michael pulled Maria into the way. Inverted Atomic Drop by Touch. Touch then pitched Bennett back into the ring. Maria held the arm so Bennett could hit a Superkick on Touch. She smiled as Michael hit a Side Effect onto the apron. Michael got Touch back in the ring but only got a two count. Suplex by Michael into a Rear Chin Lock. Michael blocked a kick but took a Clothesline and Flying Shoulder. Back Body Drop by Touch. Rolling Belly to Belly by Touch for a two. Maria got up on the apron to distract Touch. Michael almost ran into his sweetie. Roll Up by Touch. Maria went for a slap but missed. Twist of Fate by Michael Bennett.

Your Winner: Michael Bennett
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

The Fall of Michael Elgin was the next focus. Jay Briscoe ended Elgin’s World Title run, recently. While Elgin shook Jay’s hand, after the match, Michael seems to be a different man know.

Caprice Coleman vs “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

Elgin came out in jeans and a wife beater. The announcers were confused by the look. “Elgin Sucks” rang out from the crowd. Elgin just stood in the corner as the bell rang. Coleman was confused by Elgin’s actions. Elgin laid down in the middle of the ring but Coleman wouldn’t take the gimme pin. Seriously? Corino really took offense at Elgin’s behavior. Elgin taped up his fist as security came out to the ring. RoH went to commercial break as they tried to sort things out.

Adam Cole and Jay Briscoe both talked about their World Title Match coming up at Final Battle 2014.

They got Elgin out of the ring during the break. So

Your Winner: No Match
Honor Roll Ranking: N/q

Hanson vs A.J. Styles

It took some time to pull the streamers out of the ring. Code of Honor Handshake. Collar and Elbow to the corner. Clean break by Hanson. Go Behind by Styles. Standing Switch. Hanson Shouldered Styles into the ropes and A.J. bailed out of the ring to break the momentum. Styles with hard kicks to the legs of his much-bigger opponent. Styles escaped a Powerbomb. Universal into a Styles Dropkick. Hanson pounded on Styles’ back but Styles attacked the knee and hit a Dropkick. Styles cracked Hanson in the neck, several times. Ring of Honor needed another commercial break.

Styles was on the apron as the show returned. Hanson went for a Suicide Dive and Crashed and Burned. Styles rolled back in the ring. Styles flipped onto the apron. Styles went for a Moonsault but got cuahgt. Lawn Dart into the ring post by Hanson. Sweet. Hanson put Styles on the apron and clubbed the back and then chest and then back. Hanson popped Styles in the face. Styles punched the ribs of Hanson. Spinning Side Slam by Hanson for a one count. Crossfaces by Hanson rocked Styles. Hanson drove his knee into Styles’ back and then punched him in the face. Hanson kicked the ribs and then sent Styles into the corner with a Hammer Throw. Vicious Knee Lifts by Hanson.

Styles punched away and Hanson answered. Kitchen Sink by Hanson but he big man seemed to tweak his knee on the move. Elbow Drop by Hanson, followed by a Fist Drop. Snap Mare by Hanson into an Elbow Drop. 1-2-no. Hanson blasted the ribs of Styles and tried for several pins but couldn’t get past two. RoH had one more break to take.

The two men were slugging it out as RoH returned. Styles was getting the better of it. Hanson tossed Styles into the corner and then put him up top. Styles blocked the Superplex, slid between Hanson’s legs and dropped Hanson into the corner. Hanson missed a Corner Rush and Styles nailed brutal Enziguri. It was announced that Matt Sydal will face Jay Lethal, for the TV Title, at Final Battle. Also, the Time Splitters will challenge ReDRagon for the tag belts.

Hanson flipped Styles onto the apron. Springboard Flying Forearm by Styles. Hanson missed the Spin Kick o Doom. Hanson blocked the Styles Clash and dropped Styles. Styles escaped a Double Underhook Bomb but Hanson would not be denied. 2 count. Styles snapped Hanson’s neck on the ropes. Spinning Powerslam to get Hanson another two count. Styles caught Hanson with a Spear to the left leg. Hanson was badly hurt by that move. Hanson threw Styles in the corner but A.J. came back with the Calf Killer. Hanson crawled over to the ropes. Hanson blocked an Implaer DDT and took Styles to the corner. Hanson unleashed several boxing moves. Styles finally nailed he Sunday Bloody Sunday Impaler DDT. 2 count. Styles positioned Hanson and went to the apron. 450 Springboard Splash onto the bad leg. Styles put Hanson back in the Calf Killer. Hanson was facing the wrong way so he had to punch to try and get free. Hanson Back Elbowed to get loose, finally.

Hanson blocked the Styles Clash and hit the Michinoku Driver for a two. That move came off a Dead Lift, bad leg and all. Dang. Hanson’s leg was giving out on him. Hanson went up the ropes but Styles tripped him. Hanson fought out of the Fireman’s Carry and hit several Crossfaces. Pele! Styles took Hanson and barely managed to hit the Styles Clash.

Your Winner: A.J. Styles
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25


(And Jet…your little Eagle still flies for both of us. Gone (6 years and 1 day) but never forgotten)

–Jay Shannon

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