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Impact presented some of the wildest matches in recent history. I’ll have an update on TNA’s status on Spike at the end of my column.

The show opened with a look at Lashley and his issues with MVP and Bobby Roode. Bobby Roode took out MVP, as a challenger, a couple weeks back. Lashley then rushed the ring to Spear Roode. Lashley then totally blew off his former mouthpiece, MVP. Last week, Lashley took out several people, last week. He seriously injured Austin Aries and screamed for Roode.

Bobby Roode came out to talk with the crowd. Roode wanted to talk about his “True Friend”, Eric Young. Roode wasn’t happy that Eric was injured by Lashley. He was also not happy that Lashley tried to end Austin Aries’ career. Roode wanted to fight Lashley, but not for the World Title. He just wanted to kick Lashley’s rear end. He wanted a No Rules, No Ref match. Roode told Lashley to get his *ss to the ring, fight now!

Lashley’s music hit and The Destroyer arrived on the scene. Roode ran up the ramp to take the fight to Lashley. The battle spilled out into the crowd. Lashley sent Roode into the wall. Security rushed out to keep these two men apart.

In the back, Ethan Carter III talked about EY being injured. Ethan decided to give Rock Star Spud a chance to face him. Ethan wanted to see if Spud was a real man.

A video aired about the Triple Threat Knockout Match. That wild match was on deck.

Havok vs Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell
Three Way Dance for the Knockout Title

Gail was still dealing with a bad shoulder. Earl Hebner was the Zebra in Charge. Gail went right after Havok, as did Taryn. Havok shoved them both away. She then ran over Gail and Taryn. Gail was sent to the corner and then Havok whipped Taryn into Gail. The two challengers worked together to try and take down. Havok. Wheelbarrow Slam to put Gail onto Taryn. Havok kicked away at Gail and Whipped her to the corner. Back Kick by Havok. Havok threw Gail into the ring post. Taryn jumped the champ but Havok laid her out with hard shots.

Havok threw all her weight into a hard Slam on Taryn. Gail went Octopus on Havok and took her down. Taryn with a Bridging Leg Lock. Havok broke free and Gail and Taryn seemed to be having a slight issue. Taryn with a Crossbody, off the apron. Havok caught her but fell when Gail hit a Crossbody. TNA went to break.

Gail and Taryn were slugging it out as the show returned. Corner Splash by Gail. Gail missed a 2nd one and Taryn almost pinned her. Backslide by Taryn for a two. Gail with a Small Package to get a two. Taryn with a hard Back Elbow and Clotheslines to rock Gail. Rolling Neckbreaker by Taryn. Havok pulled Taryn to the outside. She dropped Taryn over the railing , from her shoulders. Ouch. Gail was Powerslammed by Havok, on the floor. Havok pitched Gail back in the ring. Taryn was already in there. Havok walked around and cackled like Maggie Hamilton on a day pass. Havok stacked up her two opponents and sent up the ropes. Double Splash on both women but the pin attempt ended at one, thanks to Gail.

Havok missed a pair of Corner Splashes. The challengers teamed up on the behemoth champ. Gail with a Leg Drop, off the top, to send Havok crashing to the floor. Taryn then attacked Gail. Taryn went up top for a Superplex but Gail sat down to block it. Tower of Doom! Havok placed her two challengers and climbed back up the turnbuckles. She missed the Double Splash. Havok wanted a Double Harlot Slayer but it was blocked. Havok got Spiked by Gail. Crossboy by Gail. Taryn then hit one. 2 conts on both sides. Eat da Feet into the Cajun Cutter. Taryn rolled up a surprised Gail Kim to become the new Knockout Champ.

Your Winner (and New Knockout Champion): Taryn Terrell
Impact Scorecard: 3.25 out of a possible 5

MVP and Kenny King chatted backstage. He was not happy with being considered a manager. He was ready to show everyone just who MVP is.

TNA looked back at Samoa Joe’s forfeiture of the X-Division title, due to health issues. TNA then flashed back to the opening melee between Bobby Roode and Lashley. Backstage, Bobby Roode ranted about his friend being taken out. Bobby Roode straight up challenged Lashley.

Kenny King vs Sgt. Chris Melendez
Special Challenge Match

The fans were 100% behind Sarge. Collar and Elbow to the ropes. King mocked Sarge’s missing leg. Collar and Elbow and they went to the corner. King missed a shot and ducked between the ropes. Go Behind by King into an Amateur Takedown and Amateur Ride. King took control of the arm but Sarge with the Go Behind. Back Elbow by King. Hip Tosses by Sarge. King wasn’t impressed. King with a Jumping Enziguri after a rake to the eyes. King punted the ribs of Sarge. King with a modified Camel Clutch that led to Crossfaces.

King jumped over the ropes to snap Sarge’s neck. Sarge kicked King with the prosthetic leg and then nailed a series of Clotheslines. Power Hip Toss by Sarge. Sarge with a Fisherman’s Suplex for a two count. Yakuza Kick with the fake leg. Sarge lifted King up but MVP rushed in and blasted Sarge with a steel chair.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Sgt. Chris Melendez
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Ken Anderson rushed out to help his friend but the damage was done. King mocked Melendez by saluting him. Officials rushed out to check on the rookie. Tenay and Taz talked about Sarge’s bright future. I expect him to be this year’s PWI Rookie of the Year.

Rock Star Spud accepted Ethan Carter III’s challenge to meet him in the ring.

Backstage, Kurt was hot about what happened to MVP. Anderson came in and said he wanted to destroy MVP. Kurt asked Ken to stay with Chris and he would handle MVP.

Ethan Carter III came out with Tyrus to confront Rock Star Spud. Ethan mocked Spud’s rise from obscurity to become a major player in TNA. Ethan made fun of Eric Young and Jeremy Borash, Spud’s friends. Ethan said he would allow Spud to fight him, tonight.

Spud came out to his regal sounding music. Spud came out in his Brick House suit. Ethan asked Tyrus to stay on the outside, no matter what. Tyrnus nodded in agreement. The “You Can’t Wrestle” chant broke out. Ethan invited Spud to get in the ring and fight. Spud got right in the ring.

Rock Star Spud vs Ethan Carter III

Ethan joked about ruining Spud’s life. Ethan said Spud would get the first shot in the match. Spud psyched himself up but didn’t got there. Spud said he would not hit Ethan in face. He kicked him in the nethers and then unloaded with punches. Ethan exploded on Spud, who covered up, big time. Ethan slung Spud around like a Rag Doll. Ethan then kicked the ribs of Spud. Ethan with a hard Headbutt. Spud refused to go gently into that good night. Ethan started to hit the 1%er but let Spud go. Tyrus got up in the ring. Tyrus with a Chokeslam/Clothesline to Spud. Seriously? Tyrus held Spud as Ethan talked to him. Ethan promised to end Spud’s career. Before he did that, He wanted to embarrass him…by cutting his hair. Ethan was busted open but he was the unofficial winner of this encounter.

Kurt Angle screamed at Kenny King. He wanted to know where MVP was. MVP then jumped Kurt and beat on the Executive Director. That is so going to bite him in the butt.

Bram vs Tommy Dreamer
Hardcore Rules Match

The fight started on the floor. Tommy slammed Bram into the barrier and some crates. Tommy then brought Bram to the ring and sent him into the apron. Tommy found the first trash can of “Toys”. Tommy flew off the apron and nailed a Clothesline. The two fought up the ramp. Scoop Slam by Bram. Ram screamed at Tommy and then cracked him in the face with the trash can. Bram punched away at Tommy. Bram blasted the eyebrow area of his foe. Tommy sent Bram into the ring post. Tommy was seriously busted open. Suplex by Tommy. TNA took a quick break as Tommy cracked Bram in the face.

Bram screamed at Tommy as the match continued. Bram kept slamming Tommy’s bloody face into the ring steps. Bram scooped up some of the blood and wiped it on his chest. In the ring, Bram nailed Tommy with a trash can. 1 count kick out. Tommy got to his feet and punched away. Side Slam by Bram. Bram missed a Flying Elbow Drop. Tommy kicked Bram and hit a Running Clothesline. Tommy picked up the Singapore Cane to hit the White Russian Leg Sweep. 2 cont. Tommy sat a chair in position but Bram stopped him. Tommy crotched Bram across the chair. Clothesline off the chair by Tommy but it only brought a two. Tommy put Bram in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Tommy bashed Bram with a trash can and then put it in front of Bram’s face. Hesitation Dropkick to drive the trash can into Bram. Bram was now opened up. Bram with a Back Leg Sweep onto the chair. Dreamer got a boot up to blast Bram. Evenflow DDT by Dreamer for a two. Tommy went under the ring for a chair wrapped in barbed wire. Magus rushed in to stop a Piledriver. Uranage by Magnus. Double Team by the Brits. AL Snow rushed down and took out both Brits. Cool. Al tore Magnus a new one. Tommy brought out the Cheese Grater! Damn. Tommy wedged the wire encrusted chair into the corner. Tommy tried to send Bram into the chair. Both men tried to send each other into the barbed wire but Tommy ended up eating it. Bram nailed the Impaler DDT to take the win.

Your Winner: Bram
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

Kurt Angle said it was time to take care of the MVP problem…for good. Kurt was on his way out to deal with MVP.

I want to take a moment to send out a birthday wish to a very special member of my family. Janice, who is my sister-s step-mom, turned 72 on Wednesday. She is recovering in the hospital from a nasty fall. While she’s not exactly a direct relative, she is family and much beloved by myself and Dianna. Get well soon, Janice and Happiest of Birthdays and many more to you. Smile.

TNA looked at how James Storm and Abyss beat The Wolves for the tag titles, last week. Sehra was talking with Manik and didn’t understand why James Storm didn’t like him. Manik said Sehra would need to awaken to become part of the Revolution.

Manik vs Tigre Uno vs DJZ vs Low Ki
Fatal Four Way for the X-Division Title

Manik came out to James Storm’s music. Maik went after Tigre with a Dropkick. DJZ kicked away at Low Ki. Corner Shoulder by DJZ but Ki with a Float Over Kick. 2 count. Manik attacked Ki from the behind. Modified Universal into a Double Dropkick by DJZ. Tigre jumped DJZ from behind. Tigre with a Dropkick. Ki missed a Corner Splash on Tigre. Tigre escaped an Electric Chair and shoved DJZ into Ki’s crotch. Manik with an Inverted Flying Surfboard on Tigre. DJZ tried to climb through the hole to make a pin. Low Ki with a Warrior’s Way on all three men. Cool move. DJZ went to Slingshot over the rop but got sent into the ring post. Tigre sent Manik into Low Ki and DJZ. Corkscrew Moonsault by Tigre Uno. Ki put Tigre in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. DJZ hit the Springboard DDT on Low Ki. Tigre hit a Spinning Moonsault onto Manik. Manik got his foot on the ropes to make the break. Ki jumped Tigre Uno, on the ropes. The two battled up top. Ki blocked the Hurancanrana. Avalanche Ki Krusher off the top rope. 1-2-3!

Your Winner (and New X-Division Champion): Low Ki
Impact Scorecard: 4.0

I’m so glad I was wrong in my prediction. I expected Manik to take the strap.

Backstage, MVP and Kenny were trying to reach Lashley. MVP said it would cost them all money if Kurt did what they expect.

Kurt Angle made his way from the back. He was way beyond happy. Kurt said MVP manipulated the system, in the past. Kurt challenged MVP to come out and face him, straight up. Kurt warned MVP that there would be consequences for MVP’s actions. MVP mocked Kurt for calling the Board of Directors. MVP said he beat Kurt’s *ss because of being MVP. MVP talked trash about Kurt and the Board of Directors. Kurt didn’t want MVP to get fired. Kurt then attacked MVP, big time. Kenny King rushed in to attack Kurt. MVP pushed Kenny away. MVP didn’t want any help from King. Blackout Kick by MVP to send Kurt out to the floor. Ken Anderson rushed down and tore Kenny King a new one. Kurt and MVP kept fighting on the floor. Lashley rushed in and Speared Anderson. Bobby Roode ran down and pulled King out of the ring. Roode ran King into the guard rail. Roode and Lashley tore it up. Both men threw wild punches at each other. .


TNA is taking one week off and then will return with a Best Of 2014 Showcase. TNA is nearing the end of their association with Spike TV. The show will be moving over to Discovery’s Destination America Channel in January, 2015. Nothing was mentioned on Impact but a Press Release was issued, earlier. I posted that Press Release as soon as I got it confirmed as legit. Since I do get Destination America, my weekly TNA Recaps will continue.


–Jay Shannon

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