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In this exclusive interview, Steve Gerweck talks to wrestling legend <a href=”http://www.gerweck.net/2009/10/22/bobby-eaton/“>”Beautiful” Bobby Eaton</a> on the following topics:

- Health update
- The “Beautiful” nickname (“I don’t think I’m beautiful, believe me”)
- His favorite tag team partner?
- Vince McMahon not liking tag team wrestling
- Why he didn’t jump to WWF after the Midnight Express disbanded
- Being on the road with Jim Cornette
- Eaton’s first impression of Cornette
- Cornette’s Diary Queen incident
- Never winning the Crockett Cup tag team tournament
- Working on scaffold (“I hate theme matches”)
- Being injured working scaffold matches
- The Mulkey Brothers
- Crockett selling his promotion to Bill Watts (“That was a downfall for pro wrestling”)
- His notorious travel bag
- Where Eaton believes the Midnight Express in the annuals of tag team wrestling
- Koko B. Ware’s hall of fame credentials
- Seeing the potential in Steve Austin
- Wrestling in Japan
- His brief stint in ECW

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