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The tag team tournament came to an end. Also, Bobby Roode had his first title defense…against an unexpected opponent.

A review video of last week’s World Title Match started the show. It was Bobby Roode’s last shot at the title. Roode won a 4 man elimination match, a couple of weeks earlier, to get the shot. It was a great match that ended with a Sit Down Stack Up Pin by the new champ, Bobby Roode.

Kurt Angle stood in the center of the ring and proclaimed that there was a new World Champ, in the house. He brought out Roode. Bobby said it was a dream come true for him to regain the World Title. Roode reminded everyone that pro wrestling was the most important thing in his life, right behind his family. Roode has always wanted to be the best and now he is the best. The crowd chanted Roode’s name. Bobby threw out major respect to Kurt Angle. As Bobby finished his speech, Lashley, Kenny King and MVP strolled from the back.

Taz and Tenay were ready for the rematch between Roode and Lashley. MPV, of course, took the stick. He said Roode was a sorry excuse for a competitor. MVP stated that Lashley intimidated the fans. MVP accused Kurt and Roode of –being “in cahoots” to put the belt on Roode. MVP was certain that Roode would have never have won, on his own. MVP explained that Lashley stepped in for him to take the title, in the first place. MVP challenged Bobby Roode for a World Title Match. Lashley looked so ticked off. Kurt asked Roode if he would face MVP. Roode eagerly accepted as Lashley looked at MVP with a “What aobut me?” look on his face. This is not going to sit well with The Destroyer.

A preview video aired about Samoa Joe and Low Ki vs The Hardys. That wild match was on deck. Low Ki and Joe talked about success. Low Ki said he knew Joe was the best possible combination. Joe was disappointed that people dared to doubt their ability to co-exist. Joe paid respect to their opponents but made it clear that they were ready to destroy the Legends to get to the gold.

Low Ki and Samoa Joe vs Matt and Jeff Hardy
Tag Team Tournament Finals

Ki began the battle against Jeff. Ki with kicks at Jeff that didn’t actually connect. Go Behind by Ki but Jeff with the Standing Switch into a Side Headlock. Ki walked Jeff to the corner to force the break. Clean break. Jeff lifted Ki from behind and then pounded away. Tag to Matt. Matt dropped the elbow to the shoulder. Ki fought back with kicks and Knife Edge Chops. Tag to Joe. Joe with wild punches to Matt. The fans were loving it. Headbutt by Joe before he tagged out to Low Ki. Double Whip into a nice series of Double Team moves. 2 count.

Snap Mare by Jeff, who had tagged in. Rear Chin Lock until Matt tagged back in. Elbow Drop, off the ropes, by Matt. Tag to Jeff. Double Elbows off the Whip. Inverted Flapjack but Joe made the save. Jeff took Low Ki to the corner. Hurancanrana by Jeff, off the Whip. Double Boots by Ki, He missed the Shining Wizard but nailed a kick to the back of Jeff’s head. Tag to Joe. Running Back Elbow by Joe. 2 count. Joe with a Snap Mare that led to the Chop/Kick combo. Knee Drop by Joe for a two. TNA went to break.

Joe was trying to put Jeff in the Muscle Buster as TNA returned. Jeff pounded the neck to escape. Jeff jumped off the ropes and nailed the Whisper in the Wind. Jeff seems to have an injured leg. Tag on both sides. Clotheslines by Matt. Ki with a wild kick. Side Effect by Matt that gained him a two. Matt attacked Joe to hit a Bulldog/Clothesline combo to take out both foes. Scoop Slam by Matt. Matt positioned Joe and climbed the ropes. Low Ki tripped Matt and put Matt in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Warrior’s Way by Low Ki. Jeff barely made the save. X Factor by Jeff to Ki. La Magistral Cradle by Low Ki on Matt. Twist of Fate, by Matt, to Ki. Joe made the save. Joe reversed a Twist of Fate into the Rear Naked Choke. Jeff hit the Swanton onto Matt to break the hold. Jeff tagged in and went for a Twist of Fate. Ki blocked it and went for the Ki Krusher. Jeff blocked it and nailed an Inverted Mule Kick. Poetry in Motion by the Hardys. Jeff with the Swanton to Low Ki. Matt then nailed a Moonsault to seal the deal.

Your Winners: Matt and Jeff Hardy
Impact Scoreboard: 4.5 out of a possible 5

James Storm talked with Davey Richards. Storm wanted an answer, next week, from Davey Richards.

Bobby Roode was interviewed about how odd things have been in the last year or so. Roode was ready to face Lashley but he would take MVP and defeat him.

Brittany and Samuel Shaw were profiled. That led to the Odd Couple coming to the ring. Shaw admitted that he did turn his back on Gunner. Brittany has convinced Shaw that Gunner was never his friend and was just using him as a Charity Case. Brit also bad mouthed Christy Hemme. The two played serious tonsil hockey. They were interrupted by the arrival of Gunner. Gunner said Shaw was trying to be Gunner not be LIKE Gunner. Gunner called them Creepy B*stards. That chant started big time. The two men got into a slug fest. Brittany shrieked as Gunner Bieled Shaw. Gunner went to choke Shaw with his shirt but Brittany jumped on his back. Low Blow by Shaw. Sam sent Gunner into the post. She then handed him the Black Gloves. Shawthen Choked Out Gunner.

Kurt Angle discovered a fantastic new star in India. His name is Mahabali Shera. He has a body type very similar to Rusev. He seems to be incredibly powerful and should make a name for himself in short order. Welcome to the country and welcome to the company. Keep your eyes on this kid. He’s next year’s Rookie of the Year. Count on it.

MVP talked with Kurt, in the back. MVP thought this was going ot be so easy. MVP tried to spin things so that it was all about Kurt. MVP was ready to prove that this will be all about him. Kurt was certain that MVP has made it clear…to a lot of people.

Bram and Magnus vs Devon and Tommy Dreamer
Hardcore Rules Tag Team Match

Tommy and Devon attacked their opponents, on the floor. Tommy drove a push broom handle into Magnus’ ribs. Tommy and Devon slammed Bram and Magnus into the stage. Tommy and Magnus got in the ring. Flapjack by Devon to Magnus, followed by an Elbow Drop. Double Hip Toss to Bram. Devon clocked Bram and tommy with the Baseball Slide Dropkick to Magnus. Devon slammed Bram’s face into the ring steps. Tommy spat water into Magus’ face and popped him with a water bottle. Magnus Crotched Tommy on the barrier. Devon bashed Bram with a water bottle. Magnus cracked Devon with a turnbuckle. Bram choked Devon with a shirt as Magnus stomped on the injured knee. Tommy slid back in the ring and went off on both foes with a can lid. He threw the can in, as well as a chair. Tommy added several more “toys” to the mix. Tommy tried to slam Magnus into the steel chair but Magnus with the Drop Toe Hold to send Tommy’s face into the metal.

Tommy got a face full of trash can, thanks to Magnus. Bram worked over the ribs with a steel chair. Bram also drove a metal cookie sheet into Tommy’s face. Bram with a Slider Dropkick to keep Devon on the floor. Bram punched away on Tommy. Double Back Body Drop to Tommy. Bram went for a pin but only got a two. Magnus went to sail over the top but Devon met him with a can lid. Devon got up in the ring and just annihilated Bran’s face with a can lid. Devon placed a can on Bram’s crotch and then slammed a metal chair into the can. Ouch. Magnus smacked Devon with said can and then punched Dreamer on the ropes. Magnus wanted a Superplex, as did Bram. Devon turned it into a Tower of Doom. Devon decided to go and get a table. Devon set the table up on the floor, not in the ring. Bram clocked Devon after going into the eyes. Bram wanted to Suplex Devon over. Devon snapped Bram’s neck, who fell off the apron and threw the table. Magnus grabbed a Singapore Cane and took the bamboo to both Devon and Tommy. Tommy with a Low Kick as Magnus went for a Float Over. Tommy then sent Magnus into the trash can that was wedged into the corner. Dreamer DDT.

Your Winners: Devon and Tommy Dreamer
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

Gail Kim was asked about her title rematch. Gail said she had been knocked down…but not out. She was ready to take back her title from the monster known as Havok.

Rock Star Spud came out to the ring. He got a massive pop from the fans. Spud talked about how he had been loyal to the Carters and was basically stabbed in the back by Ethan Carter III. Jeremy Borash was interviewing him. Spud didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for him. Spud called EC3 “a complete and total Wanker”. Spud cut a scathing rant against his former “Best Friend’. Spud said he would continue to wear the bizarre suits. Cool, I’ve grown to like them. Spud said “Mr. 99%” was his new name and he didn’t need Ethan, anymore. JB said he was proud of how Spud has won everyone over in TNA, just like he did in British Bootcamp.

Ethan Carter III and Tyrus came out to confront Spud. The fans started a “He’s a Wanker” chant. Ethan said it was a pathetic spectacular from the biggest loser of them all. Ethan couldn’t believe JB would be involved in this. Ethan reminded JB owed it all to the Carters (I kind of think it was the Jarretts that gave him his start in TNA, but I digress). Ethan said he would give Spud one chance to apologize to Ethan. Spud wouldn’t do it. Tyrus grabbed Spud as Ethan again demanded an apology. Spud eventually said he was sorry…that Ethan was a “Big Nosed, D-Bag”. Ethan threatened to beat on Spud. Ethan couldn’t believe JB grabbed him. Ethan slapped JB . Spud jumped Ethan and began to wail away until Tyrus got him. Eric Young then rushed down with a steel chair. Ethan and Tyrus made for the hills.

Gail Kim vs Havok
Knockout Title Match

Gail was holding her left arm, even before the match got started. Havok then stormed form the back. Gail jumped her on the ramp. Havok kicked Gail away. Havok then stomped Gail as Havok tried to remove her cape thing. Hvok slammed the bad arm of Gail into the ring apron. The ref stopped Havok from running Gail into the ring post. Gail tried to fight Havok but the much larger woman just brutalized Gail. She sent Gail, head first, into the ring post. The ref pulled Havok back. Gail punched with her right arm but Havok dropped her with a Forearm Shot. Havok with a Hair Biel up the ramp. Havok dragged Gail up the ramp, by the hair. Gail with a series of kicks. Havok threw Gail off the side of the ramp. Medics rushed out to check on Gail. Impact went to break while Gail was being check on.

After the break, Siffler was ready to call off the match but Gail refused to allow it to happen. Havok urged Gail to bring it. As Gail slid in the ring. Havok dragged Gail around by the ahir. She put her into a Hammerlock Bearhug and then Powerbombed her. Gail tried for a School Girl but couldn’t get her over. Gail with a nice Running Dropkick. Gail nailed her Drive By and went for another punch. Havok knocked Gail off the apron. Havok missed an Ax Bomber and Havok struck the ring steps. Havok caught Gail’s foot and dropped her, face first, onto the ring steps. The ref went to count Gail out but Havok wouldn’t let him send it home. Havok screamed that she was not done, yet. Gail with a Flying Octopus that took weakened Havok. Havok got the arm free to hit the Side Slam. Havok wanted a Full Nelson Bomb but Gail broke free. Gail hit a Bulldog that had minimal effect. Gail with the Stick and Move into an Jumping Arm Bar. Havok missed a Corner Splash. Gail flew off the ropes but Havok caught her. Gail slipped free and sent Havok’s shoulder into the corner. Top Rope Crossbody got Gail a two. Havok blocked the Eat da Feet and nailed the Hammerlock Slam 1-2-Denied. Havok couldn’t believe it. Gail nailed Eat da Feet but couldn’t make the immediate cover. 2 count. Gail went to the top but when she flew, Havok caught her and nailed the Harlot Slayer Chokeslam.

Your Winner: Havok
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Manik ran into Shera in the lunch room. He wanted Shera to tell him about himself. This is not going to end well.

MVP went to talk to Lashley but The Destroyer was on his way out. MVP couldn’t believe Lashley would bail on him.

Bobby Roode vs MVP
World Title Match

Collar and Elbow to one of the corners. Clean Break by Bobby allowed MVP to kick. Butterfly Suplex to bring MVP a two count. Side Headlock by MVP. Push Off into an MVP Shoulder Tackle. Running Back Elbow by Bobby. Kitchen Sink Whips by Bobby. Side Russian Leg Sweep by Bobby. 1-2-not yet. MVP with a thumb to the eyes, followed by clubbing blows to the back. Bobby rolled out to the floor. MVP came out to get him. Running Kick by MVP. MVP dropped Roode over the railing. He then slammed Roode’s face into the steel steps. Several 2 counts got MVP close to the title but not quite there. Roode fought up to his feet but MVP with the Jawbuster. Ballin! MVP with the Fisherman’s Suplex but Bobby kicked out at two. Rear Chin Lock by MVP. Roode got to his feet but took a shot to the ribs. Whip by MVP but he missed the Big Boot. Spinebuster got Bobby the two. Bobby put MVP up top and climbed the ropes. Superplex! Bobby went for the Roode Bomb but MVP blocked it. MVP ducked the Buffbuster. MVP with a Slider Drpkick. He went for the Playmaker but Bobby dodged it. MVP escaped antoher Roode Bomb. Roode escaped the Playmaker and finally hit he Roode Bomb!

Your Winner: Bobby Roode
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Lashley slipped in the ring and Speared the Hell out of Bobby Roode. MVP asked Lashley to help him up. Lashley ignored him and walked away.

Matt and Jeff Hardy will be coming to Fairless Hills, PA on November 15th. They will be joined by three dozen stars of the past, present and future at Signamania 2014. For more info, you can check out Signamania.com. There will also be a reunion of some of the founders of the Hardcore Genre there, including Jimmy Snuka, Bully Ray, Francine, Blue Meanie, Stevie Richards, RVD and many more.


–Jay Shannon

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