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It was time for Matt Sydal to be “Re-Bourne”. He battled A.J. styles in this week’s highly anticipated main event.

Matt did a great promo to open the show. He was happy to be back in Ring of Honor. He showed incredible respect to his opponent, Styles. Matt knew he was facing his own fears, tonight.

Roll the opening montage!

Truth Martini joined Kevin Kelly at the announce table, this week. Steve Corino is still on leave. We are still in Wheeling, WV. Beautiful little city that I got the honor to visit about 30 years ago.

Mark Briscoe vs Caprice Coleman

Both men in this match are ordained ministers. Interesting. Code of Honor Handshake.

The two men circled each other and went into the Collar and Elbow. Mark took Coleman down but Caprice took back control. It didn’t last for long as Mark took a Side Headlock Takeover. Deep Arm Drags by Coleman. Coleman flipped Mark over but Briscoe came back to punch away. Whip by Mark into a La Bandera Clothesline and Slider Dropkick.

On the floor, Caprice hit the One Inch Punch. It had a delayed effect. Springboard Twisting Plancha to the floor. Caprice took them back in the ring and got a two count. Universal into a Hurancanrana by Coleman. Caprice with a Whip but Mark came out of the corner with a straight punch. Running Clothesline by Mark. Caprice kicked out at one. Measured Punches by Mark. Kick by Caprice. Springboard Spear and Back Heel Trip by Caprice to garner a two. Caprice tried for a 1%er but Mark held the ropes. Redneck Kung Fu by Mark. Caprice reversed a Whip. Back Body Drop but Mark landed on his feet. Trinity (Triple Northern Lights Suplexes) by Caprice. Rolling Senton by Mark. Mark went to the Penthouse but got planted with a Hurancanrana. Caprice nailed the 1%er but it only brought him a two. Mark with more Redneck Kung Fu. Caprice with a kick but Mark with a Flying Uranage. Mark with a modified Death Valley Driver to take the win.

Your Winner: Mark Briscoe
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Nigel McGuinness was in the ring. He brought out Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa has been suspended for quite some time for his attack on ring announcer, Bobby Cruise. Nigel told Ciampa it was time for him to listen, not talk. Nigel wanted to explain why Ciampa was suspended. Ciampa attacked to Cruise and threatened Kevin Kelly. The refs were around the ring to protect Kelly and Cruise. Nigel re-instated Ciampa with a Zero Tolerance Policy as it relates to RoH staff. If Ciampa puts his hands on any person, other than wrestlers, he would be terminated and would never work in the company, again. Next week, Ciampa will begin his climb back towards the World Title. Nigel warned Ciampa that Tommaso didn’t call the shots. Ciampa suggested that Nigel was a quitter.

Jay stormed from the back and said he wasn’t hard to find. Jay got up in the ring. Jay told Ciampa to stop disrespecting Nigel. Ciampa felt Jay has been ducking him. Ciampa accuse Jay of being protected by the company. Jay wanted to go, right now, but Nigel wouldn’t let it happen. Ciampa accused Nigel of protecting his champion.

Suddenly, the Kingdom rushed the ring and attacked Jay Briscoe. Adam Cole, Michael Bennett and Matt Taven nailed a Triple Superkick. Mark Briscoe rushed back out to help his brother. He was mugged by the men in red. Superkick to Mark’s face as he was being held. Doomsday Device to Mark. That is the Briscoe Brothers Finisher!

B.J. Whitmer talked with his protégé, “Water Boy” Adam Page. He wanted to give Page a chance to show what he has learned. Page swore he would not let Whitmer down.

Brutal Burgers (“Brutal” Bob Evans and Cheeseburger) vs The Decade (B.J. Whitmer and Adam Page)

Jimmy Jacobs seconded his Decade brethren. Jacobs joined the announce team. Page opened against Bob. Collar and Elbow into a Hammerlock. Page tried to reverse the move but couldn’t. He blasted Bob with a Back Elbow. Bob tried to submit Page with a Fujiwara Arm Bar. Tag to Cheesy. Cheesy with a knee after Whitmer kneed the back. Tag to B.J. Whitmer threw Cheesy into the corner and both Decade members stomped away. Page was now the legal man. Page took shots from Cheesy. Page blocked the Wheelbarrow Bulldog and slammed Cheesy down hard.

Cheesy slid under Page and tagged out to Bob. Bob went wild with punches and kicks. Bulldog! Bob cracked Whitmer. Page jumped Bob. Cross Armbreaker by Whitmer made the save. Tag to Cheesy. Super Sized by Burgers. Page with vicious Crossfaces on Cheesy. Page threw Cheesy down. Vertebreaker by Page. Count to 100, this puppy’s done.

Your Winners: Adam Page and B.J. Whitmer
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.5

After the match, Page nailed a 2nd Vertebreaker to Cheeseburger. Whitmer and Jacobs were so proud of their student.

“ReBourne” Matt Sydal vs A.J. Styles
Non-Title Match (IWFP Heavyweight Title)

The fans gave Sydal a huge “Welcome Back” chant. Matt got showered with the colorful streamers. Glad to see Matt back in a company that respects him and will give him a chance to shine.

Code of Honor Handshake. Collar and Elbow and both men stood their ground. Go Behind by Matt but Styles quickly went for the Calf Killer. Matt blocked it. Arm Bar by Styles. They moved to the corner. Clean break. Another Collar and Elbow as the fans showed their support for both men. They made it to the corner. Headlock Takeover by Matt. Styles got to his knees and rolled Matt over and got a one. Flying Headlock Takeover by Matt. Universal into a Go Behind by Matt. Sydal flipped out of a Snap Mare. Styles avoided a Side Headlock to grab one of his own. Arm Bar by Styles but Sydal kept it bent so A.J. didn’t get full extension. Sydal with some great flips to get free. Styles with a Crucifix Backslide but he couldn’t hold Matt down. Time for a brea,

Backbreaker by Styles as the show returned. Styles rammed Stydal into the corner. Sydal converted another Backbreaker into a Flying Head Scissors. Springboard Crossbody but Styles caught Matt and hit a pair of Spinning Backbreakers. Wow! Matt kicked away at Styles. Springboard Forearm by Styles. Bow and Arrow by Styles. Matt broke free and landed on Styles for a one count.

Next Week, Matt Taven and Michael Bennett will face Mark and Jay Briscoe!

Styles clocked Sydal. Sydal sat down to block a Suplex. Matt attacked the knee of Styles but A.J. popped Matt. Matt nailed a Crucifix Bomb! Matt missed the Full Body Clothesline. Sydal Slice (Final Cut) by Matt. Matt unleashed a flurry of kicks but Styles nit the knee. Sydal fought out of a Suplex and hit the Flying Knee. Step up Hurancanrana off the ropes. Matt went up on the ropes but Styles tripped him. Pumphandle Sidebreaker by Styles. He followed it up with a variation on the X-Factor. 2 count.

Styles went up top but got caught. Matt want the Top Rope Hurancanrana but Styles slid down and tripped Sydal, who landed hard. Styles put Matt up top for a German Superplex. He didn’t get it. Air Bourne Knees by Matt. 1-2-Denied. Full Body Clothesline by Matt. Styles blocked the Superplex. The two fought on the top. Styles Clash blocked. Styles stepped down and tried for another Styles Clash. He couldn’t get it. Trouble in Paradise Kick. Shooting Star Press, by Sydal, missed, big time. Tombstone Piledriver led to the Styles Slash!

Your Winner: A.J. Styles
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.75


–Jay Shannon

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