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It was a night of champions in Ring of Honor. All three titles (World, TV and Tag Team) belts were up for grabs.

Jay Briscoe opened the show with a rant focused completely on Michael Bennett. Briscoe felt the tension within The Kingdom and he knew that would be Bennett’s downfall.

Roll the opening montage.

We were live, on tape, from Wheeling, NV. Nigel McGuinness joined Kevin Kelly at the announce desk.

The Decade (Jimmy Jacobs and Roderick Strong) vs ReDRagon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly)
Ring of Honor World Tag team Title Match

“Waterboy” Adam Page and B.J. Whitmer were with Jacobs and Strong. Code of Honor was denied by The Decade. Kyle and Jimmy started the match. Side Headlock by Kyle. Push Off but Kyle with a hard fist. Inverted Big Swing by Jacobs. Tag to Sigh. Choke by Jacobs. Tag to Strong. Fish fought back and tagged in Kyle. Double Team by ReDRagon. Arm Breaker by Kyle. Jimmy tripped Kyle and Strong blasted the tag champ. Jacobs took the tag and kicked away. Jimmy ran Kyle into the corner. Jacobs with a Front Drop and repeated Stomps to the chest. Scoop Backbreaker by Strong. Strong dropped Jimmy on Fish. The ref was out of position. Tag. Double Person Dragon Screw Leg Whips to the Decade members. Samoan Drop by Fish to Strong. Dragon Screw to Jimmy. Flying Back Elbow to Strong. Jacobs rolled u Fish for a two. Jacobs with the Inverted Giant Swing, again.

Kyle came back in and hit Arm Breaker to Jacobs. Side Drop by Gish, who tagged back in. Fish blasted Strong off the apron as RoH went to break.

Kyle had Jimmy down and then tagged out to Fish. Rish and Kyle with the Double Team. Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker and Knee Drop combo by the tag champs. Fish attacked Jacobs’ ribs. Whip to the corner and Fish hit a wild corner attack. Springboard Cutter by Jacobs. Tag to Strong and Kyle. Roddy went off on both champs. Uranage Backbreaker by Strong. German Suplex by Fish on top of Kyle. Running Knee Strike by Strong to Kyl;e. The two Dragons crashed into each other. Strong with a nice Olympic Slam to Fish. Flying Backbreaker to Kyle to get a two count. Awesome series of moves.

Strong with a flurry of strikes. Kyle shifted around and got on the Guillotine. Jimmy put a Guillotine on Fish. Jacobs and Kyle pounded each other in a twisted game of Chicken. All four men ran into each other. Page looked at Jacobs. Fish and Strong threw punches and kicks at each other. Kyle went ballistic on Strong. Low Bridge took Jacobs to the floor and Jacobs sent Jimmy into the barricade. Sick Kick got Strong a 2. Page slid a chair into the ring but Strong refused to use it. He threw it into Page. Kyle with Ax and Smash. Fish with the Back Drop Supleex. Chasing the Dragon!

Your Winners: ReDRagon
Honor Roll Ranking; 3.75

Will Ferrara vs Jay Lethal
Ring of Honor TV Title Match

RoH looked back at how Will eliminated Jay from the Honor Rumble, two weeks back. Jay came out with Truth Martini. Truth and Jay did an insert video about how Will’s performance in the Rumble was a fluke.

Code of Honor Handshake and then Lethal talked trash. Truth told the camera that Will didn’t stand a chance. Jay kicked away on Will and then pounded his silly. Jay tossed Will over the top rope. Jay came out but Will punched him. Jay pushed Will into the barricade. Jay kicked Will in the face. Will punched away but he was so overmatched. Knife Edge Chop by Jay. Lethal kicked Will in the face and tried for a pin. 1 count, only. Jay Paint Brushed Will and threw him over the ropes. Will landed on the apron and punched away. Jay kicked Will’s legs out from under him and Will hit the ring apron. Jay with another Knife Edge Chop. Selfie time.

Will tried to fight back but Jay face as good as he got. Jay with a Knee Strike to stop Will. Running Elbows in the corner by Will. Will then Shouldered Jay in the corner. Jay blocked a Suplex but Will clubbed away on the back. Nice Suplex by Will. Will was spitting up a bit of blood. Lethal Combination. Jay would not pin Will. Hail to the King blocked. Will worked the corner but Truth got involved Tornado DDT and Suicide Dive by Will. Bridging German Suplex to get Will a two count. This kid could well be Rookie of the Year. Lethal Injection put an end to this educational experience for Will Ferrara.

Your Winner: Jay Lethal
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

Michael Bennett vs Jay Briscoe
Ring of Honor World Title Match

The announcers discussed the dissention within The Kingdom. Maria Kanellis came out with Bennett, her fiancé. They had the Belt of Love, a pink fuzzy belt that had me flashing back to the days of Jim Cornette and his fuzzy tennis racket. Jay then came out to defend.

The two men pushed and slapped each other, instead of the Code of Honor Handshake. That started a foot race. Bennett took the advantage with various strikes. Jay has not lost in a singles match in 2 years. Headbutt and stomps by Jay. Jay choked Bennett with the boot. European Uppercut by Jay. Jay with measured shots to the jaw and a Whip. Bennett with a solid right ot the champ. Nice Suplex by Bennett. Jay was busted opn Uranage Swing into the turnbuckles by Jay. Jay nailed another series of Headbutts and European Uppercut. Jay choked Bennett into the turnbuckles. Scoop Slam by Jay led to a Muta –like Legdrop. Jay rocked Michael with another European Uppercut and Whip. Clothesline, Snap Mare and Running Boot by the champ. La Bandera Clothesline by Briscoe. The two went to the floor to fight. Jay got sent into the ring barricade. Bennett slid in and out to reset the count. Bennett ran Jay into the barricade and went up to the stage. Jay blocked the Suplex and blasted the ribs. Jay hit the Suplex on the stage as RoH took a final break.

Jay with straight jabs to rock Bennett. European Uppercut into a Whip. Bennett with a kick but Jay nailed a Discus Forearm. Bennett countered the Neckbreaker, as did Jay. Jay came back and nailed the Ratchet Neckberaker (a variation of the Funk Neckbreaker). 2 count for the champ. Jay stomped the skull of Bennett. Bennett elbowed out of the Fireman’s Carry. Superkick by Bennett. Bennett escaped the Jay Driller and cinched in the Anaconda Vise. Jay would not submit and finally reached the ropes. The two men ended up on the apron. Bennett went to use the Piledriver, which he lost the ability to use after a loss to Kevin Steen. Jay kicked Bennett and hit a Death Valley Driver…on the apron!

Jay pitched Bennett back into the ring. Jay went up to the penthouse and waited. Bennett caught Briscoe, on the fly, with a Dropkick. Bennett hit the Spear but it only brought him a two. Bennett wanted the Twist of Fate but Jay turned it into a Sleeper. Bennett instantly got to the ropes. Jay with a hard kick and a flurry of wild Headbutts. Jay tried for the Jay Driller, again. Maria slid the pink belt in, which allowed Bennett to hit a Low Blow and a Piledriver. Could be…Might Be…Denied! Bennett tumbled through the ropes and went up top. He missed the Swanton. Jay Driller!

Your Winner: Jay Briscoe
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5

Maria got in the ring and threatened to smash Jay with the pink belt. Jay went for the Jay Driller on Maria but Adam Cole rushed in to Superkick Jay. Mark Briscoe rushed in and attacked. Matt Taven rushed into the ring and took the pink belt. He blasted Mark with it. He then removed his dress shirt to reveal…a Kingdom T-Shirt. They did say that Matt would be returning soon. I guess everyone thought it would be Hardy but it turned out to be Taven!

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–Jay Shannon

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