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Crystal Ball – Hell in a Cell 2014

Jay Shannon draws upon all his predictive skills to try and determine the winners and losers of an upcoming major wrestling event.

Time for another WWE event, live on the WWE Network (No, I will not push the $9.99 thing…oh, dang it). Anyway, this one has some interesting twists in it. One even takes me back to the days of David Von Erich vs “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin. Let’s try and sort out this chaotic series of battles.

The Usos vs The Cosmic Twins
WWE World Tag Team Title Match


This should be a decent match. Goldust and Star Dust has meshed well as a team. The Usos have always worked well together. Since the tag team scene has somewhat dried up, these two are just about it, right now. I look down to NXT for the next wave of talent to arrive. There is a mix of heels and faces there. I think I’ll go with my grandfather’s wise advise: “When in doubt, always bet on the champs to retain”.

Predicted Winners: Goldust and Star Dust, The Cosmic Twins
Predicted Grade: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Paige vs A.J. Lee
Divas Title Match


Just like the tag division, the Divas division is at one of its lowest levels, ever. Expect Alicia Fox to be at ringside for this one. That may well be Paige’s downfall. Fox obviously would like to be the women’s champ. Paige really shouldn’t trust her. A.J. may well play the two women against each other. When that happens, A.J. will swoop in and take the win.

Predicted Winner: A.J. Lee
Predicted Grade: 1.5

Big Show vs Rusev


There are so darn many factors to figure in with this match. Big Show wants revenge for the military guy who got beat up on Monday. Rusev is mad that Show disrespected the Russian flag. Mark Henry still feels that he wants to get involved in Rusev’s business. Lana will do just about anything to prevent Rusev from losing. Rusev has shown flaws in recent encounters with both Big Show and The Rock. To push Rusev even higher…he really needs to lose. It would be a massive “Feel Good” moment for the crowd and it could set up a really great match for Survivor Series. Time for the big Russian to stumble.

Predicted Winner: Big Show
Predicted Grade: 2.0

Sheamus vs The Miz
United States Title Match


Miz is much more charismatic, in my opinion, than Sheamus. It’s unusual to have two faces holding singles titles, at the same time. It’s a balance thing. With tons of NXT kids ready to take the leap to the big pond, the WWE should have a face champ and a heel champ. For that, Miz needs to take the title. That could even set up Miz vs Miz-dow, since Damien is growing in popularity. Sorry Fella, it’s time to give up the Red, White and Blue Strap.

Predicted Winner (and New US Champ): The MIz
Predicted Grade: 3.0

Nikki Bella vs Brie Bella
Loser becomes the winner’s Personal Assistant for a month


This is your “Throw Away” match. No one really gives two hoots about this silly sibling feud. I’ve watched a few episodes of Total Divas (though I’ve removed it from the taping list, as of late). What I’ve seen sets Nikki as the City Mouse and Brie as the Country Mouse. This is where the David Von Erich/Jimmy Garvin flashback comes into play. Many years ago, Garvin lost a Valet for a Day match to DVE and had to work on David’s farm. It was hilarious. I could see Nikki dropping this match and be forced to do the drudgery of helping Brie shop for cabinets for her house and other assorted hum drum kind of things.
Predicted Winner: Brie Bella
Predicted Grade: 1.0

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins
Hell in a Cell Match


I love a match where I can’t just know who will win. This is one of those kinds of matches. Expect this one to get seriously ugly. I know WWE has shied away from blood, in recent years. I think this one just might be one of those rare exceptions. With the obvious pending feud between Randy Orton and Seth Rollins, Seth or Randy has to lose on Sunday. I think that since Seth has nothing to really lose, he’ll be the one to fall. I just visualize Dean and Seth on the top of the Cell and Dean putting Seth through the ceiling with the Double Underhook DDT aka Dirty Deeds.

Predicted Winner: Dean Ambrose
Predicted Grade: 3.75

John Cena vs Randy Orton
Hell in a Cell, Winner gets title shot against Brock Lesnar

Predictions: As I mentioned above, Seth and Randy just can’t both win on Sunday. John Cena vs Brock Lesnar has been done to death. Brock needs to fight someone new to make his title reign truly relevant. Randy hasn’t really been in the title picture for some time and really should be. I think there could be some good tension if Randy wins and Seth loses. Randy could taunt the Hell out of Seth with something like “How do you expect to be Brock or me when you couldn’t even get past Dean Ambrose?” That could cause a major rift inside The Authority. Tension is always best for business. Cena might come back and win the Rumble (but I’m betting on Undertaker). Cena needs a major break from the title picture, as he is getting seriously stale. I could even see them writing him out with an injury (hopefully, it would only be a storyline one). Randy would then go on to face Brock, probably at Survivor Series.

Predicted Winner: Randy Orton
Predicted Grade: 4.0

In Conclusion:

This is another of those PPVs that will only start things, not end them. The Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins feud will build off this, as will, unfortunately, the Bella Twins skirmish. I do think this will be an above average event and I have the laptop fully charged and ready to go.


–Jay Shannon

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