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An 8 team tournament began, this week. The eventual winner will get a shot at The Wolves for the TNA World Tag Titles. Plus, the Bobby Lashley vs Bobby Roode World Title Match was finalized. Let’s get to the action…

The show opened with a look at Roode vs Lashley. Roode defeated Jeff Hardy, Eric Young and Austin Aries to earn the Number One Contender spot.

The Wolves then discussed the 8 Team Tournament. Who would be in this series? Let’s find out…

Matt and Jeff Hardy vs DJZ (Zema Ion) and Jessie Godderz
Opening Round Tournament Match #1

The Finish:

Jeff with a Mule Kick to Jessie. Tag to Matt. Double Whip to the corner into a Double Back Drop Suplex. 2 count. Matt wanted the Twist of Fate but DJZ distracted. Jessie with a wild Dropkick and Full Mount Punches. Tag to DJZ. Zema pounded on the ribs and Snap Mared Matt. Matt twisted to his feet and punched away. The two with wild Haymakers. Side Effect by Matt. Tags on both sides. Jeff kicked and punched away on Jessie. Flying Forearm and Inverted Atomic Drop by Jeff. Double Legdrop into a Dropkick. X Factor by Jeff but DJZ made the save. Whisper in the Wind by Jeff ot DJZ. Roll Up by Jessie but Jeff kicked out. Jessie pushed out of the Twist of Fate. Matt made the tag and nailed the Twist of Fate. Swanton by Jeff. Matt covered Jessie to move his team on to the next round.

Your Winners: Matt and Jeff Hardy
Impact Scorecard: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Bram stormed down to the ring. Bram attacked Devon, last week. Bram said the sound of driving things into flesh really did it for him. Bram mentioned driving Janice into Abyss’ chest. Bram proclaimed himself the “New King of Hardcore”. Bram wanted his next victim to be Devon. Bram said it didn’t matter what Devon has done, he was planning to kick Devon’s head in. Bram promised that everyone would know his name.

Devon came from the back to confront Bram. Devon decked Bram and began pounding away. Bram turned the tables and wicked Devon. The two kept throwing massive shots at each other. The fight went out to the floor and Devon rocked the Brit. Bram took Devon back in the ring and kicked away. Devon started throwing bombs, over and over, before slamming Bram’s head into the mat. The refs and security rushed out to try and break things up.

Kurt Angle came out to stop this craziness. He decided to make a Hardcore Rules match for later on, between Bram and Devon.

Brittany came up and flirted with Samuel Shaw. She wanted him to do something for her but Shaw wasn’t sure if he wanted to do it. Interesting.

Low Ki and Samoa Joe vs Samuel Shaw and Gunner
Opening Round Tournament Match #2

The Finish:

Near the end of the match, Brittany came out to watch the match. She seriously distracted Shaw. Low Ki with a set of Knife Edge Chops but Gunner dropped Ki. Tag to Shaw. Gunner with a Scoop Slam and Shaw nailed the Legdrop. Tag back to Gunner. Nice Suplex by Gunner. Brittany kept telling Shaw to do it. Gunner told her to take a walk. Gunner flew off the ropes and got nailed by a Dropkick. Joe took the tag and nailed the Snap Powerlsam. 2 count. Joe took Gunner to a corner and tried for the Muscle Buster. Gunner flew off the ropes and nailed Joe. Brittany held Gunner’s leg. Low Ki with a Cartwheel Kick and Joe clamped on the Kokina Clutch. Tap Out.

Your Winners: Low Ki and Samoa Joe
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

Gunner got up in Brittany’s face, after the match. Shaw then attacked Gunner with a steel chair. He bashed Gunner’s back about a half dozen times. Brittany seemed to get a rush out of the violence. She jumped up on Shaw and the two had several rounds of tonsil hockey.

Backstage, Ethan Carter III and Tyrus waited to enter the tag tournament. Tyrus thought the idea of going after the tag belts was a good one. Ethan invited Rock Star Spud to come out and face them. He didn’t think Spud would have the courage to face himself and his bodyguard.

In the locker room, MVP and Kenny King discussed Bobby Lashley’s upcoming title match. MVP wasn’t happy that Roode was getting to “skip the line” and get another title shot. Kenny King said he and MVP should get in the tag tourney and they could take all the gold.

Rebel vs Angelina Love

Before Love could come out to the ring, Havok came out and absolutely destroyed Rebel. Stone Wall dropped Rebel. Running Legdrop by the Knockout Champ. Harlot Slayer (Chokeslam) to destroy Rebel. Gail Kim rushed down and went wild on Havok. Low Bridge sent Havok out to the floor. Gail’s arm was still heavily taped. Havok with a Hip Toss, on the ramp. Havok kept wailing away but Gail wasn’t ready to roll over and play dead. Refs and Security rushed out to pull Gail off. She broke loose and went wild on Havok.

Your Winner: No Match
Impact Scroecard: N/A

After a Bobby Roode vignette, Kurt Angle was interviewed. Kurt was asked what to expect. Kurt said something “very Big” was going to happen that would raise the stakes.

Bram vs Devon
Hardcore Match

The Finish:

This one was wilder than a March Hare. Devon threw Bram into a wedged trash can. Devon dropped Bram and then placed a can for a one-man Wazzup! Magnus rushed out and nailed Devon with a kendo stick. Bram clocked Devon with a Turnbuckle.

Your Winner: Bram
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Mr. Anderson and Chris Melendez talked about facing Kenny King and MVP. Chris was fired up about getting revenge against King and MVP. Anderson wanted Chris to harness his energy.

Mr. (Ken) Anderson and “Sarge” Chris Melendez vs Kenny King and MVP
Opening Round Tournament Match #3

The Finish:

MVP with the Drive By to Anderson. Ken kicked out at two. MVP went up the ropes and jumped off. Ken brought up the foot but MVP caught it. MVP missed an Elbow Drop. Double Clotheslines took down both MVP and Ken. Kenny got the tag, as did Sarge. Sarge with Clotheslines and a High Hip Toss. Kenny popped Sarge in the face. Fisherman’s Suplex got Sarge a two. Sarge lifted Kenny into a Fireman’s Carry. MVP popped Sarge in the back. Anderson came in and blasted MVP. Sarge with a Pounce to MVP but King rolled up the rookie to help his team advance.

Your Winners: Kenny King and MVP
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Eric Young talked with Rock Star Spud. Spud was so down on himself. Eric kept trying to bring up Spud’s spirit. Spud just couldn’t believe he struck his own best friend. When Spud kept saying he couldn’t do it, Eric said he would have to fix this, himself.

Backstage, the Wolves were finishing up an interview. They split and Davey Richards walked around. He ran into James Storm. Storm was there to spread the Truth. Storm began his brainwashing. Storm brought in Manik to talk about the Revolution. Storm and Sanda left.

Ethan Carter III and Tyrus vs Eric Young and Rock Star Spud
Opening Round Tournament Match #4

Spud didn’t come out, at first. Ethan got on the stick and mocked his former employee. After quite a bit of bad mouthing, Spud suddenly decided to join the party.

The Finish:

Spud threw all he had at Tyrus but the former Brodus Clay nailed the Chest Headbutt and an Ox Baker-like Heart Punch. Taz and Tenay brought up Ox and Stan Stasiak. Nice to hear them at least mention Ox. Tyrus planted Spud with the Big Ending (WWE’s Big E). Spud tried to fight but got launched across the ring. Earl checked on Spud. Tyrus charged the corner but missed the Big Splash. Spud tried to punch away but Tyrus picked up Spud and planted him like a row of taters. Tyrus stepped on Spud’s hand. Ethan took the tag. The “You Can’t Wrestle” chant started. Ethan slapped Spud, several times. Spud built up the courage and slapped the taste out of Ethan’s mouth.

Tag to Eric. Clotheslines to Ethan and Dropkick to Tyrus. Eric called for the Savage Elbow and hit it. 2 count. Eric with a Suicide Crossbody to take down Ethan and Tyrys. Spud with a wild Somersault off the top turnbuckle to the floor! Way to go, kid. Back in the ring, Tyrus nailed his Chokeslam. Eric was still on the floor. Ethan was the legal man so he took the easy pin.

Your Winners: Ethan Carter III and Tyrus
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

So, the first round winners are:

Ethan Carter III and Tyrus
MVP and Kenny King
Low Ki and Samoa Joe
Matt and Jeff Hardy

Honestly, I hope anyone but the Hardys win this one. Nothing against the Hardys, per se, but they just did a massive series against The Wolves. Let’s see someone new get the shot. Strange as it sounds, the team that I’d like to see get the shot is MVP and Kenny King. They’ve been playing lackeys to Lashley long enough.

Contract Signing:

Kurt Angle came out with the contract for the title match, next week. Kurt said neither side knew about the special stipulation that he added to the match. Bobby Roode and Lashley and his crew arrived. MVP, as usual, started running off at the mouth. Kurt asked if either side had something to say.

Bobby Roode took the mic and said Lashley was the better man, the last time they met. Roode knew he was “this close” to taking the belt. Lashley, according to Roode, now had doubt in his mind. Roode wanted to know if Lashley cared about wrestling or MMA? Roode was ready to fight Lashley with heart and passion and determination. Roode told Lashley that MVP has held Lashley down. Roode was ready to prove that Lashley was not a Destroyer.

MVP screamed at Roode that Lashley was a machine, not a man. MVP screamed that Lashley destroys all he faces. Kurt wanted there to be a decisive winner. King and MVP were not going to be a factor, because there would be a special guest ref. MVP knew it was Eric Young. Kurt explained that the special guest ref would be…Kurt Angle! MVP wasn’t having any part of that match. Bobby Roode quickly signed the match. MVP told Lashley and King to come and go with him. Lashley stepped back over and signed the contract. MVP was not happy that Lashley didn’t follow his orders.

Next week, Bobby Lashley vs Bobby Roode II!


–Jay Shannon

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