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WWE Monday Night RAW Wrestlers of the Week 10.13.14
By Neil Borenstein

Each week here at 1wrestling.com, I will select three of the top wrestlers from the Monday Night RAW brand and present them to you in inverse order as the show’s Wrestlers of the Week.

Monday Night RAW Wrestlers of the Week for October 13, 2014

3. AJ Lee — for holding her own when partner Layla abandoned her to score a win over Paige and Alicia Fox:

AJ Lee has come to grips with the fact that she is a loner in the Divas Division. She can’t get too upset about it, as she is the Divas champion. But when it comes to dealing with her current top rival, Paige, she could use a helping hand. Paige has aligned herself with Alicia Fox, and a slew of tag team matches are on the agenda.

On this week’s RAW, Lee was partnered with Layla, who wasn’t exactly thrilled with the situation herself. Lee mentioned to Layla that she disliked her least out of all the Divas, but that wasn’t too comforting.

At a point in the match when Lee needed to tag out, Layla abandoned her. After Layla surprised Lee by hopping off the apron just before the tag, Fox came running in from behind with a rollup attempt on the champion. Lee blocked it by holding onto the ropes, and then she nailed Fox with the Shining Wizard. Lee covered up and got the three count to get the win anyway.

Lee wasn’t content with just getting the win. She ran after Layla following the match and taught her a lesson for leaving her high and dry. She took her down on the ramp and then sent her into the barricade a few times before grabbing her Divas title and skipping off to the back.

Lee is going to run into this kind of resentment quite often, but she seems capable of handling the pressure of going it alone against Paige and Fox.

2. Randy Orton — for beating Dolph Ziggler before showing up Seth Rollins in his match:

Seth Rollins is getting all the attention in The Authority these days, and that’s not sitting well with Randy Orton. He’s a 12-time world champion after all, and he’s not too thrilled with simply cleaning up Rollins’ messes and playing second fiddle.

He addressed this issue with Triple H backstage during RAW, warning that he didn’t want Rollins stealing his spotlight. He also wanted to face the Superstar between Dean Ambrose and John Cena that wasn’t facing Rollins at Hell In A Cell. That worked just fine for Triple H, and Orton went on his way to get ready for a non-title match against Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler.

The match against Ziggler wasn’t as easy as Orton probably expected it would be, and he also had some company when Rollins came out to get a view of the action from the ramp. The Viper managed to come away with the win when, after grabbing a hold of Ziggler as he went for the Fameasser, Orton tossed him up in the air and hit him with an RKO on his way down. Orton covered up for the three count.

Right after the match, Rollins did that whole “stepping in his spotlight” that Orton warned he wouldn’t be too happy with. He came into the ring and put Ziggler face-first into the mat with a Curb Stomp, showing up Orton after his big win.

Orton’s been around the block a time or two by now, so he had something in store to counter that. He stood by as Rollins battled Jack Swagger in the next match. And after Rollins got the win there, Orton came into the ring to drop Swagger with an RKO. He then got in Rollins’ face and a staredown ensued, leading to some trash talking between the two that ended with them simply going their separate ways.

Orton’s win over Ziggler was more impressive than Rollins’ over Swagger, plus he got the last laugh by giving Rollins a taste of his own medicine. This in-fighting can’t possibly have Triple H and Stephanie McMahon being too confident about The Authority’s cohesiveness. But with egos like this, it’s hard not to expect it.

1. Dean Ambrose — for earning the chance over John Cena to face Seth Rollins at Hell In A Cell:

The biggest prize these days is apparently not the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, which would be hard to fight for with Brock Lesnar not in the picture. Instead, the chance to fight Seth Rollins is what people are after, and Dean Ambrose and John Cena have been scratching and clawing for their chance to face him at Hell In A Cell.

There was some bickering between the two at the top of RAW, which prompted Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to come out and intervene. They even placed a bet on whether Cena and Ambrose could coexist in a tag team match, pitting them against The Usos and Gold and Stardust in a triple threat action.

When Cena and Ambrose worked together well enough to get the win, Triple H and McMahon re-emerged, with Triple H begrudgingly handing over a dollar to his wife before getting really agitated. He wanted them to tear each other apart, so he pushed the No Holds Barred Contract on a Pole Match that was supposed to take place at Hell In A Cell and determine Rollins’ opponent to later Monday night on RAW.

Cena and Ambrose did go at each other in the match, but the main objective wasn’t to beat the other guy down for a pin or submission. Instead, they just needed enough separation to climb the turnbuckles and snatch the contract.

Ambrose found that opening when Rollins, Randy Orton and Kane got involved. They entered the ring after Cena sent Ambrose into them on the outside and he was about to climb up. They stopped Cena from doing so, and while Cena fought them off, Ambrose climbed up to be near the contract. After Cena put Kane away with an Attitude Adjustment, he saw Ambrose on the top turnbuckle. Ambrose gave him the “You Can’t See Me” sign and pulled the contract down to earn the Hell in a Cell Match against Rollins.

Ambrose and Rollins definitely have more unfinished business than Cena and Rollins do, so this is probably a more appropriate conclusion. And now that they’ll be locked inside the Hell in a Cell, there’s a decent shot that Ambrose will have a greater shot at getting his retribution for all the wrongs Rollins has done to him.

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