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Austin Aries had the ability to challenge any champion in TNA. Who would it be? Gail Kim also put her Knockout Title on the line against Havok. Plus, The Wolves announced the final match stipulations in the Tag Team Series.

The show opened with a look at the Bobby Roode vs Lashley match, from a couple weeks back, for the World Title. Lashley won. Where does Roode go from here?

Bobby walked in and was asked how the last 14 days have been for him. He said it was the longest 2 weeks of his life. Bobby was ready to share his plans with the rest of the world.

Austin Aries came out to announce his decision as to which title he wanted to go after. Almost everyone figured he would go after the world title. They were wrong. Austin joked about challenging Gail Kim. Austin decided to make this decision a fan interactive choice. The fans really wanted him to battle Samoa Joe for the X-Division Title. Austin was cut off by the arrival of the Samoan Submission Machine.

Joe came out with a microphone in hand. Joe understood someone had called his name. Austin tried to explain that he wasn’t done. Joe said Austin would be challenging him, tonight. Austin admitted that he and Joe were the two best wrestlers in the company. Austin reminded everyone that they were both Triple Crown Champs. Austin was cool with challenging Joe.

Samoa Joe vs Austin Aries
Gold Rush Cash In for the X-Division Title

The bell rang and the fans were seriously split in their loyalties. Austin went after Joe’s legs but Joe grabbed he arm. Wrist Lock reversal by Aries led to a Side Headlock Takeover. Push Off into a Shoulder Tackle by Joe. Deep Arm Drags, by Aries, sent Joe flying. Joe with a Seated Piledriver but Aries came right back. The two threw wild Chops and punches. Joe dropped Aries with a Running Back Elbow. Straight Jabs by Joe to seriously rock Aries. Whip, Corner Rush and Jumping Enziguri by the X-Champ. Aries went to work on Joe’s knee. Joe just blasted Aries into the middle of next week. Joe put Aries in position for the Muscle Buster but Aries blocked it. Joe side stepped the Missile Dropkick from Aries. Joe missed a Kneedrop. Aries limped over to kick away at Joe’s knee. Aries locked the knee around the ropes and Dropkicked it. Aries locked in a variation of the Inverted Figure Four. Aries stomped the ribs of the champ. Elbow Drop sent Joe to his knees. Aries hopped over the ropes and snapped Joe’s neck on the middle rope. Jumping Elbow Drop by Aries brought a two count. Impact went to its first break of the night.

Aries went for a Suicide Dive but Joe kneed Austin in the face. Austin refused to just give up. Joe and Austin traded hard shots. Joe went off on Aries with Knee Strikes. Austin escaped a Powerbomb but fell to a Snap Slam. Joe applied the Rear Naked Choke but Austin fought back with a wild Jawbreaker. Roll Up into the Last Chancellory. Joe tore at Aries’ face to get free. Front Face Lock by Aries. He tried for the Brainbuser but Joe was too heavy. Joe with Standing Clotheslines. Discus Forearm by Aries led to another attempt at a Brainbuster. Joe converted it into an Inverted Atomic Drop and Big Boot. Aries went out to the floor. Joe came out and Aries went in, just long enough to bounce off the ropes and nail a Suicide Dive.

Aries went up top and hit a Missile Dropkick, as they got back in the ring. Full Speed Dropkick into a weak Brainbuster. 1-2-Kick Out. Aries went back to the Last Chancellory but Joe twisted into the Kokina Clutch. Aries turned the wrong way and Austin Aries had no choice but to tap out.

Your Winner (by Submission): Samoa Joe
Impact Scorecard: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Backstage, Rock Star Spud came up and tried to talk to Ethan Carter III. Spud thought they were best friends. Ethan cut him off and told Spud to do his job and follow him to the ring.

Kurt Angle now knows what the stipulation for the final tag match in the Tag Team Series will be…and he’s thrilled. We will find out, later.

Spud and EC3 came out. Spud looked like his puppy had run away. Ethan wondered if Spud thought they were best friends. Spud thought they were but Ethan said it was employer/employee, not best buds. He made fun of Spud for his hobbies. Ethan explained to Spud that the fans were not with Spud. I tend to disagree. Ethan started to make fun of Spud’s hair but Spud told him he had it cut like Ethan’s. Ethan then ridiculed Spud for his outfits. Ethan ripped Spud’s jacket. Ethan said Spud was the last line of defense to protect Dixie Carter. Ethan told Spud to cry for him. He slapped the Brit in the face. Spud was just about ready to lay out Ethan but held back. Ethan laughed in Spud’s face but that came to a sudden stop as Eric Young stormed form the back.

Eric explained to Spud that Ethan was just using Spud. Eric knew how it felt to be used, since it happened to him, in the past. Eric was ready to take the blame for what happened to Dixie. Ethan told E.Y. to please depart since he wasn’t part of this business arrangement. Eric told Spud to listen to the fans, not EY or EC3. Eric said Spud would have to stand up and hit Ethan to stop the abuse. Spud just wasn’t quite ready to Man Up. Ethan jumped Eric, which led to…

Ethan Carter III vs Eric Young

Ethan blasted Eric as Earl Hebner got in the ring to start the match. Eric did the Flair Flop and Slide Under before hitting a Dropkick. Ethan ended up on the floor, ticked off. Eric came around and hit a Slingshot Body Block, to the floor. They got back in the ring and Eric hit a Thesz Press. Ethan pulled Eric into the turnbuckle. Full Mount Punches by EC3. Suplex brought Ethan a two count. Ethan then choked Eric on the middle rope. Spud was tempted to strike Eric but held back. Roll Up almost got Eric the win. 2 count. Rear Chin Lock, by Ethan, as the fans chanted that EC3 was “Over-Rated”.

Eric got up to one knee as the fans chanted for him. Neck Twist by Ethan. Eric finally got to his feet but got locked into a Sleeper, for about 3 seconds. Back Drop Suplex by E.Y.. Eric slid out of the ring and then came back with a Flying Forearm. Savage Elbow by Eric! Spud put Ethan’s leg on the bottom rope. Jawbreaker by Ethan. Ethan told Spud to get up on the apron. Eric Dropkicked Ethan into Spud. Eric went for the Puledriver but Ethan with the Low Blow. Hebner was shadowed out. Harley Race High Knee, by Ethan, led to the 1%er (Dirty Deeds).

Your Winner: Ethan Carter III
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Ta and Tenay looked back at Kenny King’s attack on Sgt. Chris Melendez. Ken Anderson talked with Chris, in the back. Ken felt his friend would do fine in this little war with King and MVP. Ken said MVP and King will try to take advantage of the weakness they see in Chris. Chris was ready to take the fight to MVP and King.

A promo ran for Havok. Havok is just downright vicious. Plus, despite a weird haircut, Havok is cute.

Gail Kim vs Havok
Knockout Title Match

Havok jumped Gail, before the bell. Gail got up and took the fight o the much-larger Havok. The two traded hard shots and kicks. Havok blocked a Whip and sent Gail into the ring post. The bell still hadn’t sounded. Gail worked over Havok’s neck but Havok dropped Gail over the ring barrier. Gail escaped a Fireman’s Carry and hit a wild kick. Gail flew off the apron but Havok planted her. Flying Hammerlock/Bear Hug combo led to Havok Spinebustering the trapped arm of Gail Kim. The trainer rushed out as the ref ordered Havok to back off.

Your Winner: Match Never Started
Impact Scorecard: N/A

A promo ran about the Tag Team Series. Team 3D won the first match. The Hardys took the 2nd. The Wolves came from behind to even it up. There will be one more match, next week, to determine, once and for all, who is the best tag team in TNA (if not the wrestling world).

The Wolves came out to make their announcement. They were cut off by Team 3D, who wanted to make the final stipulation. The Hardys came out to do the same. It almost broke down into total chaos, until Kurt Angle came out and put a stop to it. He then told The Wolves to make their decision public knowledge. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards have decided upon…Full Metal Mayhem (TLC).

Backstage, Ken and Chris found MVP and King. Ken challenged King but MVP stepped up and took King’s place in the battle. The battle is coming up soon…

Kurt and the trainer checked on Gail. The trainer said Gail separated her shoulder. Kurt was ready to call off the Knockout Title Match but Gail demanded to face Havok.

Manik (w/James Storm and The Great Sanada) vs Shark Boy (Yean!)

I really like Manik’s new ring gear. I never liked the old Suicide/Manik outfit. The new mask is a definite improvement. Sharky has put on some weight but he is still so much fun.

Manik went right after Sharky. Sharky fought back with a nice Thesz Press. Fist Drop by Sharky. Sharky got winded way too early. Sharky hit a pair of Clotheslines and a Back Body Drop. Corner Mount Punches by Sharky. He couldn’t even get all 10 punches in before being blown out. Manik dropped Sharky over the top turnbuckle. Snap Mare into a Dropkick to the back of Sharky’s head. Storm didn’t want Manik to finish this, just yet. Whip into a Running Dropkick but Manik pulled up Sharky before the three. Snap SUplex into a Side Drop Suplex by Manik. The crowd chanted for Shark Boy but it was for naught. Manik Depression led to a fantastic Frog Splash.

Your Winner: Manik
Impact Scorecard: 1.5

Team 3D chatted in the locker room. Ray wasn’t sure if the Wolves were brave or stupid for choosing Full Metal Mayhem. Ray stated that Team 3D were going into every Hall of Fame in wrestling (Spoiler for WWE Hall of Fame 2015?).

MVP vs Mr. (Ken) Anderson
Special Challenge Match

The bell rang but MVP was in no hurry to get started. MVP mocked Sage. Go Behind by Ken. Standing Switch into an Amateur Takedown. Ken reversed the move but MVP got to the ropes. Collar and Elbow took the guys to the corner. MVP missed a big punch. Knife Edge Chop by Ken into a Whip. Corner Splash by Ken. MVP reversed a Whip but ate a Clothesline. Elbow Drops by Anderson. MVP pitched Ken to the outside. Chris came around to protect Ken from King. MVP got up in Chris’ face. MVP dropped Ken over the railing and took him back in the ring to get a two count. Arm Bar by MVP.

Ken punched free but took a Yakuza Kick to the face. MVP dropped Ken but only got a two count. Rear Chin Lock by MVP. MVP dropped the elbow into Ken’s neck. MVP missed a Knee Drop and a Corner Rush. The two took turns throwing bombs at each other. MVP went to the eyes. Clotheslines and Elbows led to a Spinning Neckbreaker by Ken. MVP escaped the Green Bay Plunge. Big Boot by MVP but Ken came back and hit he Green Bay Plunge he wanted a few moments earlier. Ken went for the Mic Check but King got up and distracted Ken. Chris attacked King but MVP with the Surprise Roll Up to take the match.

Your Winner: MVP
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Bobby Roode was in the ring as Impact returned. Roode discussed winning and holding on to the World Title. Roode said he still hold the record for days as champion. He did, however, understand that a wrestler is only as good as his/her last match. Roode realized that he lost to Lashley, two weeks ago. He asked Lashley to come down to the ring. Lashley didn’t come alone. MVP and Kenny King flanked the champ. Bobby Roode asked Lashley for just one more chance at the title. MVP answered for Lashley, denying Roode the rematch. Lashley didn’t look too happy that MVP made the decision.

Gail was given one last chance to bow out of the title match. She absolutely refused to back down from Havok.

Gail Kim vs Havok
Knockout Title Match, Take Two

Gail’s arm was all taped up. Gail asked for the microphone. She screamed at Havok that the big woman may have taken her down but not out. Gail told Havok to come get the title, if she wanted it.

Gail attacked Havok, on the outside. Havok bullseyed the bad shoulder. Havok kicked away as the bell rang. Havok stomped away on the Original Knockout Champ. Bear Hug Hammerlock, by Havok. She ran Gail intothe corner. Gail rocked Havok until Havok nailed a Flapjack. Havok twisted the shoulder as Gail shrieked in agony. Gail went for a Head Scissors but Havok hit a Shoulder Breaker on the good shoulder. Havok went back to the Hammerlock. Modified Crippler Crossface but Gail would not submit. Gail used her knee to strike Havok. Snap Mare by Havok. Havok drove Gail’s arm into the canvas. Stone Wall by Havok. Legdrop to Gail’s bad arm missed. Gail kicked Havok into the corner and applied the Ring Post Figure Four. Gail charged the corner and hit a Crossbody. Havok blocked Eat da Feet. Wreaking Havok (Hammerlock Spinebuster)! Chokeslam by Havok. 1-2-3!

Your Winner (and New Knockout Champion): Havok
Impact Scorecard: 1.75


–Jay Shannon

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