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Dean Ambrose has stirred the pot, big time, since stealing Seth Rollins’ Money in the Bank Briefcase (on Smackdown). The fallout from that action would come to fruition, tonight.

The show opened with a look back at the Authority vs Dean Ambrose and John Cena issues from last week. Seth seemed to take off, after stealing a car. He came back later. Dean was locked in a utility closet. Dean showed up, during the main event, to help John Cena.

From there, Raw looked at Dean taking off with the Money in the Bank Briefcase. Dean threw Kane out of the ring and then nailed Seth to gain access to the briefcase.

Back to this week. HHH and Stephanie McMahon came out to address the various situations at hand. Raw came live form Chicago (yes, there were tons of C.M. Punk chants, all night long). Michael Cole brought up that the WWE were helping to support Susan G Komen. That one is very near and dear to my heart, as my mother is a Breast Cancer Survivor.

Stephanie got her shots in on C.M. Punk by saying the fans were cheering for a Quitter. She didn’t call Punk by name. She then switched to talking about Dean’s theft of the briefcase, last week. Stephanie made it clear that Dean’s actions would not be tolerated. HHH stepped in and explained that the briefcase was a symbol of the business.

Paul Heyman came out to a huge ovation. Paul was there to represent his client, Brock Lesnar. Paul told HHH that Brock felt disrespected. Brock was offended that people were saying John Cena was very close to beating him. He was also upset that Seth Rollins interfered in the title match and then attacked Brock with a Curb Stomp. Seth also tried to cash in on Brock. Brock sent Paul to Chicago to find out if Brock has a problem that he needed to deal with, either with Seth Rollins or with…

Stephanie cut him off. Stephanie warned Paul to choose his words very carefully. Before Paul had a chance to continue, Seth Rollins came out, minus the MitB Briefcase. “You Sold Out” rose from the crowd. Seth took full credit for coming down to try and cash in at Night of Champions. Seth felt disappointed that Paul didn’t respect or understand Seth’s actions at NoC. Seth explained he was trying to make the best of his opportunities when he Curb Stomped Brock. Seth wanted to become champ by beating the best, which is Brock Lesnar. There go the Punk chants, again. Seth apologized to Paul if his actions offended Lesnar. Seth and Paul shook hands as Paul admitted Seth showed a lot of guts to attack Brock. Paul warned that it better never happen again. HHH then dismissed Heyman. I would love to see Lesnar turn Face. I don’t much care for the guy but I give him all the credit in the world for his talents.

Seth then told HHH and Stephanie that he did not appreciate his “personal items inside the Briefcase” being stolen from him. Dean came on the Tron, showing off the stolen Briefcase. Dean stated that he was ready to sew his eyes shut because looking at The Authority makes him sick. He challenged The Authority to come and get the Briefcase. Seth, HHH and Stephanie started to leave but John Cena came out and started beating on Seth. Rollins ran away and rejoined HHH and Stephanie on the stage. Seth got all brave from the stage. Time for the first break of the night.

Raw ran a promotional video about Susan G. Komen. You can get more info at: www.komen.org/wwe.

In the office, HHH told Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble (the New Sttoges?) to go and find Dean and the Briefcase. Jamie asked to borrow a couple of sledge hammers but HHH told them to find another way.

Cesaro vs The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler
Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Title

Cesaro got screwed over, thanks to a bad ref call, in his I-C title match, on Smackdown. Damien Mizdow (Sandow) came out to serve as Stunt Double to Miz. Raw showed how Dolph cheated, last Monday, to recapture the IC Title.

Cesaro and Miz double teamed Dolph, in the corner. Miz tried to Roll Up Cesaro but failed. Cesaro laid out Miz and got a two. Cesaro went for the Cesaro Swing but Miz nailed Cesaro, which sent Dolph flying into the corner. Dolph popped Miz. Miz came back to go for the Reality Check but Dolph broke free. Dolph was thrown out of the ring. Cesaro with a Gorilla Press but the returning Ziggler Dropkicked Cesaro, in the back. 2 count. Break time.

Cesaro threw Dolph aside to go after Miz. Sunet Flip by Dolph which led to a series of School Boys. Dolph with a Double Flying DDT to both foes. Dolph avoided a Short Arm Clothesline and hit a wild Neckbreaker (to Cesaro)/DDT (to Miz) combo. Damien caught Dolph’s leg. Miz with a Roll Up, for two. Dolph took out Damien with a Dropkick, through the ropes. Sunset Flip for two by Dolph. Dolph flew off the ropes and almost got trapped in the Figure Four. Dolph kicked Miz to the ropes. Cesaro was waiting with a European Uppercut. Cesaro went for a Sunset Flip, on Miz, but Dolph caught Cesaro’s legs and catapulted Cesaro’s head right up into Miz’s nether region. Every man that was watching that just winced.

Dolph put Miz in the Figure Four! Miz escaped when Cesaro Double Stomped Dolph’s chest. Cesaro tried to pin Dolph but only got 2s. Cesaro sent Dolph to the floor. Full Body Clothesline to Cesaro. Miz flew off the top but got blasted with a European Uppercut. Dolph Superkicked Cesaro and then pinned Miz.

Your Winner: Dolph Ziggler
Raw Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

After the match, Damien mimicked the leg injury of Miz. I really liked the guy in the front row who was dressed exactly like C.M.

Punk, including the tattoos.

Backstage, Noble and Mercury were still looking for Ambrose. Nobody gave up Dean’s location. Great Khali made fun of Jamie Noble’s size.

After another discussion of Susan G. Komen, Raw sent it to a wild new video about Luke Harper going solo. Bray Wyatt has decided to release Luke to go out into the world, on his own. So much for the Wyatt Family.

Mercury and Noble reported back to HHH and Stephanie that they couldn’t find Dean. Stephanie noticed the mustard on Noble’s face and told them to go and find Dean or they would both be fired.

Damien came in and spoke for Miz, complaining about the Triple Threat Match. It made HHH laugh as Damien puppeted Miz’s mood. HHH put Damien in a match against Sheamus. HHH threatened to fire Miz if he ever barged in and screamed at them, again.

Layla (w/Summer Rae) vs Rosa (w/Naralya and Tyson Kidd)

Raw looked back to Total Divas to examine the problems between Nattie and T.J.. He messed up her birthday and she wasn’t sure if this was going to work, anymore.

Tyson had his phone in hand and was playing games. The bell rang and the two women tied up. Layla Face Washed Layla and slammed Rosa’s face to the canvas. Nattie griped at her hubby for not paying attention. Layla snapped Rosa off the middle rope. Rear Chin Lock by Layla. Tyson put on his headphones and went back to his game. Nattie ordered Tyson to pay attention.

Layla slapped Rosa and ripped out some of Rosa’s hair. Nattie checked on Rosa when Rosa went to the floor. Nattie and Summer started fighting as Tyson stayed in his own little world. Layla sent Rosa into the ropes and then took out Rosa with the Lay-out (Neckbreaker). After the match, Nattie snatched the phone out of Tyson’s hand and took off with it.

Your Winner: Layla
Raw Ranking: 1.0

Dean Ambrose walked, backstage. He was on his way to the ring.

Dean Ambrose made his way out to the ring, with the Briefcase. Dean got a table and set it up in the ring. He had a duffel bag, filled with merchandise. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury came down to get the case. Dean joked that they sent the Cruiserweight Division out to get him. When the New Stooges headed to the back, Dean threw the shirts and other stuff to the crowd.

Seth Rollins came out with security and The Stooges. Dean eventually backed off and left the Briefcase for Seth. As Seth opened the case to check out what was inside, he got Slimed. Green goop sprayed up into his chest and face. Everyone got a great laugh, except Seth. JBL got a Kabuki reference in (thanks JBL). Seth screamed that he looked like a jerk. Jamie Noble couldn’t stop himself from laughing at the mess. Seth grabbed his case and stomped to the back.

In the office,, Seth grumbled about the potential for being blinded. Randy Orton just kept chuckling. HHH told Kane to go tell Dean and Cena that they would be fighting in a tag match, against Orton and Kane. The Briefcase started vibrating and humming. Seth came and got the case and swore it was an electric razor. Hmmm…

Mark Henry came out for another round of apologies for losing to Rusev. That brought out Bo Dallas, who ridiculed Mark for losing.

Mark Henry vs Bo Dallas

Bo punched away but a Headbutt stopped him cold .Mark kept blasting Bo with Haedbutts and punches. Hammer Throw to the corner led to a Scoop Slam by Mark. Mark went back to the Headbutts. Mark went for an Avalanche but Bo moved. Bo-Dog!

Your Winner: Bo Dallas (Really?)
Raw Ranking: 1.0

After the break, Renee Young went to interview Bo Dallas. Mark Henry came up and just annihilated Dallas. Nice to see Mark get some fire back in his veins. Mark threw crates into Dallas and yelled “That’s what I do”.

The Cosmic Twins (Gold and Star Dust) cut a silly promo about keeping the Cosmic Key (the tag team belts).

Brie Bella was in the ring to fight. Nikki Bella came out to embarrass her sister. This was the same arena where Brie quit, in the past. She mocked Daniel Bryan’s recovery. Nikki said it was time for Brie to deal with Handicap Matches.

Brie Bella vs Eva Marie and Cameron

Brie and Eva started. Brie sent Eva into the corner. Arm Drag by Brie led to an Arm Bar. Kneelift and clubbing blow by Eva Marie. Brie with a kick to each opponent. Eva Marie threw Brie down, by the hair. Carmeron asked for the tag and then tagged back out after a Double Team. Eva stomped the ribs and brought Cameron back in. Suplex got Cameron a two count. Cameron with a Rear Chin Lock. The fans chanted for the three announcers. Brie with shots to both opponents. Cameron threw Brie into the enemy corner. Brie ran Cameron into Eva Marie and then Rolled Up Cameron for the pin.

Your Winner: Brie Bella
Raw Ranking: 1.0

Titus O’Neil did a very touching video about his grandmother and her losing battle to breast cancer. This was again to help promote Susan G. Komen.

The Bunny and Adam Rose were at the announce desk, with the Rosebuds to watch the next match.

Slater Gator (Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil) vs Los Matadores

Heath and Titus brought out Hornswoggle in a Gator suit. Jesse Jackson was in the front row.

Titus started against Diego. Diego with Knife Edge Chops. Kneelift by Titus. Titus caught Diego and hit a Backbreaker and Torture Breaker. Heath tagged himself in. Tag to Fernando, who sent Heath flying with a Headscissors and Flying Back Elbow. Fernando with a Clothesline. Titus threw the Gator into the ring. He came face to face with El Torito. Gator bailed and ran. Heath pulled Fernando off the ropes and pinned him.

Your Winner: Slater Gator
Raw Ranking: 1.0

Titus pulled El Torito into the ring and slammed him down. Gator went to gnaw on the little bull but put him into a Gator Roll. Jeez. Bunny and Rose got on the apron. Rose with the Low Bridged to Titus. Double Team by Los Matadores to Heath. Floppy Ear Flop (Frog Splash) by The Bunny. For this I’m skipping Monday Night Football?

Rusev and Lana came out to discuss Friday’s knockout shot by Big Show. Lana, of course, put her own spin on things. She accused Big Show of attacking Rusev from behind (even though it was a face-to-face stare down when Show popped Rusev on the jaw). This came after a long-winded rant in Russian. That is one language I don’t speak (despite playing a Russian scientist/manager, a few years back). Lana’s rant was cut short by the arrival of Big Show.

Show suggested that Lana was twisting the facts around. He told Lana that what she was saying was “a bunch of crap”. That started a “USA” chant. Show told Lana “You can’t handle the truth”. Show sent it to a video piece from Main Event where Big Show admitted he pushed Mark, too hard, in this war with Rusev. He promised Mark that he would knock Rusev the Hell out. After Rusev attacked Show with the flagpole, Show knocked Rusev out cold.

Rusev screamed that he wanted to slam his fist down Show’s throat and rip up his guts. Rusev promised to break every bone in Show’s body. Show told Rusev to quit spouting Russian and fight. Show wanted to knock back a White Russian. Rusev bailed out of the ring before Show could get his hands on him. Seriously? Show looked over at the gigantic Russian flag. He went over to it and yanked it down from the ceiling. Rusev and Lana had an absolute fit. Rusev tried to rush the ring but Show kept him at bay. When Rusev finally got into the ring, Show easily tossed him right back out.

Renee interviewed John Cena. John said Chicago was his kind of town. John was happy to be fighting together with Dean, not against him. Ambrose came in and John wondered if Dean had something to say. Dean claimed he would take care of Seth, tonight. John reminded Dean that he wanted a beat down on Seth. Dean warned John not to “take food off his plate”.

They did a commercial for the Wrestlemania packages. I was stunned when I saw the prices. The cheapest packages start at $900 and go up to over $5,500. I love wrestling and would adore the chance to see Wrestlemania but if I HAD a spare $5,500 in pocket, I think I’d be looking to upgrade my home or get a new car.

Paige came out to introduce her new best friend as A.J. Lee’s opponent. That person was…Alicia Fox.

A.J. Lee vs Alicia Fox
Non-Title Match

The UK Launch of WWE Network has been pushed back to November 1st. Fox setn Lee down and then Whipped her ot the ropes. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors by Lee. Heel Kick to the face of Fox. Paige came to check on her new buddy. Lee flew off the top turnbuckle and dropped both Fox and Paige. Lee skipped around. Back in the ring, Fox nailed an Ax Kick as Lee went after Paige.

Your Winner: A.J. Lee
Raw Ranking: 1.0

Paige and Fox got in the ring to give A.J. a hard time. Fox with a Big Boot. Ram-Paige to Lee.

Another Luke Harper’s Freedom video ran.

Sheamus vs Damien Miz-dow (Sandow)
Non-Title Match

Miz sat at the announce desk. He grumbled at how Dolph cheated to take the IC title from him. Sheamus took Damien to the corner. Damien screamed at Sheamus to not hit the Moneymaker (face). Side Headlock Takeover by Sheamus. Damien bailed out to avoid a Haymaker to the face. Sheamus went for the 10 Beats but Damien snapped Sheamus’ neck over the top rope. Damien screwed up, big time, when he slapped the Irishman in the face. Sheamus pounded away and then Hip Tossed Damien across the ring. Damien with a Kneeling DDT for a two count. Rear Chin Lock by Damien.

Sheamus with Back Elbows but Damien with the Kitchen Sink. Knee Strikes by Damien. Sheamus caught Damien with Double Sledges and the High Running Knee. Sheamus thought about the Short Arm Clothesline but decided to hit the 10 Beats, instead. Miz got up to help Damien. Sheamus came out and Miz backed off. Sheamus threw Damien into Miz. Sheamus pitched Damien back into the ring and nailed the Brogue Kick.

Your Winner: Sheamus
Raw Ranking: 2.0

Hulk Hogan came out in Susan G. Komen pink. Hulk talked about the 30+ year run of Hulkamania. Hogan a huge announcement to make. He showcased some Breast Cancer Survivors that were in the audience. He asked the fans to go to WWE.com to purchase merchandise that will help Susan G. Komen.

Backstage, Randy Orton and Kane complained about having to deal with Seth’s problems. Stephanie walked up and told Randy and Kane they would protect The Authority. Stephanie told Randy and Kane to “Man Up”. Kane wondered if Stephanie was playing mind games to motivate them. Stephanie asked if it really mattered.

Raw ran a promo for the next Monday Night Wars episode “The Austin Era has begun”.

Next week, Roman Reigns will talk about his recovery from emergency surgery. Also, Big Show will battle Rusev. It will be live from Brooklyn.

Dean Ambrose and John Cena vs Randy Orton and Kane

John and Randy started the match. The crowd was split in their support of Cena. Randy with a punch and a series of kicks. John reversed a Whip into the Bulldog Faceplant. Tag to Kane. Double team on Can until the ref forced Randy to the outside. John fought back and hit the Flying Shoulder Tackle. John went for the AA but Kane moved forward and drove John into the canvas. It was time for a final break.

John blasted Randy and Kane but fell to a Snap Powerslam from The Viper. 2 count. Orton taunted Dean and then went to his Special Place. John blocked the RKO but fell to the Twisted Sister Backbreaker. 1-2-not yet. Randy clocked John and then tagged out to Kane. Big Boot by Kane. 2 count. Kane with the Kabuki Claw to Cena’s neck. Dean was pacing back and forth. Cena broke the hold and hit a Standing Dropkick. Side Slam by Kane for a two. Randy taunted Dean and then went back on the attack against Cena.

Randy cranked on a Rear Chin Lock. Randy wanted the Rope Assisted DDT but Cena flipped Randy over the top rope. Cena inched towards his partner. He finally got the tag and Dean exploded on both foes. Flying Crossbody and punches to Dean. Dean launched himself over and then through the ropes to take both opponents, on both sides of the ring. Dirty Deeds to Randy but Seth hit the ring.

Your Winners (by Disqualification): John Cena and Dean Ambrose
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Dean dropped Seth. Dean pitched Seth in the ring. Dean punched away after Seth took out Cena. Randy got involved and John pitched Randy out. Dean and John both went after Seth. John threw John away.. Dean threw John out of the ring. Dean picked up the briefcase but never got to use it. Randy came in and laid out Dean with an RKO. Cena took down Cena and then came in to Chokeslam Dean. Seth Curb Stomped Dean onto the Briefcase. Randy dropped Cena with an RKO. Chokeslam to Cena. Seth Curb Stomped Cena’s face into the Briefcase, as well.


–Jay Shannon

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