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Crystal Ball: WWE Hall of Fame, Class of 2015 (Early Predictions)

Jay Shannon draws upon his predictive skills to figure out the winners of an upcoming major wrestling event.

Summer has begun to fade into Autumn. The first snows have fallen in the Sierras. Soon, the WWE will begin to announce who will go into next year’s Hall of Fame. Like I usually do around this time of the year, I wanted to put out my suggestions for potential inductees (and who will put them in) on March 29, 2015.

Sting (Inducted by Ric Flair)

Sting will be the head of the Class of 2015. Since Wrestlemania 31 is set to be in the Bay Area of California, it makes sense for the Venice Beach, CA resident will get the nod. Sadly, Ultimate Warrior isn’t with us to induct his former Powerteam USA (Yes, Matt Striker, I do know that piece of trivia…now. Smile.) and Blade Runners partner. Sting would be the first person to be inducted into both the WWE and TNA Halls of Fame. Since Sting and Flair had some epic battles from the late 80s through the turn of the century, it would make sense that Flair would induct The Stinger.

Rikishi (Inducted by his sons, the Usos)

Rikishi and many of his family members are from the San Francisco area. Rikishi has made a few appearances, in recent years. Hopefully, the Hall of Fame ceremony might help mend some fences within the Fatu family. Anyone who saw the wedding episode between Naomi (Trinity McCray) and Jimmy Uso (Jonathan Fatu) will understand that reference. If the brothers are still too upset with their dad, then Scotty 2 Hotty and Brian Christopher will likely induct Rikishi.

Rey Mysterio (Jr.) (inducted by the Lucha Dragons)

Due to injuries, Rey has pretty much had to retire. It is high time that Rey gets a spot in the Hall of Fame. Rey has held just about every title possible over his extended career. From a humble start in Southern California and Mexico, Rey helped build ECW, WCW and WWE. He has had the reputation of being a “Giant Killer”, since he has feuded with men like Kevin Nash, Big Show, and dozens of other super-heavyweights, during his career. Rey had a successful run with the original Sin Cara, which is why I figure the new Sin Cara and his partner, Kalisto, would induct Rey.

Gene LeBell (inducted by Roddy Piper)

For those who may not know, Gene LeBell pretty much owned Southern California wrestling, back in the day. He is a martial artist, stuntman, wrestler, promoter, and trainer. After an outstanding wrestling career, LeBell began to train others. He once trained Chuck Norris in martial arts. Some of his most famous wrestling students include Mando Guerrero and Roddy Piper. LeBell was, at one time, a friend to Bruce Lee and learned from the master. LeBell has also written several books about martial arts. Daniel Bryan took LeBell’s infamous LeBell Lock (Crippler Crossface) as his own and the move was called the LeBell Lock until the name was changed to the Yes Lock. It would be an absolute shame if Gene didn’t go in, next year. His former student, Piper, should have the honor of inducting this fantastic star.

Joan Rivers (Inducted posthumously by Hulk Hogan)

The Celebrity Wing really should have a place set for Rivers. She helped Hulk Hogan and Mr. T promote the original Wrestlemania, when she interviewed them on The Tonight Show. Joan was also present at a couple of the Wrestlemanias. Joan even interviewed wrestlers on her own, short-lived, talk show. Joan was much beloved by the WWE and it just seems right that Hulk Hogan (and possibly Mr. T) would induct Joan. I would hope that Joan’s lovely daughter, Melissa, would be there to accept for her mom.

Ray “The Crippler” Stevens (Inducted by Nick Bockwinkel)

The “Blond Bomber” was another resident of San Francisco. He held gold in the old WWWF. He was also a major player, for many years, in the AWA. In a perfect world, Bobby Heenan would induct the man that he led for many years. Sadly, that is unlikely, due to health-related issues. It is possible Heenan might join Bockwinkel on stage for the presentation.

Vickie Guerrero (Inducted by Edge)

Vickie retired, earlier this year. It She definitely deserves to be places in the Ladies/Divas wing. She overcame the tragic loss of her beloved husband, Eddie, to have a great career in wrestling. She has been a manager, competitor, and General Manager. Her “Excuse Me” catchphrase has been voted the most annoying catchphrase in the history of wrestling. She always took the verbal (and sometimes physical) abuse with the best of attitudes (at least backstage). She travelled the world, several times over, while raising three children. There are several people who might induct Vickie, but the honor should go to her “Ex-Husband” (storyline), Edge. That induction should be a ton of fun.

Demolition (Inducted by Road Warrior Animal)

I had the honor of meeting Ax and Smash, in New Orleans, earlier this year. They are both so kind and dedicated to the business. Smash (Barry Darsow) was trained in the same class as the Road Warriors and Rick Rude. In fact, Darsow was considered for membership in the Road Warriors, when the team was first being put together. Ax (Bill Eadie) has had an incredible career as the Masked Superstar, Super Machine and Ax. Darsow also did a run as Repo Man, as well as a few other identities. These two are definite work horses that so deserve honor and respect from the industry. I would expect Animal and/or Paul Ellering to induct the team. I am unsure if Crush would be inducted as part of the team but it would be a crime if he were to be excluded.

In Conclusion:

There are always names that I want to see go into the Hall of Fame: Randy Savage, Honky Tonk Man, King Kong Bundy, Bruiser Brody, Bill Apter, etc… This column was done not to slight anyone, it was to look at the most likely choices to go into the Hall, in 2015. Hopefully, someday soon, all those who deserve recognition will get their time in the sun.


–Jay Shannon

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