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It was the final night of shows from New York City. 10 men battled in qualifying matches. The 5 winners entered the New York City Gold Rush Final. The victor in that wild match will get a future title shot…for either the World, X-Division or Tag Team Titles.

The show opened with a look back at Lashley vs Roode from last week. Lashley retained his title after an excellent battle. Where does Bobby Roode go from here?

Welcome to the New York City Gold Rush! Jeremy Borash explained the whole concept of tonight’s show, much better than I could.

A promotional video aired of MVP.
A Promo then ran for Low Ki.

MVP vs Low Ki
Gold Rush Qualifying Match #1

The two men tested the waters with kick attempts. Single Leg by MVP. Low Ki with an Arm Bar but MVP lifted him and tossed him away. Tenay and Taz talked about MVP possibly going after Lashley, if he were to win the NYC Gold Rush. Back Elbow and stomps by MVP. MVP blocked the Float Over. Low Ki with a Double Kick, from a 2nd Float Over position. Knife Edge Chops by Low Ki. MVP prevented Low Ki from getting the Ki Krusher. MVP took Low Ki to the corner and then pulled him off the ropes. 1 count only.

MVP missed a Big Boot. Flying Forearm by Low Ki. Ki with wild Knife Edge Chops. MVP opened his shirt and told Low Ki to throw some more. His chest got as red as his outfit after a ton of Chops. MVP returned with an Uppercut and Clothesline. Kneelifts by MVP took Low Ki up off his feet. Ki got the boots up but got sent over the top rope by MVP’s Yakuza Kick. MVP with a Slingshot to the floor. TNA took their first break of the evening.

MVP with a Double Thrust to Low Ki’s throat. Ballin’! MVP picked up Ki and sent him to the ropes. Ki with a great conversion from a Back Body Drop into a Missile Dropkick, off MCP’s shoulders. Low Ki dropped MVP as the fans chanted for him. Springboard Enziguri by Low Ki Ki flew over the ropes to deliver an Elbow Drop from the top rope to the floor. Back in the ring, Low Ki got a two count. Low Ki tried for the Ki Krusher but couldn’t manage it. Ki went for his Cartwheel but MVP tripped him up. Drive By by MVP.

Your Winner: MVP
Impact Scorecard: 3.0 out of a possible 5

The BroMans and DJZ discussed the Beautiful People. Robbie E will be on CBS’ Amazing Race. I normally hate that show but I just might check it out, especially since Brooke will be Robbie’s trip partner. Robbie figured that Velvet Sky wouldn’t find out about his little trip with Brooke.

TNA looked back at last week’s Ladder Match. TNA showed highlights of the crazy match.

TNA bid a fond farewell to Eric Lynch, from the Howard Stern Show. I did some research and he was a great young man. Taz closed the segment with Eric’s catchphrase…”Bye…for now”.

Robbie E vs Yoshihiro Tajiri
Gold Rush Qualifying Match #2

Robbie got on the microphone to talk to the crowd. Robbie bragged about how great he looked. He drew heat when he mentioned New Jersey and being tougher than anyone from New York or even the US or the World.

Tajiri blew the white mist. Robbie got up in Tajiri’s face and pushed the Japanese Buzzsaw. Tajiri kicked him and Shoulder Tackled him. Tajiri nailed another sharp kick. They went out to the floor and Robbie ran Tajiri into the apron. Robbie flew off the ropes to hit a Clothesline. Robbie ran Tajiri into the corner and then Snap Mared him into a Rear Chin Lock.

The two men traded hard shots. Shoulder Block by Robbie but Tajiri came back with a sharp kick. The two fought, on their knees, with strong punches. Backspring Elbow by Tajiri. Corner Shoulders by Robbie but Tajiri caught Robbie in the Tarantula. Impaler DDT by Robbie but he only scored a two count. Tajiri with a back kick. Robbie shoved the ref, which let Tajiri blow The Mist. Buzzsaw Kick!

Your Winner: Yoshihiro Tajiri
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Backstage, Rock Star Spud was asked about the rumors about the problems between himself and Ethan Carter III. EC3 called, just about that time, and Spud dismissed the camera crew.

After the break, the camera crew caught up with Spud, on the phone. Things don’t sound all that great between the two. Spud was ordered to be at Impact Wrestling, next week.

Austin Aries vs Knux
Gold Rush Qualifying Match #3

The entire Menagerie group came from the back. Aries moved the ref out of the way so he could see Rebel. Can’t blame the guy. The fans chanted Aries’ name to start the match. Aries asked for a Test of Strength. Not a great move. Aries grabbed a Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Knux into a Cartwheel. Aries was amused by the move.

Aries did his own Cartwheel, to a huge round of cheers. Go Behind by Aries but Knux took the arm. Aries Kipped Up and took a Wrist Lock. Knux with his own Kip Up. This guy so deserves a push, bigger than he has been getting. Aries bowed in respect o his foe. Aries went for the Brainbuster but Knux blocked it. Aries Dropkicked the knee of his opponent. Corner Mount Punches by Aries. Low Bridge by Aries. Aries went for a Suicide Dive but Knux hit a Big Boot, from the floor.

Back in the ring, Aries punched the ribs. Knux came back with a Dropkick. Amazing agility for such a big man. Aries with kicks and strikes to rock the leader of the Menagerie. Aries rolled over Knux’s back and hit a Bell Ringer. Knux fell out of the ring. Knux stumbled around the ring. Aries went for the Suicide Dive but took out The Freak and Crazy Steve. Knux pulled Aries up over the ropes and hit a Side Slam. 1-2-not yet. Knux with the Crossbody for another 2. Knux went into the ring post. Full Speed Dropkick by Aries. Aries wanted the Brainbuster but had to settle for the Discus Forearm. Aries hit another Full Speed Dropkick. That led to a successful Brainbuster!

Your Winner: Austin Aries
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

TNA looked back at last week’s World Title Match. Roode seemed to have it won, a couple of times, but Lashley nailed the Spear to retain. Bobby admitted that he fought with heart and passion but came up short.

Magnus vs Mr. (Ken) Anderson
Gold Rush Qualifying Match #4

Ken did his typical intro piece. Magnus jumped Ken as Anderson got into the ring. Ken punched the daylights of Magnus. Shoulder Tackle by Magnus. Whip and Back Elbow by Anderson. Magnus blocked the Mic Check. Magnus slid out to the floor. Ken went to slide out of the ring but got caught up in the ring skirt, thanks to Magnus. Magnus got back into the ring.

Magnus Kneelifted Ken as Anderson climbed back through the ropes. Faceplant, off the ropes, to lay out Ken. Magnus mounted Ken and punched him in the face. Snap Mare, by Magnus, into a Rear Chin Lock. Clothesline by Magnus. Running Corner Clothesline, off a Whip, by Magnus. Magnus did the move for a second time. Ken was rocked, big time. Magnus Whipped Ken across but Anderson came back with a Back Elbow. Both men were down and stunned. The two started throwing wild Haymakers at each other. Ken with a series of Clotheslines, a Back Elbow and a Spinning Neckbreaekr. 2 count. Anderson hit the Green Bay Plunge (Rolling Senton). Magnus fought out of the Mic Check. Anderson countered a Sunset Flip into a two count. Magnus with a Back Drop Uranage but Ken got his foot on the ropes, at the last moment. Ken was seriously stunned. Ken played a little possum and nailed the Mic Check to advance.

Your Winner: Mr. Anderson
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

TNA did a video of the Calendar Shoot. Yeah! That calendar just might get me in a ton of trouble. Grin.

A nice promotional video ran for Team 3D aka The Dudley Boyz. Bully Ray and Devon are going into the Hall of Fame, joining Sting and Kurt Angle, at Bound for Glory. It is so appropriate that the get inducted in Japan. The duo has earned the status of Legend, in Japan, which isn’t just a word…it’s a way of life.

TNA reviewed the first four matches in the NYC Gold Rush Tourney.

Next week, Gail Kim will defend her Knockout title against Havok. That led to a promo for Havok.

Abyss vs Samuel Shaw
Gold Rush Qualifying Match #5

The two men stood and stared at each other. Abyss flexed and Shaw just nodded. Collar and Elbow and Abyss pushed Shaw down to the canvas, twice. Abyss missed a Corner Splash. Shaw with hard punches and a kick. Back Elbow from Abyss dropped Shaw. Shaw fought out of the Chokeslam. Abyss pushed Shaw, backwards, over the top rope. Abyss came out to get his foe. Straight punch by Abyss led to a throw into the railing for Shaw. Abyss went to punch Shaw but hit the ring post. Shaw stayed on the offense with clubbing shots. Shaw blocked having his face rammed into the ring steps. Shaw slammed Abyss’ face into the metal steps. Abyss grabbed a chair but missed. Shaw ran Abyss’ wrist into the ring post, multiple times. Shaw then slammed the arm into the ring steps, a couple of times. Abyss rolled back into the ring.

Shaw pounded on Abyss’ chest and twisted the bad arm in the ropes. Abyss pushed Shaw away. Arm Breaker by Shaw. Shaw stay focused on the injured arm. He also stomped on the hand. Shaw climbed up onto the ropes and flew…into a Goozle. Shaw broke it but fell to a Shoulder Tackle and Clothesline. Corner Splash into a Side Slam, by Abyss. Shaw got blasted by a Right Arm Chokeslam. Shaw went out and got a chair. He cracked Abyss in the head but Earl Hebner didn’t see a thing. Black Hole Slam!

Your Winner: Abyss
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Austin Aries vs Mr. Anderson vs Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Abyss vs MVP
New York City Gold Rush Finals

First pinfall or submission takes this one. After the introductions, MVP faced off against Abyss, or so it seemed. MVP tagged out to Anderson. Abyss unloaded with hard shots to Ken. Corner Splash, by Abyss, after a Whip. Abyss dug at Ken’s face. Ken with the Spinning Neckbreaker. Tajiri took the blind tag. Ken bowed, in respect, to the Japanese Buzzsaw. Collar and Elbow into a Side Headlock. Shoulder Tackle by Ken that led to a Chop Fest. They moved on to punches and kicks. Tajiri with a Whip but Ken moved out of the corner. Corner Shoulders by Ken. He hit the post and Tajiri almost got the pin. Tajiri countered the Mic Check. Aries tagged himself in to face Tajiri.

Collar and Elbow into a Side Headlock, after a quick Hammerlock. Tajiri worked on Aries’ left leg. Tajiri countered the Cross Armbreaker. Rolling Crucifix Side Slide by Tajiri but only a two count. Tajiri was sent to the ropes. Aries escaped a Head Scissors and got a two count. Tajiri with a Round Kick. Backspring Elbow by Tajiri to get a one count. TNA needed to pay the bills, so it was time for some more commercials.

Tajiri went for the Tarantula but Aries blocked it and sent Tajiri to the floor. MVP kicked Aries in the back as Austin went to bounce off he ropes. Buzzsaw Kick, by Tajiri, but Aries got his foot on the ropes. Anderson tagged in and punched away. Scoop Backbreakers by Ken. Aries countered the third one into a Roll Up. 2 count. Ken put Aries in position but couldn’t hit the Rolling Senton. Aries nailed a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Abyss tagged in to face Aries. Goozle but Aries kicked free. Aries went for the Roaring Elbow but got caught. Aries tagged out to MVP. Abyss laid out MVP with Clotheslines. MVP tagged out to Tajiri. Tajiri kicked away and nailed the Backspring Eblow. Tajiri sprayed The Mist, as the ref was distracted. Ken came in and went to work on Tajiri. Rolling Neckbreaker but Tajiri caught Ken in the Tarantula. Tajiri went up the ropes but got blasted. Ken lifted Tajiri onto the shoulders. MVP tagged in as Ken went for the Green Bay Plunge, off the middle ropes. It was Ken vs MVP. Drive By but Aries made the save. Aries rushed in. Belly to Belly by MVP as he blocked the Roaring Elbow. Low Bridge to send MVP to the floor. Aries nailed the Suicide Dive on MVP. Abyss also got laid out. Aries tagged himself in, legally. Ken had been legal during that last group of moves. Missile Dropkick by Aries. MVP got the boots up to block the Corner Dropkick. MVP went to seal the deal with a Drive By but Aries converted it into a modified Roll Up/StackPin.

Your Winner: Austin Aries
Impact Scorecard: 3.5

Next week, Austin Aries will make his choice of which title he wants to go after.


–Jay Shannon

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