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Mark Henry was ready to rally America against Rusev. Plus, Seth Rollins was determined to eliminate Roman Reigns, prior to Night of Champions. In addition, John Cena was ready to face either Brock Lesnar or Paul Heyman.

Got the news on Tuesday morning that the Trump Plaza, host of Wrestlemanias IV and V, has closed down. So many wrestling venues are gone: the Trump Plaza, Dallas Sportatorium, Texas Stadium, ECW Arena, the Showboat (Vegas), etc… I swear when I hit the lottery, I am going to build the greatest wrestling arena, ever. Smile.

Paul Heyman was in the ring to address the audience. Paul was there to give a preview of Night of Champions. He really played it up to the crowd. Paul was cut off by the arrival of John Cena. The Cajun Dome came alive for the crimson-clad challenger. Cena wondered where Lesnar was. Paul talked in circles, until John cut him off. John reminded Paul that he was going to fight Paul or Brock. Paul got the $9.99 plug in. It won’t be the last time tonight. Paul said John would get to fight Brock. Paul introduced Brock, who never showed up. Paul giggled that John fell for it. Paul explained that Brock’s private plane was delayed. Paul suggested that John called out Brock, knowing that Lesnar was not there. John grabbed Paul as Heyman started to leave the ring. John told Paul that if Lesnar wasn’t here in 90 minutes, Paul was going to get his *ss kicked. Paul stammered that he would let John know when Lesnar showed up. John stopped Paul’s exit and explained that he didn’t trust Paul. John grabbed a Sid e Headlock and dragged Paul to the back.

Raw looked back at last week’s main event. Randy Orton had the cage lowered. Kane and Seth Rollins decimated Roman with a Chokeslam and Curb Stomp onto a steel chair. Tonight, Roman Reigns will get his revenge on Seth Rollins.

Chris Jericho made his entrance into the Cajun Dome.

Chris Jericho vs (Corporate) Kane

I really dislike this watered-down version of Kane. The Monster has been neutered by this “reassignment”.

Before the match started, Raw showed how John Cena took Paul to Cena’s dressing room and threw him in. John then asked Great Khali to stand guard at the door. John spoke to Khali in Punjab and Khali understood.

Back to the ring, Jericho paced. Kane came out, ready for a fight. Kane clubbed away on Chris. Back Elbow and Low Bridge by Jericho. Springboard Dropkick sent Kane back to the floor. Chris flew off the top to take out Kane. Jericho rushed Kane but ate an Uppercut. Kane drove Jericho’s ribs/kidneys into the ring apron. Back in the ring, Kane got a two count. Kane punched away on Y2J. Float Over into the Step-Up Enziguri by Jericho. 2 count.

Jericho kicked away on the much-bigger Kane. Knife Edge Chops by Jericho. Kane blocked the Bulldog. Flapjack by Kane. Chris seemed to hurt his knee, again, when he landed. Raw went to break.

Kane had Jericho in a Rear Chin Lock as Raw returned. Jericho fought his way free. Dropkick, off the ropes, by Jericho. Shoulder Tackle by Kane to get a two count. Kabuki Neck Pinch by Kane. Kane moved into a Rear Chin Lock, which allowed Jericho to fight out. Kane decked Jericho with a strong right hand. Corner Splash into the Side Slam by Kane. 2 count, again. Kane went up top and flew…into a Dropkick. Shoulder Tackle into a Knife Edge Chop. Jericho came off the ropes with an Ax Bomber. Jericho with a Running Corner Clothesline that led to Corner Punches. Hot Shot, by Kane, into the turnbuckles. Kane took off the padding on the top turnbuckle. Kane punched Jericho and went to whip Jericho into the bare turnbuckle. Jericho slid under and then came off the top to blast Kane. Jericho wanted the Walls of Jericho but Kane spun Chris over. Spinebuster by Kane. Kane tried to throw Chris into the open turnbuckle but Jericho landed on the ropes. Jericho blocked a Chokeslam and turned it into a DDT. Jericho tried for the Code Breaker but Kane hit a Big Boot. 2 count. Jericho escaped the Tombstone Piledriver and hit the Bulldog and Lionsault. Kane with the Goozle but Jericho escaped. Jericho used a Drop Toe Hole to send Kane into the bare turnbuckle. Roll up for the three.

Your Winner: Chris Jericho
Raw Ranking: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Paul was on his phone, calling Brock Lesnar. Paul was so seriously nervous as the cell didn’t seem to have reception.

The announcers talked about Mark Henry vs Rusev. They showed the Arm Wrestling Challenge, on Smackdown. Mark won with the right and was about to win with the left, when Lana threw powder in Mark’s eyes. Rusev then attacked Mark. Mark said it was time to rally American. They had a former Olympian support Mark.

Renee Young discussed The Death of The Shield, thanks to the backstabbing by Seth Rollins. She asked Roman about finally getting to face Roman. Roman said it was a “load of crap” that Seth got to take credit for all of Roman’s success.

Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter) vs Bo Dallas

After a quick break, the action exploded inside the ring. Bo with hard punches to push Jack back into the corner. Jack lifted Bo and Bum Rushed him across the ring. Knee Strikes led to a Belly to Belly Suplex. 2 count. Jack rammed Bo into the corner but missed a Corner Splash. Bo rocked Jack with wild Clotheslines in the corner. Short Arm Clothesline by Bo. Jack tried to fight back but got laid out by a Dropkick. 2 count.

Rear Chin Lock by Bo. Jack got to his feet and flipped Bo forward. Back Elbows by Dallas, in the corner. The two traded punches and kicks. Bo went for a pin but only got a two. Bo went back to the Rear Chin Lock. Back Drop Suplex by Jack stunned Bo. Dallas came back with a Neckbreaker. Kneedrops by Dallas. 2 count, yet again. Zeb screamed at Jack to get up. Bo went up on the ropes and flew off. His Flying Kneedrop failed, big time. Shoulder Tackle and Running Knee Strike by Jack. Big Boot by Swagger but Bo rolled out. Bo with a cheap shot that almost got him the win. Jack reversed a Whip and caught Bo’s boot. Jack blocked the Bo-Dog but almost fell to a Roll Up. Patriot Lock! Tap Out!

Your Winner (by Submission): Jack Swagger
Raw Ranking: 2.0

A.J. Lee and Brie Bella vs Nikki Bella and Paige

The twins were set to start this match but Nikki tagged out to Paige, at warp speed. Collar and Elbow to the ropes. Paige with a Thrust Kick to Brie. Paige hit several brutal Knee Strikes, in the ropes. Rear Chin Lock by Paige. Brie began to throw Forearms but Paige decked her. 2 count, only. Paige taunted Lee by holding out Brie’s arm. Brie with a Roll Up but only a 2. Rear Chin Lock by Paige. Jawbreaker by Brie but Nikki pulled Lee off the apron. Ram-Paige!

Your Winners: Nikki Bella and Paige
Raw Ranking: .75

After the match, Nikki attacked her sister, Brie. Nikki hit her Torture Rack Breaker. This feud is just so lame.

Raw looked back at Smackdown’s 8-man tag team match. Bray came on the Tron for one of his weird rants. He compared Big Show to Goliath. Bray was ready to be David to Big Show’s Goliath.

Paul Heyman came out and asked Khali if he could come out and make a cell call. Paul tried to explain to Khali how John would hurt him. Paul just wanted to make a quick call. Khali grabbed Paul and then destroyed Heyman’s phone. Paul screamed at Khali, who threw Paul back into the dressing room.

Big Show vs Bray Wyatt

Show waited, semi-patiently, for Wyatt. Bray punched away but it had no effect. Show tossed Bray into the corner. Bray just cackled. Show with a Kneelift and Shoulder Tackle. Show threw Bray into the corner and punched away. Bray pushed Show away and Show exploded with Body Shots. Bray caught the Big Boot and hyper-extended the knee. Bray dropped Show and kept the pressure on with a DDT. 2 count. Wyatt slapped on a Rear Chin Lock and grinded away. Show powered up from his knees. Bray got the boot up and Clipped the knee. Show still managed to kick out, at two. Bray went back to the Rear Chin Lock.

Show got to his feet and hit a Side Drop Suplex. Both men were dazed, after that move. Show Clotheslined Bray, multiple times, in the corner. Crossbody by Bray for a two. Bray flew into a Goozle. Show shoved Bray into Erick Rowan and then hit the Final Cut. Luke Harper rushed in to attack. Double Chokeslam to Harper and Rowan!

Your Winner (By Disqualification): Big Show
Raw Ranking: 2.5

Bray stayed on the floor and laughed at Show. Weird.

Raw looked back at how Dust2Dust (Goldust and Stardust) attacked the Usos, a few weeks back.

Jimmy and Jey Uso and Sheamus vs Cesaro and Dust2Dust

Sheamus faced Goldust to open this contest. Collar and Elbow to the ropes. Push Off into a Gold Shoulder Tackle. Sheamus nodded his approval. Gold with punches and kicks. Gold with an Arm Wringer. Shoulder Tackle by Sheamus. Gold barely avoided the Brogue Kick by going to the floor. Star meowed at Sheamus. Sheamus decked Gold and tagged to Jey Uso. Star also got the tag and punched away. Jey rocked Star with Uppercuts. Star with a hard boot tot the face. Tag to Cesaro. !0 Beats, by Cesaro, to insult Sheamus. Jey was stunned as Gold tagged back in. Gold missed a Corner Splash as Jimmy took the tag. Thrust Kick into a Goldustin Uppercut and Samoan Drop. Star tagged in and hit the Disaster Kick for two. Raw went to break.

Cesaro was taking the battle to Jimmy and almost got the pin. Cesaro kept stomping away. European Uppercut by Cesaro but Jimmy punched back. Cesaro refused to do the Cesaro Swing and hit a Double Stomp to Jimmy’s chest. Gut Wrench Throw by Cesaro. Tag to Star. Star ran his nails across Jimmy’s chest. Gold tagged in but got rocked by Jimmy. Kitchen Sink by Gold for a two. Star tagged back in and punched away on Jimmy. Star with a wild Whip. Tag to Cesaro.

Happy Birthday to Teddy Long and Prince Harry of England.

Jimmy with a Headbutt and Big Boot. Cesaro blocked the tag. Cesaro taunted Sheamus, which led to Jimmy hitting a Back Body Drop. Gold tagged in and stopped Jimmy. Jimmy finally got the tag to Shemus, just as Star took the tag. Mr. Wrestling II Kneelift by Sheamus into the Rolling Senton. 10 Beats to Cesaro. Roll Up by Star, but only for a two. Sheamus with a La Bandera to Star and then a Battering Ram, to the floor, to take out Star and Cesaro.

Sheams with a Brogue Kick but Cesaro had tagged in. Neutralizer but one of the Usos made the save. Thrust Kick to Cesaro. One Uso flew out of the ring and the other flew off the top to pin Cesaro.

Your Winners: The Usos and Sheamus
Raw Ranking: 3.0

Raw looked back at how Seth Rollins took out Dean Ambrose, last month. He Curb Stomped Dean into a stack of cinder blocks. Seth and Roman will battle, later on.

Christian will return, at Night of Champions, to host Chris Jericho in a special edition of “The Peep Show”. That will be part of the Kick-off Party. I already have my desktop and laptop ready for NoC.

Raw showed how Mark got the nickname of “World’s Strongest Man”, during his Olympian days. Lana was ready to crush Mark Henry.

Renee talked with Randy Orton about attacking Chris Jericho, last week. Renee wanted to know why Randy did that. Orton said he was offended by Jericho’s comments that Randy had everything handed to him. Randy was determined to give Jericho the beating of his life.

Khali was still standing guard on the locker room. Who would Cena battle? Stay tuned…

Cena came to the locker room to retrieve Heyman. Cena called for Paul, who kept screaming “NO!”. John dragged Paul out to the ring. Brock still wasn’t there. John pitched Paul into the ring. Heyman begged for mercy. John asked for a microphone. John mocked Paul’s “My Name Is…” intro. John said Heyman would make a Beast appear or John would make Paul’s teeth disappear. John told Paul to bring out The Beast. Paul said John was a sham. Paul told John that this was the John Cena that he was trying to bring out. Paul said he would be the trigger to turn Cena into a Beast. Paul sounded like the Emperor to Cena’s Luke Skywalker. Paul claimed to be my age, 49. He was born on 9/11/1965. Paul told John to let go and beat him up. Paul kept taunting Cena, just begging to be annihilated. Paul brought up John’s mom and dad. Paul said John couldn’t be a bully, even to Paul Heyman. Paul said Cena was going to fail, on Sunday.

John snatched the microphone out of Paul’s hand. John called Paul a “waste of oxygen”. Paul wanted John to become a Paul Heyman Guy. The crowd urged John to beat up Heyman. Cena refused to cross the line and attack Paul. John said Paul didn’t deserve the dirt off his hands. Paul suggested that John had no testicles. John lost it and smacked Paul.

That brought out Brock Lesnar! Brock stormed the ring and circled his prey. Brock helped Paul up and they walked around the outside of the ring. Cena screamed for Brock to get in a face him. Brock teased getting into the ring but started to leave. The fans were so hostile to this cowardly move. Cena kept challenging Lesnar to bring it. Lesnar got up on the apron and got in the ring. Cena was like a buzzsaw but Lesnar with a German Suplex. He kicked Cena out to the floor. Cena got back in the ring and took Lesnar out to the floor. John threw Lesnar into the barricade. John went completely berserk on The Beast. Security rushed down to break up the fight. Paul tried to get Lesnar out of the arena. Brock may have had a broken nose. Lesnar took off to avoid more abuse. Cena screamed that he would see Lesnar…on Sunday.

Stephanie McMahon will be in the December issue of Shape magazine.

Cameron vs Naomi

Raw looked back at how the Funkadactyls imploded. Cameron was busy looking at herself in the mirror. Naomi slapped it away. Naomi with wild punches. Naomi got knocked off the apron by her former friend. The ref started the count. Naomi slid back in the ring and choked Naomi on the middle rope. Snap Suplex by Cameron as the fans chanted Boring. Leg Drop across Naomis back. Naomi wanted a count but Naomi was face down, not on her back. Rookie mistake. Naomi tok a knee to the ribs. Cameron threw Naomi down by the hair and went into a Rear Chin Lock. Yawn. Bow and Arrow by Cameron. Naomi finally twisted around but took a knee. Cameron threw Naomi into the corner. Cameron stomped away, in the corner. Snap Mare into a Slider Dropkick by Cameron. Cameron went back into the Rear Chin Lock. Naomi fought wildly. Cameron blocked a Sunset Flip, at first. Naomi put Cameron into a Seated Tarantula-like move. Call it the Knight-Mare.

Your Winner: Naomi
Raw Ranking: 1.0

Miz and Damien Miz-dow were I the ring. Out came Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth aka R-Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler and R-Ziggler vs Miz and Damien Miz-dow

This was just silly. Damien and Dolph hooked up. Side Headlock by Damien. Dolph reversed it. Damien with a Whip but the I-C champ came back with a Dropkick. R-Z took the tag and both Zigglers gyrated and dropped elbows. Damien choked R-Z on the middle rope. Miz then tagged in and began to pound away. Damien almost go the pin. He also hit a Big Boot. Miz got in the ring and cranked on R-Z’s arm. Rear Chin Lock by Miz. Back Drop Suplex by R-Z. The announcers had fun with the two Zigglers looking so alike. Seriously? I’m freaking legally blind and I can tell them apart. Jeez. Dolph tried to hit the Famouser but failed. He came back and hit not only the Famouser but the Zig Zag.

Your Winners: R-Ziggler (R-Truth) and Dolph Ziggler
Raw Ranking: 1.5

Seth Rollins was interviewed. A video clip ran about how Seth attacked Roman, last week. Seth that Roman would suffer a similar fate, tonight. Seth explained that Roman was nothing without him. Seth called Roman “a Neanderthal and Barbarian”. Seth mocked Roman for his stance and character. He said Roman was part gorilla, part Samoan and part Rhinoceros. He claimed that Roman just wasn’t that smart. Seth was ready to take it all away from Roman, now.

Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns
Grudge Match

Seth started this match with a lot of Stick and Move punches and kicks. Roman with a Whip but Seth slid to the outside. Seth ran from Roman but stopped to snap Roman’s neck over the top rope. Roman came back with an Uppercut and wild punches. Huge Biel sent Seth across the ring. Short Arm Clothesline by Roman. Seth fought out of the Samoan Drop and scooted to the outside. Roman dragged Seth to him and ran Seth’s back into the apron and barricade.

Back in the ring, Roman nailed a La Bandera Clothesline. Roman went out and got Seth. He slammed Seth into the ring steps and then the announce table. Seth was tossed completely over the announce table. Time for a break.

Seth had Roman trapped in a Shinu-Numaki Sleeper. Roman blocked a Suplex and then took Seth with a stronger Suplex. Roman went outside but missed the Rising Son Dropkick. Seth ran Roman into the barricade. Seth lifted Roman and tossed him back into the ring. 2 count. Seth missed a Corner Splash and ate two massive Clotheslines. Protobomb by Roman to get a two. Roman went outside and nailed the Rising Son. Superman Punch! Seth Leap Frogged the Spear and hit a Superkick. 1-2-not yet. Seth climbed up top but got caught. The two men fought up top as Roman wanted a Superplex. Seth seemed ready for a Pedigree but Roman blocked it. Seth with an amazing Buckle Bomb to the corner, after running across the full ring. Seth talked trash and got Headbutted for his mouth. Seth with Punk-l;ke kicks. Spear!

Your Winner: Roman Reigns
Raw Ranking: 3.25

Mark Henry Rallies America

Michael Cole introduced Mark Henry. Little American flags were waving in the crowd. Mark took a couple of the flags to show his love for the U.S.A.. The “USA” chant was deafening. Cole talked about Mark competing for the US. Cole asked Mark what he felt about Rusev and Lana talking trash about the US. It upsets him. Mark talked about having to pull out of the Olympics, due to an injury. Mark was determined to shut up Lana and Rusev, at Night of Champions. Mark promised he would not let the fans down. Cole ran down the negative things that Lana has said about the US.

As Mark was starting to talk about freedom, Lana and Rusev came out. Lana told Mark to shut up. Mark asked Lana to send Rusev down to try and shut him up. Lana threw in some political pseudo-facts. Lana brought up that Mark Henry failed in the 1992 Olympic Games, as Russia prevailed. They showed the Russian gold medalist. Jerry Lawler was about to lose it. Jeez…shut this blonde bimbo up, will ya?

Mark made a pledge to the fans. Before Mark could finish Rusev got in the ring to try and destroy Mark. Mark with a huge Hip Toss. Rusev with a Thrust Kick that dropped Mark. Rusev went for the Accolade on Mark Henry. Mark broke the hold! Mark with s Sit-Out Powerbomb! Rusev rolled out of the ring as Mark waved Old Glory!


–Jay Shannon

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