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Welcome to the first night of Death Before Dishonor XII. The main event was a huge tag team match between The Briscoes vs The Young Bucks. Welcome to a Superkick Party!

Since this is going to be a party, we could use something to celebrate. My step-daughter, Teresa, turns 41 on Sunday. Sounds like a good thing to celebrate to me. Smile.

The Briscoes cut a profanity-laced rant towards the Young Bucks.

Roll the opening montage!

We are in Milwaukee for Death Before Dishonor. Kevin Kelly and Caprice Coleman looked at the night’s show.

Kyle O’Reilly (w/Bobby Fish) vs A.J. Styles
Non-Title Match

The streamers were flying like mad for both men. Code of Honor Handshake. The announcers talked about how heavy the IWGP Title belt is.

The bell sounded and the crowd went wild. They took their time before locking up. Go Behind by Kyle. Styles reversed things. Collar and Elbow and Styles tried for the Go Behind. Kyle took possession of Styles’ left arm and worked it. Kyle ended up on the floor and Fish jumped on the apron and complained at the ref.

Kyle got back in and Styles blocked a savage kick. Side Headlock by Kyle took Styles to his knees. Push Off into a Shoulder Tackle and Double Trip. Modified Universal into a Kyle Big Boot. Styles went into another Universal and nailed a Picture Perfect Dropkick. Kyle bailed out of the ring. When he got back in the ring, Kyle with a Power Whip to the arm. Armbreaker, over the shoulder, by Kyle. Whip by Kyle but Styles got the boot up. Bobby distracted Styles to help Kyle avoid the Styles Clash. Running Side Backbreaker by Styles. Scoop Slam by A.J. led to a Flying Kneedrop. Kyle began to fight back but got stopped by a shot by Styles. Styles flipped over the ropes and fought from the apron. Fish grabbed Styles’ leg. Styles with the Power Drive to send Styles’ arm onto the apron. Ring of Honor went to break.

The two were still on the floor. Kyle ran Styles’ shoulder into the ring barricade. He then tossed Styles back into the ring. Kyle, again, snapped the arm over his shoulder. Running Kneedrops to Styles’ shoulder and ribs. Kyle threw a Forearm but got Knife Edge Chops as a receipt. Leg Sweep by Kyle took Styles down. Kyle wrenched the arm in odd directions. Styles spun around to try and reach the ropes. Kyle snapped the arm for a third time and swept the leg.

Styles began to fight back but Kyle kept the pressure on the arm. Kyle blocked a Suplex and hit a Corner Rush. Styles blocked a Tornado DDT and Suplexed Kyle into the corner. Styles climbed the ropes and hit the Flying Forearm. Attitude Shoulder Breaker by Styles but he couldn’t follow up. Styles called for The Styles Clash but Kyle converted to a Sunset Flip into the Cross Armbreaker. Styles almost moved Kyle in position for the Styles Clash but failed. Styles rushed the corner and struck the post. He fell to the floor and Kyle nailed an Apron Dropkick that was amazing. Both men were hurt. Fish urged his partner to get up and keep going. RoH went to break.

The ref was still counting. Kyle managed to slide into the ring. Styles struggled to get to his feet. Styles slid into the ring at 19. Kyle kicked at the arm and locked in the Cross Armbreaker, again. Kyle switched the move into the Triangle Choke. Styles lifted Kyle and hit a variation of the Styles Clash. Fish screamed at Kyle to stay focused on Styles’ arm. The two traded brutal Forearm shots. Styles got the better of that. Kyle came back with kicks and punches, which were answered by Kyle. Ax and Smash by Kyle. Pele by Styles. Both men were flat on their backs as the crowd chanted “R.O.H.”. Styles nailed the Discus Clothesline to get a two count. Brainbuster by Styles. Wow! Kyle converted the Styles Clash into Cattle Mutilation. Wicked Tombstone Piledriver (Hollow Point) by Styles finally led to the Styles Clash!

Your Winner: A.J. Styles
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.75 out of a possible 5

Highlights from Field of Honor were shown. That show was off the hook.

Congrats go out to Jay Briscoe. He recently defeated Michael Elgin to become the new Ring of Honor World Champion.

The Decade came out to the ring. Jimmy Jacobs said TaDarius Thomas and Adam Page weren’t learning. Jacobs brought out Adam Pearce to teach the younglings a lesson. They didn’t show the match of Pearce vs Thomas. They did announce that Pearce took out Thomas with a Piledriver. After the match, Thomas was ready to fight all of the Decade for his “lesson”. Jacobs said Thomas had a lot of learning to do.

Next week, Michael Elgin will fight Silas Young for the ROH World title. This was taped before Elgin lost to Briscoe.

Mark and Jay Briscoe vs Matt and Nick Jackson (Young Bucks)

The crowd chanted “Super-Kick”. Code of honor Handshakes. Matt and Mark started this match. Matt called for the Test of Strength and then did the Crotch Chop. Nice Universal into the first Superkicks of the night. Nick went to the floor. Jay tagged in and it led to a shoving match. Jay with a wild Whip and Corner Splash. Mark with a Dropkick to Matt and Corner Crash to Nick. The “Man Up” chant grew in loudness. Choke by Jay by the boot. Scoop Slam to the Young Buck, followed by a Sliding Leg Lariat. Scoop Slam by Jay as Mark flew over the ropes with a Slingshot Stomp. 2 count. Jay tagged back in and hit a Headbutt. Back Elbow led to a tag on the Bucks side. Matt got rocked by the Briscoes. 2 count. Headbutt by Mark (now an ordained minister). Jay took the tag but got blasted with Elbows to the neck. European Uppercut by Mark. Dropkick sent Jay off the apron.

Jay was sent back into the ring and Nick stomped and kicked away. Tag to Matt. Jay was rocked by numerous kicks. Boot Choke by Matt. Tag to Nick. Jay tried to fight back but the Jacksons weren’t letting up. Miscommunication as Nick was sent into Matt’s lower regions. Tag to Mark. He hit a Dropkick but Matt attacked. Mark Suplexed both brothers onto the ring apron. Matt then went Cactus Jack as he flew off the apron…into a Superkcik. Mark was thrown back into the ring. Nice Double Team move off the ropes b the Jacksons. 2 Count. Break time.

Matt was swinging for the fences as the show returned. He stomped on the back of Briscoe. Mark was rocked by hard stomps, in the corner. Mark tried to fight back but sending the Jacksons into each other. Exploder Suplex by Mark led to a tag to Jay. Jay threw a ton of Lefts but the Jacksons with a double team. Jay hit his own Superkick. Running Neckbreaker Combo by the Briscoes. Mark reversed a Whip and sent Jackson into Mark. Death Valley Driver variation almost got the Briscoes the win. Superkck, on the apron. X-Factor, over the ropes. Buckle Bomb with a Kick by The Bucks. Springboard Spike Tombstone Piledriver by the Bucks. 1-2-no! Double Superkick led to an attempt at More Bang for the Buck. They missed. Cannonball, off the apron by Mark. Jay Driller got a two. Jay was stunned that his signature move failed. Doomsday Device!

Your Winners: The Briscoes
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.5


–Jay Shannon

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