Posted September 14th, 2014 by 1Wrestling News Team

Pro wrestling and mixed martial arts are nowhere near their peaks. MMA has been on an inconsistent decline in which parallels the decline in crossover star Brock Lesnar’s career inside the cage.
Though often criticized, crossover appeal has proven to be a hot commodity for MMA more so than pro wrestling. Batista’s MMA debut created little buzz just two years ago in either venue, but wasn’t on a widely available platforms. Still MMA has had success with others such as Herschel Walker and James Toney making the leap into the cage.
Last Friday night, current TNA World Champion Bobby Lashley destroyed a less than impressive opponent in Josh Burns. This wasn’t on an SFL, GWC or MFC regional show, however. This fight was broadcast on the main card portion of a nationally televised Bellator card on Spike TV. Bellator, TNA, and Spike refused to capitalize on it.
Nobody will ever accuse Lashley of being the most impressive fighter or wrestler, but amassing an 11-2 MMA record (despite quality of competition) is something that could still be pushed heavily on television. While this would have been a giant story five years ago, it isn’t in 2014.
TNA should make it a huge story, though. They shouldn’t slow down. While a good portion of wrestling fans watch MMA, plenty are completely uneducated and could easily be influenced by what TNA pushes.
Bellator and TNA should utilize freak show fights for Bobby Lashley. Booking him against the likes of Hong Man Choi, terrible in the cage but still a 7 foot monster, would be ideal. If Lashley wins, TNA could run a highlight package promoting that he defeated this “7 foot monster.” The MMA career should be used to promote his wrestling career. Not the other way around.

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