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Tucson-High Impact Wrestling at the Midtown Bar & Grill: (KING OF THE MOUNTAIN MATCH) Entapryze pinned Daniel Loya to become the Number 1 Contender; Mac Havoc pinned Ogre to become the Number 2 Contender; Outrage pinned Daniel Loya to become the Number 3 Contender; Ogre pinned Daniel Loya to become the Number 4 Contender and Daniel Loya became the Number 5 Contender…Narval pinned Zeke the Butcher…Thirteen vs. Matthew went to a Time-Limit Draw…Roman Alexander defeated Mac Havok in a Grudge Match Rules Match…FlashTeca (Ricky Flash & Azteca) defeated Creature Feature (Monster Mayhem & Ogre) to become the new HIW Tag Team Champions…Cris Anarchy pinned Entapryze. (8/24/14)


Orlando-I Believe in Wrestling “#BELIEVE82” at the Team Vision Dojo: Mike Reed pinned Josh Hess…Michael Patrick & Leo Brien defeated Oso Panda & Russell Payne…Joey Mayberry vs. Gabriel Black was stopped due to excessive blood…Rhett Giddins pinned Chico Adams…Team Chasyn (Chasyn Rance, Jesus Rodriguez & Tristan Keali’I with substitute Shaul Gerrero) defeated Team Brittany (Brittany, Sweet Thang Willie & Maxwell Chicago with substitute Jason Cade)…Yamamoto pinned Lince Dorado. (8/31/14)


Chicago-Just Pro Wrestling at the Chicago Combat Training Facility: Kid Prodigy pinned Chris Masangcay…Mike Daniels pinned Flash Harris…Billy the Tiger pinned Montezuma…Noriega pinned LMJ…Johnny Andrews pinned Chris Masangcay…Luis Morales pinned Mike Strong…Billy the Tiger won a Gauntlet Royal to become the number one contender for the vacant JPW World Heavyweight Championship. (8/30/14)


Melvindale-Pro Wrestling All-Stars “This Means War!” at the Play Atlantis: Chase Matthews pinned The Hebrew Hammer…Jeff King defeated The Mysterious Movado in an Over the Top Rope Match…Russ Jones & Game Boy defeated The Threat (N8 Mattson & Breyer Wellington)…ThunderKitty defeated Randi West in a Women’s Steel Cage Match…Team Sabu (Chuck Stein, Atlast Hytower, The Great Akuma & Sabu) defeated Team Corruption (Rod Street, F.I.A., Necro Butcher & Jack Thriller) in a 4-on-4 War Games Rules Steel Cage Match. (8/29/14)

Mount Pleasant-Imperial Wrestling Entertainment at the MAC TV Studios: Jamie Race pinned Tony Caurdiea…Ricky Caurdiea pinned Jeff Clouse…Uncle Hector pinned Jacob Mercury…Rocky Shocker pinned Uncle Hector…Jack Price pinned Hurrican Gonzalez…Cody Kelly pinned Mike Idol…James Dillinger pinned Nik VanCore…John Campbell & Stuntman Mike defeated Will Vendetta & THEE Cody Leedy. (8/30/14)


Winchester-World’s Best Wrestling at the Winchester Caramel Festival: Matt Ryan defeated Tommy Blaze by Submission…Evan Steel pinned Butcher Manson…Tom McClane pinned Matt Brannigan…Big Jim Hutchinson pinned Brandon James…Mac McPhat pinned Flash Fury…Brandon James, Flash Fury & Matt Brannigan defeated Big Jim Hutchinson, Tom McClane & Mac Mcphat. (8/30/14)


Jasper-AIWF Young Blood Wrestling at the YBW Arena: R.J. Starr pinned Jason Williams to become the new YBW U.S. Champion…L’l Bink pinned Cousin Jed…Jay Anthony defeated Adam Powers by Submission…Sinister defeated Jeff Rayne in a Texas Bull Rope Match…Eric Micheals defeated Mikey G., Brandon Young & Thomas Cage in a Fatal 4-Way Match…Acid defeated Marc Slayton in a Barbed Wire Rope Match. (8/30/14)

Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling at the House of Pain: Aaron Plague pinned Ryder Andeerson…Michael Dunn pinned Mark Dunnavant…Gary Valiant defeated Lawrence by DQ…Cody Morton pinned Ray Dunnavant…Shaun Fatal & Larry Cooter defeated Mikey Dunn & Lawrence…Ringmaster defeated Jeremiah Plunkett by DQ. (8/30/14)


Fort Worth-Insane Hardcore Wrestling Entertainment at Action Martial Arts: Li Fang pinned Kyle Hawk…Kevin Cross pinned Major Mark…James Johnson pinned Bryan Ryder…Thomas Shire pinned JT Lamotta…Seth Shai defeated Mike Foxx by DQ…Americos defeated Jacobs & Gregory James. (8/30/14)

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