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Caprice Alexander got his first shot at the Ring of Honor World title. Plus, War Machine went to battle against the Briscoes.

Hanson and Rowe cut a promo to open the show. Hanson said he was asked who was tougher, War Machine or the Briscoes. It was time to find out. The Briscoes countered that going to war was what they do. The question would get answered. Viewer Discretion was advised…by both sides.

Roll the opening montage!

Jay and Mark Briscoe vs Hanson and Rowe (War Machine)

Prince Nana joined the announce team, this week. This week’s show came from Philly.

Code of Honor Handshake. Rowe was ready to go, as was Mark. Double Leg Trip by Rowe. Rowe lifted and dropped Briscoe. Nice Universal into a little Redneck Kung Fu. Hanson took the tag, as did Jay. Side Headlock by Briscoe. Hanson blasted the ribs and tossed Jay aside. Tag to Mark. Mark pounded away on Hanson. Side Drop by Hanson and then tag to Rowe. Rowe unloaded with wild Forearms. Knee Strikes by Rowe. Mark got he boots up but it didn’t have a lot of effect. Rowe dropped a few bombs on Mark as RoH took their first break.

The two teams were still slugging it out. Rowe sent Mark into the corner and Hanson hit an incredible Bronco Buster. Mark came back with more Redneck Kung Fu. Jay tagged in and hit a wild Headbutt. Cartwheel by Hanson. Rowe came in and launched Jay with a Germen Release. Suicide Dive by Hanson. Wow. Mark with a Jumping Enziguri. Hanson fell on the announce table and Jay put him through with the Double Stomp. Rowe came around and blasted Jay. Back in the ring, The Briscoes double teamed Rowe. Rowe with a Saito Suplex to Mark. Jay threw hard punches. War Machine double teamed Jay over the top rope. Uncle Mule Kick by Mark but Hanson nearly decapitated him. Jay threw several chairs into the ring. This match got completely out of control. Mark picked up the broken table and threw it into the ring. The ref called off the match.

Your Winner: Match Thrown Out
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

The fight just kept going, after the bell. Hanson grabbed Mark and hit a Side Slam, off the apron, to put Briscoe through a table.

Caprice Coleman talked about the influx of Japanese talent. He wanted to prevent Watanabe and others from being corrupted by The Decade.

Silas Young cut a promo about how bullying is a good thing.

TaDarius Thomas and Adam Page (w/B.J. Whitmer) vs R.D. Evans and Moose

Prince Nana was upset that his friend, Moose, had joined with Evans. Evans and Nana have a long, negative history. Moose started against Thomas. Moose broke a Go Behind. Thomas with a series of kicks but Moose with a Goozle. Wild Dropkick by Moose. Evans wanted the tag and got it. Evans nailed a hard Headbutt. Thomas reversed a Whip. Evans flipped over and so did Page. Page took the fight to Evans. Thomas and Page wailed away on Evans. Page with a modified Pump Handle Slam. Evans escaped a Suplex. Tag to Moose.

Moose took out both members of the Decade with Running Corner Clotheslines. Flapjack to Thomas. Evans with the blind tag. Moose with the Spear but Evans picked the bones to take the pin.

Your Winners: R.D. Evans and Moose
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.25

Prince Nana was offended that Evans now claims to be at 140-0. Nana swore he would end The Streak. Back in the ring, Whitmer went off on both Page and Thomas. They took the verbal abuse but you can just tell that a split is a brewin’.

RoH did a promo for the upcoming All-Star Extravaganza, the Internet PPV on September 6th.

Cedric Alexander vs Michael Elgin
Ring of Honor World Title Match

Nigel McGuiness replaced Prince Nana at the announce desk. This is the kind of match that I love to watch, two men that respect the business and the fans. They both want to put on the best show possible. Bobby Cruise did the introductions.

Code of Honor Handshake. Cedric hit a Running Dropkick into a School Boy. Cedric gotan immediate 2 count. Elgin tried for the Crippler Crossface but Cedric rolled over. Standing Switch into a Roll Up by Cedric. Elgin kicked out but Cedric kept the pressure on with punches and a wicked Big Boot. Elgin answered with his own Boot. Knee Strikes by Elgin into a Gut Wrench Run into the corner. Shotgun Kness by Elgin. Cedric came back with wild Haymakers. Elgin slid under to trip Cedric. Elgin missed the Springboard Crossbody. Elgin popped Cedric as he went to fly into the ring.

Elgin flipped Cedric back into the ring but Alexander with a Dropkick. Elgin sent Cedric into the barricade with a wild Clutch Swing. Elgin lifted Cedric and sent him into the barricade by way of a Whip. Elgin with a variation of the Uranage to send Cedric into the barricade. Elgin then pitched Cedric back into the ring. 2 count. Cedric punched the champ but Elgin spat in defiance. That ticked off Cedric who hit a ton of Headbutts, including to a couple to the side and back of the head. Slider Dropkick by Elgin. Cedric Kneed out of a Suplex. Cedric converted the Samoa Joe Uranage into an Arm Drag. Elgin fought out of a Fireman’s Carry and went for a Tombstone Piledriver. Cedric escaped that and nailed a Springboard Code Breaker. Both men were stunned.

The two threw wild Forearms. Cedric got knocked down but kept getting back up. Low Bridge sent Elgin to the floor. Cedric stopped before hitting the Suicide Dive. Flying Clothesline off the ropes but Cedric seemed to hurt his knee. Running Forearm by Cedric, followed up with the Michonoku Driver. 2 count. Ring of Honor needed to pay the bills so it was time for a break.

Elgin with a Side Headlock. Elgin blasted Cedric’s neck but took a Step-Up Enziguri. Cedric with a Big Boot. Elgin came back with a Discus Forearm to the Neck. Razor Bomb for a two count. Cedric rushed Elgin to the corner to avoid a Buckle Bomb. Step-Up Enziiguri by Cedric. 540 Kick by Cedric. Cedric went up top but got caught. Elgin with a Knife Edge Chop and punch. They fought up on the ropes. Cedric punched free. He pushed Elgin off the ropes. Cedric jammed his knee as he jumped off the top rope. Elgin punched the knee. Horse Collar by Elgin to tweak the daylights out of Cedric’s injured knee. Cedric reached the ropes. Trouble in Paradise Kick by Cedric. Cedric slapped his knee to get feeling back in it. Amazing Flip Dive Plancha by Cedric. Frog Splash to Elgin’s back and then one to the front. Could be…might be…Denied.

Cedric was running on pure adrenaline. Elgin fought out of the Fireman’s Carry. Cedric with a nasty punch. Fireman’s Carry attempt but Cedric’s knee buckled. Cedric went for a Code Breaker-like move but Elgin countered. Elgin went back to work on the bad knee. Running Boot by Elgin. Buckle Bomb! Cedric came back with a Jackknife Pin to get a 2. Cedric went for the Stronghold (Walls of Jericho) but the knee gave out. Elgin’s back seemed hurt. Elgin caught Cedric coming in and put him in the Horse Collar while stomping on the head. The ref stopped the match.

Your Winner (by ref stoppage): Michael Elgin
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25

After the match, Elgin showed massive respect to his opponent with another Handshake. Elgin checked on Cedric after Alexander collapsed to the injured knee.

I wanted to end this week-end column by sending out a special Happy Birthday to my little sister, Bev. We haven’t always gotten along, over the years, but she’s still my little sister and I’m proud of what a great mom (and grandma) she’s grown up to be.


–Jesse Shannon

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