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REVIEW: The Kevin Steen Show with Cliff Compton
By Joseph Feeney III
Recent WWE Signee, Kevin Steen, hosted an informal talk show for Highspots.com entitled, quite obviously, “The Kevin Steen Show.” He featured such guests as Adam Cole, Chris Hero, Matt Hardy, Davey Richards, Gabe Sapolsky, Jay Lethal, Nigel McGuinness, and many more. In the latest edition, he hosted “Mr. 1859” himself, former WWE Tag Team Champion, Cliff “Domino” Compton. It’s not your typical shoot interview style release, as Steen and Compton just basically spitball, and go over whatever topics that come to mind, including Cliff’s third world travels, his issues with Walgreens and Ashley Furniture, and his once in a lifetime experience at a Guns N Roses concert, starring Sami Zayn, and Axl Rose.
-To start, Kevin is very amused with Cliff’s jeans, which have a hole in the crotch, and a giant hole on his right knee, with a kneepad underneath.
-They both note they are at Wrestlecon weekend, which is a big convention that takes place the same weekend as all the Wrestlemania festivities. Steen jokes that he was so busy selling his t shirts that he didn’t notice Bret Hart nearby him until he went to the bathroom.
-The saga of the “Third World Gangsta” begins, as Cliff recalls an encounter earlier that day with a fan, who told him and Colt Cabana that he “really loved their Ethiopia stories.” Compton of course notes that, 1. It was Nigeria, and 2. Colt was not on the trip.
-Cliff has been on small tours all over the world, including Ecuador, South Africa, and Nigeria. Nigeria is where he had his famous dealings with the great Power Uti, Nigeria’s World Heavyweight Champion. To hear that tremendous story, please check out Colt Cabana’s “The Art of Wrestling” at http://tsmradio.com/coltcabana/2011/09/07/aow-59-domino-nigeria/
-Cliff explains to Kevin that he really wanted to get Power Uti to come to WrestleCon and/or have a return match with him for 5 Dollar Wrestling. He spoke to Highspots about it, but worried Uti was too flaky.
-Whenever Uti calls Compton to try and get him to tour Nigeria for him again, Cliff has trouble understanding him, plus Uti doesn’t seem to know how to properly leave a voicemail. So inevitably, Cliff will receive a call from “Mr. Haiti,” who is Uti’s New York City “Connection…” as well as an NYC Cab driver.
-Cliff tells a story about a six man tag team match he had in Nigeria. The teams were Bobby Lashley, “The Ultimate Commander,” and someone he cannot recall vs. himself, Chris Masters, and Crimson. The show was attended by 77 people, due to super high ticket prices (general admission was $100 American dollars.)
-Kevin asks Cliff if he ever feels unsafe on these trips. Cliff replies by regaling us all with a tale of waiting to meet the King of Nigeria, who lives in the worst ghetto in his nation, to stay among his people. As Compton awaited the King, a large crowd gathered. Suddenly, security for the King fired an AK-47 into the sky, leaving Cliff shocked, and dispersing the crowd. Cliff and the uniformed fellow have an amusing exchange following that.
-Compton segue ways into a tremendous entertaining story about meeting “The Prophet Joshua.” Joshua is a faith healer, who is not only a big deal in Africa, but apparently is known in America as well. He also sponsors wrestling tours, and as Cliff wryly notes, resembles Chris Rock. Google and YouTube the Prophet Joshua immediately, as these stories were hilarious.
-Firstly, there is a line of people, and each of them holds a sign listing their ailment or their sin they wish to be cleansed of. Secondly, Compton learned that some of the people were on a six month waiting list! Thirdly, Joshua is rumored to be worth 8 million dollars!
-Knowing this “faith healing” is being televised, Cliff fakes an arm injury, and waits to be healed by the Prophet. He learns from Joshua’s assistant that he will be allowed entry to the Prophet’s “private room” after the show. On a side note, Compton is being filmed this entire time by an incredulous, current TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Lashley.
-In this waiting line of illness and characters, those which stood out to Compton, included the man with the “Full Blown AIDS” sign, who Joshua pushed in the chest and “healed.” Then there was the couple from Kansas who were both constantly cheating on each other, who hoped Joshua could cure them of their philandering ways.
-In the “go home” spot, as Cliff put it, Joshua encountered a man who appeared to be crippled, with a “breathing machine.” As soon as the breathing machine was detached, he flat lined! You have to purchase the DVD to enjoy Compton’s tale as to how Joshua handled this situation, and what Cliff found out about the man’s medical equipment.
-After the show, Cliff points to his neck (his injury has now changed spots!) and motions to Prophet Joshua, who shrugs and gives him a “c’mon man” expression. Compton also finds out how Joshua, the “promoter” handles a bad stomach injury to The Barbarian, and also how the Prophet handles “bonuses.”
-Prophet Joshua also had an encounter with a woman “possessed by the Devil” in front of Compton and Lashley, which has to be heard to be believed!
-Cliff talks about how astonished he was at getting hate mail from ROH fans upon his debut. He says the fans love him now, and he’ll “be World Champion in two months!” He says he really loves the fans enthusiasm at ROH shows.
-He tells Kevin how he enjoys and prefers working small towns, and he refers to himself as “Mr. Indiana.”
-The topic changes, as Compton and Steen exchange stories of their love of animals. Steen calls Cliff “the most dedicated dog owner he knows.” This turns into Cliff Compton vs. Walgreens!
-Compton vs. Walgreens I: Cliff’s dog Riggs is a diabetic, and needs shots of insulin to live. Compton muses that he would like to take Riggs to Prophet Joshua to heal him. Steen makes Cliff tell him what he said the last time he called; “Not so good Kevin. I really fucked up this time!”
-Apparently Cliff, while shaking up Riggs’ insulin, dropped the bottle. The prescription cost a few hundred dollars, so he went back for a refill, and was refused. “Maybe they thought I was dealing insulin…” We find out that the reason the Walgreens in his town now has security cameras, is due to an earlier incident involving Mr. Compton. (Please purchase this DVD to enjoy the hysterical tale of Compton vs. Walgreens II!)
-Steen tells Cliff his theory that everyone is wrestling either comes into it crazy, or is made crazy by the strange lifestyle. Compton laments his recent loss of a prospective girlfriend due to this, and says she claimed “he had no stability.”
-Originally, Cliff met this girl (nursing student) at his gym, by asking the GM what her story was. He then queried of Steve Corino and his wife whether or not approaching someone in a gym was creepy. Mr. & Mrs. Corino gave Compton the green light, and phone numbers were exchanged.
-The trouble started when she saw Cliff’s Facebook, which was synced with his Twitter, which contained all sorts of in character wrestling threats, cursing, and bloody photos. He sadly notes that “for some reason, she no longer goes to the gym at the same time as me anymore.”
-In another story I cannot do justice, so I will have to leave it to your purchase for you to enjoy, I will offer the following description; Cliff’s gym, a Craigslist post, a young Asian man, the steam room, and former ROH World Heavyweight Champion, Adam Cole!
-And finally, in another story that has to be heard to be believed, but I will do my best to describe anyways, this portion of the DVD ends with, “The Legend of Sami Zayn and W. Axl Rose.”
-Cliff had procured some tickets and backstage passes for himself and CM Punk, to attend the Chicago GNR concert in 2011, via GNR Guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal. (Speaking some personal experience, Bumblefoot is the fucking man!)
-Sami Zayn, Colt Cabana, and Chicago comedian and the host of Wrestling with Depression (www.wrestlingwithdepression.com) Marty Derosa tag along, and plan to buy tickets to the show. When they arrive, Bumblefoot just allows everyone to come backstage, where they learn they will be watching the concert from ON the stage, right next to where Bumble plays.
-Hijinks ensue on the part of NXT Superstar Sami Zayn, involing Zayn almost dancing on the stage, inappropriate use of Bumblefoot’s guitar, and finally a meeting with the man himself, the legendary and mercurial, W. Axl Rose!
-This was my first ever viewing of “The Kevin Steen Show,” and I highly enjoyed it. Steen is very  much at ease with his format, and a big part of what makes this DVD good is seeing Steen himself be amused and sometimes befuddled by his guest and good friend. Cliff Compton, as always, is a magnetic personality, and a natural storyteller, with a penchant for finding himself in interesting and humorous situations. I would highly recommend checking this DVD out. Thanks for reading!
If interested in purchasing this DVD, or any other episodes of the Kevin Steen Show, please visit www.HighSpots.com
Highspots also has Shoot Interview DVDs, and selections from PWG, ROH, CZW, and a big catalog of discounted DVDS! Some of the newer selections include “The Crockett Diaries” with various guests from that era, “The Harley Race Story,” and “The Story of the Rock N Roll Express.”
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