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Ring of Honor was in Philly, this week. The TV Title was up for grabs as ACH took on Jay Lethal.

Roll both great opening montages.

Steve Corino was back at the announce table. He had a fantastic match to send Kevin Steen off to other places, last week.

Rocky Romero vs Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa and Romero had a falling out, about a month ago, in Cincinnati, OH. They had to be pulled apart after they went to blows, following a tag team match. Romero has nearly a decade more experience than the Sicilian Psychopath.

Code of Honor Handshake but that was the last nice moment for these two. The two unloaded with Forearm shots. Romero poked Ciampa in the eyes. Ciampa pushed out of the Side Headlock and Shoulder Tackled Rocky. Romero put himself between the ropes to lure Ciampa in. Ciampa charged and ended up on the floor. Romero with a Knee Trembler, off he apron.

Back in the ring, Romero cut loose with several hard kicks. Romero sent Ciampa to the corner but couldn’t follow up. Ciampa nailed a hard Boot. Romero went for Sliced Bread #2 but Ciampa reversed it into a Backbreaker. Time for a break.

TaDarius Thomas tried to cut a promo showing respect to ACH. B.J. Whitmer cut Thomas off and ordered Thomas not to put ACH “over”. Thomas came close to going off on Whitmer. B.J. also tore “Waterboy” Adam Page a new one for coming to Thomas’ aid. Whitmer demanded the camera crew to stop filming.

Romero connected with a wicked Suicide Dive that slammed Ciampa into the retaining barricade. The fans were going wild for this action. Romero lifted Ciampa and pitched him into the ring. Romero went up top and flew…into a Dropkick to the chest. Ciampa lifted Romero for a Powerbomb but Romero fought his way free. Ciampa, again, blocked a Sliced Bread #2 and turned it into a School Boy Bomb into the corner. Running Knees by Ciampa. Running Powerbomb by Romero for a two count. Ciampa Booted Romero but Rocky Dropkicked the leg of Ciampa. Romero wanted a Hurancnarana but had to try twice to finally get it. Corner Clotheslines by Romero, followed by Jumping Knees. Romero went between the ropes but Ciampa with a modified Vertebreaker. 2 count. Sicilian Stretch. Romero barely made it to the ropes. Ciampa refused to release the hold and the ref eventually disqualified Ciampa.

Your Winner (By Disqualification): Rocky Romero
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.5 out of a possible 5

Romero tore into Ciampa, after the match. This feud is only getting started.

ACH did a quick promo about earning his title shot against Jay Lethal. Lethal countered with shots about ACH living in the ghetto and such.

R.D. Evans vs Moose

Evans is supposedly at 138-0. Veda Scott and Ramone were at Evans’ side. Veda is still the cutest girl in wrestling, in my humble opinion.

Ramone stared daggers at the former football player, Moose. Prince Nana helped get Moose his start in the business. Veda stopped Moose and said she was giving Moose one last chance to accept her offer. Scott knew no one wanted to see this match. Evans took the stick and talked to Moose. Evans wanted wrestling to be a team sport with him and Moose (and maybe more) joining forces to dominate. Evans talked about being a respected locker room veteran. Evans felt his advice could be quite helpful. He wanted to be Moose’s quarterback. Evans wanted Moose to be his lineman. The two shook hands as Evans screamed “Yes!”. Scott thought this was great. She tried to get a “Streak” chant going but it failed. Moose shook Scott’s hand, as well. Really? Moose sold out?

Your Winner: No Contest
Honor Roll Ranking: N/A

ACH vs Jay Lethal
TV Title Match

ACH won this title shot at Best in the World. Zaleezia and Truth Martini seconded the TV Champ. Lethal’s hair was just downright awful looking. Bobby Cruise made the introductions.

Before the match, Cedric Alexander cut a promo about fighting Michael Elgin, next week, for the RoH World Title.

Collar and Elbow and Lethal took them to the corner. Both men unloaded with Knife Edge Chops. Lethal bailed out to the floor. Truth gave Jay a pep talk and sent him back into the ring. Jay bounced ACH off the top turnbuckle. Jay popped ACH with a very loud Open Hand Slap to the chest. Back Elbow and Pull In by ACH. ACH used another Knife Edge Chop to drop Jay. 1 count. ACH ran Jay into the corner. ACH then clocked the TV Champ.

Jay threw ACH out of the ring. Jay went to fly but ACH dodged it. Zaleezie pushed ACH into the ring post. The ref saw it and banished her from ringside. He could have DQ’d Jay but didn’t. It took several refs to escort the female bodyguard out of the arena. Jay threw ACH into the barricade. European Uppercut by Jay. Lethal rolled in and out of the ring to reset the count. ACH tried to fight back but Jay unloaded with another Knife Edge Chop. Jay pitched ACH back into the ring. Jay only got a two count. RoH took another commercial break.

ACH hit a Knee Drop that got him a two count. Gutbusters, by ACH, multiple times. 2 count only. Splash by ACH for another two count. ACH locked in the Abdominal Stretch. ACH went out after Truth Martini. Jay was just waiting for ACH to come around the corner, so he could nail a vicious Clothesline. Jay drove ACH’s back into the ring apron. Suicide Dive by Lethal. Lethal called off a 2nd Crash and Burn Dive. Low Bridge by ACH, followed by a Jumping Enziguri. Truth tripped ACH and Todd Sinclair saw it. Martini was sent packing.

Jay choked ACH with the boot. Snap Suplex by Lethal but it only drew a 2. Jay kept punching ACH in the forehead. Leg Scissors by the TV Champ. Lethal bashed ACH in the head with Forearms. ACH was sent to the apron. He slapped Jay in the ear. Lethal with a variation of the Black Hole Slam.

Both men unleashed wild Haymakers on each other. They switched to Knife Edge Chops. ACH got the better of that exchange. Clothesline and Back Elbows by ACH. ACH was sent to the apron. Code Breaker-like move, in the ropes, by ACH. ACH then flew off the top to drop Lethal. Whip by ACH but Jay got the boot up. Roaring Elbow into the German Suplex. 1-2-No. RoH went to a final break.

ACH and Jay were on the top turnbuckle. ACH drove Jay’s face down into the top turnbuckle. Double Stomp, off the top, by ACH. Float Over got blocked by ACH. ACH with another Double Stomp. ACH missed the 450 Splash. Lethal Combination, followed by Hail to the King (Savage Elbow). Could be…might be…Denied. “This is Wrestling” rang out from the crowd. ACH reversed a Suplex. Jay blocked the O’Conner Roll and turned ACH inside out with a Superkick. Sinclair checked on ACH, since ACH twisted so oddly after the Superkick. Lethal slid out and got his TV title belt. Jay started to take off but ACH stopped him. They threw wild forearms, on the floor. ACH sent Jay into the ring barrier. Jay with a Knee Lift. Lethal took ACH back into the ring. ACH Dropkicked Jay off the apron. The count reset. Corkscrew Tope Con Hilo by ACH. 450 Splash! Lethal got his foot on the ropes at 2. The streamers were already flying because the fans thought it was over. ACH looked heart broken. ACH suddenly fell down. He recovered and the two men went back to punching away. ACH with the Lethal Combination into the Koji Clutch! Lethal fought like a madman to try and escape. Lethal was just too far from the ropes. ACH adjusted the move and kept Lethal from the ropes. Lethal barely escaped. The two threw bombs like crazy. Suddenly, the bell rang!

Your Winner: Time Limit Draw
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.75

The crowd screamed for Five More Minutes. (Me Too, Me Too). Ach begged for just a little more time. Jay, of course, didn’t want to keep going. Jay did shake ACH’s hand, after the match. I hate endings like that!


–Jay Shannon

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