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Kevin Steen is ready to take the next step in his career. Tonight, he said goodbye to his legions of Ring of Honor fans with one final match…against Steve Corino. Most of the show was a tribute to “Mr. Wrestling”. Let’s enjoy this wonderful show together.

I had the honor to meet Kevin Steen in New Orleans, back in April. While I only got to talk to him for a few quick minutes, it was obvious that the man is dedicated to a sport that he truly loves.

I have to admit being a little sad sitting here watching this week’s Ring of Honor. My grandson, Tim, who normally watches with me, is on his way to Sacramento, to begin his military career. We had a nice little going-away party for the kid, yesterday. Good luck and God Bless, my special little man. “Grandpa Jay” is just so proud of you.

Kevin Steen opened the show with a talk about his 7 years in Ring of Honor. Kevin showed incredible respect to his mentor, Steve Corino. Kevin admitted that Steve helped mold his career. Kevin admitted he was honored to fight his mentor but he had no plans to take it easy on “The King of Old School”.

Roll the opening montage!

Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly talked about saying “Thanks, Steen, Thanks”. Before the Steen/Corino match, we had a few other things to attend to…

TaDarius Thomas (w/The Decade) vs ACH

These two used to work together as Adrenaline Rush, before T.D. left to join The Decade. The fans were solidly behind ACH. Jimmy Jacobs spat in ACH’s face as ACH asked Thomas for the Code of Honor Handshake.

Ach stalked his foe as the ref and ringside crew cleared the streamers out of the ring. Thomas with a Front Face lock that was reversed and re-reversed. The fans appreciated what they were seeing. ACH did a Cartwheel and Back Flip. Hurancanrana, by Thomas, but ACH landed on his feet. Thomas sent ACH into the corner and hit multiple Back Elbows. ACH sent flying. This was incredible. Thomas flipped over the ropes and landed on the apron. Wild kick by Thomas but ACH with Knife Edge Chops. Thomas flipped ACH over the ropes. He went for a Springboard but got a hard kick. Inside Outs led to a Suicide Dive by ACH. Thomas dodged most of the move and ACH hit the railing.

Thomas with Knife Edge Chops to ACH’s chest. Jimmy Jacobs yelled as Thomas kicked ACH over the railing and into the front row. Time for a break.

We saw a highlight feature of Kevin Steen vs Nigel McGuinness, from many years ago.

As we returned, we saw Kevin Steen taking out Davey Richards with the Package Piledriver to win the RoH World Title, back in 2012.

Back to current action. The two men threw hard Forearms. Thomas kicked ACH in the face and chest. Thomas kicked ACH into the corner with a Thrust Kick. Elbows by Thomas. Whip by Thomas but he ate a Back Elbow. ACH pulled Thomas down into the middle turnbuckle. The fans began to clap to motivate ACH. Knife Edge Chops and hard punches by ACH. Reversed Whip but Ach with a kick. He missed the Spin Kick but did nail the boot and hit the Walk-In DDT, off the ropes. ACH missed a Big Boot. Thomas with a wild Forearm and High Angle German. Gut Wrench that led to a Back Run to the corner. Thomas got the boot up and hit an Inverted Suplex, gaining Thomas a two count.

Thomas went to ACH’s face. He tried for a Bulldog but ACH held onto the ropes. Hard kicks by Thomas to ACH’s mouth. ACH battled free and spat blood at his former partner. ACH told Thomas to bring the fight. Thomas, a former Golden Gloves champ, punched away. Spiral Enziguri took down Thomas. Thomas’ eyes were rolling back in his head after that one. ACH tried for the Sunset Flip but Thomas with the Spider Bridge. Thomas avoided ACH, until the Double Stomp. The fans yelled how awesome this match was.

ACH climbed up the ropes but Jacobs and Adam Page distracted him. Thomas joined ACH on the top rope. “Please Don’t Die!” rang out. Wild Flying Neckbreaker Superplex by Thomas but he could only get a two count. Jacobs screamed at T.D. to “break his jaw”. Thomas set ACH against the ring post but ACH moved. Thomas’s leg and crotch wrapped around the ring post. ACH with a Back Flip Moonsault. He missed the 450 Splash. Wild Running Corner Dropkick by ACH. 450 Splash!

Your Winner: ACH
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0 out of a possible 5

Jacobs and B.J. Whitmer bullied Thomas and Page, after the match. Thomas and Page stood up to Jacobs and Whitmer, at first. Page and Thomas were ordered to the back. The fans screamed that T.D. and Adam should “Man Up!”.

RoH next looked at the rise of Cedric Alexander. This kid is a definite future World Champion. Cedric has a future World Title shot, thanks to winning the “Golden Gauntlet”.

Kevin Steen vs El Generico at Final Battle 2012 was the next match highlighted.

Next up, we were treated to the finish of Steen and El Generico beating the Age of the Fall for the World Tag Team titles, way back in 2008.

It was time for our main event…

“King of Old School” Steve Corino vs “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen

Corino was bombarded with the colorful streamers. There were quite a few thrown but nothing compared to what Steen got. Steen made Snow Angels in the colorful papers. He ended up completely covered in a rainbow of crepe paper. I love it. Ring of Honor gave this match almost half the show to run. The fans went on for what seemed like forever with the “Mister Wresting” chant.

Bobby Cruise started to do an introduction but Corino gave Bobby a message to read. Corino hugged Cruise. The introduction was so touching to hear. Corino had a different cause, one more day in the sun. Cruise ran down Corino’s accomplishments. He then introduced the Canadian superstar, “Mr. Wrestling”, Kevin Steen! There was a quick break before the epic war got started.

Extended Code of Honor Handshake as both men talked to each other. Corino with a series of cheap punches to the face. Steen and Corino with a Hockey Fight like barrage of Forearm Smashes. Corino went to the apron and Steen with a Dropkick. Corino tripped Kevin as he got out onto the apron. Corino whipped Steen into the barricade, a few times. Steen began to fight back and he ran Corino into the barrier. Steen saw a fan with an El Generico mask. He asked to borrow it and put on the mask of his old friend. Generico Running Yakuza Kick by Steen. The Bouncing Souls “Ole” rang out. Steen pitched the mask back to the fan.

Back in the ring, Corino with hard punches and the Flip Flop and Fly into the Bionic Elbow. Corino missed a Corner Rush and Steen with several punches. Corino caught Steen with an Abdominal Stretch, off the Whip. Code Breaker by Steen. Flying Butt Rush and Cannonball by Steen. The fans chanted for Steen. Steen hit a Shotgun-like Knife Edge Chop. Corino nailed the STO Clothesline and wild Forearms. Steen came back with a Big Boot. Corino was pitched out to the floor. Steen wanted the Package Piledriver but it didn’t happen. Both men hit Clotheslines on each other. The ref got to 19 before Kevin and Steve slid back in the ring. RoH needed to pay some bills, so time for a commercial break.

The action was still going strong as RoH got back. The two men were back to throwing Forearms. Corino got a wild Suplex to get a two count. Corino, as Kevin Kelly mentioned, got Steen his job, many years ago. Running Kick into a Rope Assisted DDT by Steen. Steen flew off the top to connect with the Swanton to score the two plus. That brought another round of “Mr. Wrestling” chants. Fireman’s Carry but Corino escaped. Colby Shock by Corino. Corino urged Steen to get up. Step-Up Enziguri into F-Cinq, by Steen. Could be—might be…Denied! “Kill Steen Kill” rang out. Steen wanted the Package Piledriver but Corino with a Back Body Drop and Superkick. Lariat and Baseball Lariat by Corino. “You Still Got It” echoed off the walls.

Corino put Steen on the top rope and blasted him, several times. Headbutts by Steen. Cotino wanted a Top Rope Hurancanana but Steen with the Fisherman’s Driver, off the ropes. Two count. Jackknife, by Corino, as he blocked the Package Piledriver. Both men hit Clotheslines. Corino with a Superkick. Powerbomb into the Package Piledriver! Count to 100, this bad boy’s a done deal.

Your Winner: Kevin Steen
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.75

After the match, Jimmy Jacobs came to the ring. It looked like he was showing respect. It didn’t last long, as Jacobs attacked Steen. He screamed that he loved the guy but Steen was walking out, just like all the rest. The rest of The Decade rushed the ring but the locker room cleared to protect Steen and Corino.


–Jay Shannon

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