Posted August 17th, 2014 by Bill Apter

It’s a great card of wrestling and I am looking forward to watching it on the WWE NetworK (for ONLY — let’s do this together — 9.99)!

This is NOT inside information. I picking them just like you would so here are my predictions:

BROCK LESNAR will defeat JOHN CENA and win the championship. This leaves the door open for so many “good guy” opponents to challenge (are we all thinking Sting)? What I would LOVE to see is Lesnar win and “The Dead Man” The Undertaker comes back in a few months and wins the title from him — avenging the “streak loss” and then ‘Taker retires.

STEPHANIE MCMAHON will defeat BRIE BELLA and continue to humiliate her for the next few months. This on is FAR from over.

ROMAN REIGNS, despite interference from SETH ROLLINS will defeat RANDY ORTON. This will be a hard-fought battle — very physical.

BRAY WYATT will defeat CHRIS JERICHO. It could be an exceptional match but Wyatt wins.

SETH ROLLINS will find some way to beat DEAN AMBROSE (like interference from The Authority) in a “Lumberjack” match.

JACK SWAGGER will somehow win the “Flag” match over RUSEV.

Intercontinental champion DOLPH ZIGGLER will emerge victorious and win the title from THE MIZ. The “Universe” wants this to happen already!

Divas champion AJ LEE will remain Divas champion by defeating Paige.

Cesaro will continue his winning ways and defeat RVD — but — RVD will dominate most of the match.

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