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Reigns starts out with several stiff punches … Orton gets a few in but Reigns’ punches and then a clothelsline over te ropes takes and early toll on Orton … Orton tosses Reigns into the steel ring steps and then into the ring … Now in the ring it’s a chinlock by Orton to slow Reigns down … Orton with an amazing Superplex off the top ropes.

Reigns with a powerful chinlock but Orton lifts him and tosses him off … Orton with his own chinlock trying to slow Reigns’ down … Samoan Drop by Reigns … Reigns with a great clothesline and with Orton on the ropes a dropkick special by Reigns … With both out of the ring Orton smashes him into the ringpost and into the ring for a pin attempt … Orton takes him out and backdrops him onto the announcer’s table and into the steel steps.

Reighns in the ring, Orton climbs the ropes form outside … Reigns is knocked down but Reigns puts him on his shoulders and it’s a Samoan Drop from the top! … Pin attempt by Reigns but only a two count … Superman Punch by Reigns and Orton is down … He goes for the spear but Orton turns it into a slam! … A DDT off the ropes by Orton.

Orton is going for the kill and it seems the fans are on his side … He goes for the RKO, misses, but gets it and only a two count!…Orton can’t figure it out … Reigns is out cold … Randy is about to go for the kick to the head, Reigns pulls Orton’s leg out and a huge spear and pin!

It’s time for the semi main event of the evening.

Randy Orton v Roman Reigns

Prediction: Reigns

This one should be as physical as a match can be & I don’t think it’ll disappoint.

The first portion of this match was very much a wrestler v brawler match up with Orton controlling with holds & counters and Reigns trying to use his power moves & throw punches.

There were many highlights from the match. A superplex from the top rope delivered by Orton and a Samoan drop from the top delivered by Reigns. Orton also delivered a very impressive counter turning a spear into a power slam!

Then towards the end Orton delivered an epic looking RKO after Reigns tried going for the superman punch. Very impressive!!

Reigns hit a huge spear on Orton for the win.

Orton was brilliant in this match. He did his job perfectly in making Reigns look like a million dollars.

Another solid match for this PPV! It’s been a great show thus far.

Predictions: 5-2

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