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What a fight and it’s mostly Ambrose taking charge at the start … When Ambrose got tossed out he fought some of them and rolled in on his own … The fans are all pro-Ambrose … Ambrose suplexes Rollins over the top onto some of the lumberjacks … This looks more likean outside the ring battle royal … Rollins tossed into the fan’s area as Ambrose is tossed back in … He gets out and from the top of the broadcast table dives onto Lumberjacks/

Ambrose smashing Rollins into the railings up the steps by the audience … Kane comes out and tells the Lumberjacks to get them down from the balcony … They are bought back but Rollins goes on his own and as he was going to quit and go back the USOs and Goldust and Stardust carry him back … Ambrose with a suicide-dive onto all the Lumberjacks and Rollins!

Ambrose with Ambrose’s stomp and a pin attempt and Kane runs in — Goldust punches Kane and now all the Lumberjacks are in the ring… Rollins with the Money In The Bank briefcase to the face for the pin!


Match #4 is probably the match I’m most looking forward to – Rollins v Ambrose in a lumberjack match.

Predicting Rollins to get the win here.

Rollins was the first thrown out by Ambrose and surprisingly was thrown back in the ring by the heel lumberjacks.

The LA crowd were very much behind Ambrose. Rollins tried controlling the pace of the match but Ambrose kept firing up.

Ambrose pretty much threw himself at anyone & everything. Majority of the lumberjacks got taken out by Ambrose.

Corporate Kane made an appearance and ordered the lumberjacks to go and fetch Ambrose & Rollins after they started brawling up in the crowd.

The melee continued as everyone brawled.

So much happened at the end it was hard to keep up!

This match was just incredible! It delivered as much as I expected.

Match of the night so far and probably match of the entire show.

Rollins with the win after Kane interfered causing an all in brawl.

Such a great great match!!

2-2 for predictions!

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