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Stephanie comes to the ring in an amazing gladiator looking outfit … Stephanie looks so mean .. Stephanie with some chokeholds and Brie with a few arm-drags … An elbow to the face nearly breaks Brie’s nose … In the corner Stephanie kicks at Bella and hits her with forearms at will and the throws her across the ring by her hair.

Brie blocks one and tries to get Stephanie in the “yes” lock but Stephanie goes out of the ring…Brie tries to fly onto her but Stephanie turns it into a near DDT … In the ring a DDT by Stephanie by Brie kicks out at the two count … Stephanie with a neckbreaker and pin try again … A “crucifix” hold by Stephanie.

She steps on Brie’s face and then back to the “crucifix” … Brie with a few kicks and then with a flying press on Stephanie and then an elbow smash … Brie traps Stephanie in the corner and kicks away … Then she tosses Stephanie across the ring and kicks her in the corner.

As she kicks the fans yell “yes, yes, yes!” … Brie to the top with a missle dropkick and pin attempt … With Brie on top of Stephanie, Tripe H comes to the ring and so does Nikki … Stephanie is going for the Pedigree but Brie puts here in a “yes” lock … Triple H pulls the referee out of the ring as he is making the count … Brie dropkicks Triple H!!! Stephanie is sandwiched between both Bellas and Nikki kayoes her sister allowing Stephanie to pin Brie!

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Match #6 – It’s time for Stephanie McMahon v Brie Bella.

Prediction: Stephanie McMahon

This match has had just as much build as the Cena/Lesnar match.

Stephanie is wearing attire that you would expect from Chyna back in the day.

Notable faces in the crowd as McMahon held up 4 fingers to Ronda Rousey and her crew sitting front row.

McMahon dominated this match early on. Every time Bella tried to gain the advantage Stephanie would counter.

A “you still got it” from the crowd directed towards Stephanie.

Brie finally gained the upper hand with a Lou Thesz followed by punches.

The #YesMovement is far from dead if this crowd is any indication.

HHH interferes as you would expect. Nikki ran down for the save only to then turn on sister Brie, as many people had predicted, allowing Stephanie to hit the pedigree.

The McMahons celebrate post-match as sister Nikki looks on from the outside.

Predictions: 4-2

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