Posted August 17th, 2014 by 1Wrestling News Team

El Patron (Alberto del Rio) did a media tour yesterday in Mexico City promoting Triplemania XXII and he confirmed the story of how he got fired from WWE but didn’t want to go into more detail until the time was right. He said that he is banned from wrestling in the United States for a year as part of his release and that since he got fired for assaulting an employee he won’t be getting his severance pay. He said that he is living in San Antonio now which is close to his cousins and that he will be based out of there for the time being as he works in Mexico. He said that he was trying his best to wrestle on TM tomorrow but he found out he couldn’t and will just be at the show to speak to the fans. I would not be surprised if he got involved in some form or fashion and also wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up being a rudo before the night is over but that’s just me.

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