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It was the end of an era and the beginning of another. This would be the final Thursday night episode of TNA Impact Wrestling. (They are moving to Wednesdays). Plus, two of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history had one more wild battle. And, we get an update of Dixie Carter(it ain’t good news).

The show, as expected, opened with repeated viewings of Dixie Carter being put through the table. She was definitely hurt on that landing. More on that in a bit…

Bully Ray came out to party with the crowd. Taz giggled on the fact that the Queen was dethroned by the future Hall of Famers. Bully was having one of the best feelings in a long time. Bully kept his word that he would put Dixie through the table, with the help of all the New York City fans. Bully had one person that he wanted to thank. Bully was talking about his “brother” Devon. As Devon came down the ramp, Mike Tenay pushed that you can buy a piece of the table Dixie was put through, along with a bit of the ring. Jeez.

Devon agreed it felt good to be home in NYC. Devon was ready to get down to business but he was cut off by the arrival of Matt and Jeff Hardy. The Hardys joined Team 3D in the middle of the Manhattan Center. Matt mentioned that it had been 12 years since the two teams stood across the ring from each other. Matt said he and Jeff came out to congratulate Bully Ray and Devon for going into the Hall of Fame. Matt did a brief history lesson about their battles. Bully jumped in to add information. “One More Match” rose from the crowd. The fans went nuts at the suggestion of the two teams going to war, one more time. Jeff was “Extremely Cool” with the idea. Devon gave his verbal thumbs up. It’s a done deal: Team 3D vs The Hardys!

Impact went back to last week to showcase the crowning of Samoa Joe as the new X-Division Champion. Joe talked about the task that Kurt Angle gave him…to reinvigorate the X-Title.

Rockstar Spud, Ethan Carter III and Rhino limped around backstage. They were in seriously bad moods. More on them, very soon.

TNA showed the Dixie Crash, yet again.

Bobby Roode and Eric Young, along with Austin Aries laughed at Dixie’s fate. Aries suggested that he, Roode and Young should unite to take out the rest of the trash (Lashley, Kenny King and MVP).

Low Ki vs Homicide vs Manik vs Tigre Uno vs Crazy Steve vs DJZ
Six Man Scramble to determine the number contender to the X-Championship

Steve and Tigre began this wild elimination match. Tigre ducked under a Clothesline and then slid under Steve. Go Behind by into a Drop Toe Hold by Steve. Inverted Slider Crossbody. Steve popper Tigre in the head. DJZ slapped Steve. Steve rebounded to bite DJZ. DJZ tried to trip Steve but failed. Zema Ion/DJZ with a Running Inverted Samoan Drop and Twisting 450 Splash.

Crazy Steve – Eliminated

Manik joined the fight and went for the Manik Depression (Double Underhook Modified Code Breaker) but failed. Springboard Hurancanrana by Tigre. Flying Neckbreaker by Manik. Springboard Dropkick by Manik into the Manik Depression.

Tigre Uno – Eliminated

The others all got in the ring, almost. DJZ was kept on the apron until he hit the Springboard Dropkick. DJZ with a Roll Up, while holding the tights.

Manik – Eliminated

Low Ki and Homicide just beat the stuffing out of DJZ. The Brooklynites absolutely annihilated the Sapphire-colored Mohawked DJZ. Gringo Killa by Homicide to send DJZ back to the Jersey Shore.

DJZ – Eliminated

This left Homicide and Low Ki to face each other. Low Ki with Corner Punches but Homicide pushed Low Ki off the ropes. He seemed to injure his ankle, on the floor landing. Homicide with a Rolling Tope Suicida.

The two got back in the ring and Homicide drove Low Ki’s face into the turnbuckles. Running Knee Strike by Homicide, but it only brought him a two. Homicide threw a hard punch. Low Ki reversed a Whip and sent Homicide, twice, into the corner. Homicide wanted the Gringo Killa but Low Ki blocked it. Running Dropkick sent Homicide flying into the corner. Ki Krusher!

Your Winner: Low Ki
Impact Scorecard: 2.75 out of a possible 5

Ethan, Rhino and Spud came upon more people laughing at the video replay of Dixie being sent through the table. Ethan slapped the guy’s phone away and said they were lucky they still had jobs. Ethan and his posse would address the situation, next.

The Carter Army stormed down to the ring. Ethan had his forehead bandaged. Spud had cotton stuck up his nose. Spud was trying to do his intro but got shouted down. He came back to order a moment of silence for the biggest tragedy in wrestling history. He didn’t get the respect that he wanted. Spud shrieked about how much he hated New York and the fans. Ethan took over and said his aunt was viciously driven through a table and the fans only wanted to cheer. Ethan demanded that Bully Ray be fired from Impact Wrestling. Ethan said he would not leave the ring until Bully Ray was terminated.

Kurt Angle came out to discuss this with Ethan and his crew. Kurt told Spud (“you little twerp”) to shut up. He reminded Ethan that they were in NYC. Kurt felt Ethan and his boys were wasting time. Kurt demanded that the group either wrestle or get the Hell out of his ring.

Ethan said he refused to wrestle, this week, since he spilled blood, last week. Ethan said if Bully Ray wasn’t fired, immediately, there would be a problem. Kurt said Ethan needed to get out of the ring. When Ethan refused, Kurt called the NYPD forces to (Yep, you guessed it) Arrest Ethan, Rhino and Spud. Sigh. Spud screamed he had diplomatic immunity. One of the cops took Spud down, hard. Three cops cuffed the leopard-suited Brit. Rhino then got cuffed. Ethan smarted off about all the rich people he knew. He started throwing money at one of the cops and got arrested for trespassing and attempted bribery of a law-enforcement official. “Nah Nah Hey Hey” rang out. Ethan screamed for his lawyers. Spud kicked at one of the cops and got choked by one of New York’s finest.

Sam Shaw and Gunner discussed the situation revolving around Ken Anderson. Sam felt Ken would never trust him. Gunner said he and Ken would settle things, tonight.

The cameras were still rolling as the Carter Army was carted off to the Crossbar Motel.

Ken Anderson vs Gunner

Before the match, Impact reviewed the breakdown between Ken and Gunner, after they lost to the BroMans and DJZ.

The two started by yelling at each other. That led to a shoving match. Side Headlock by Ken. Push Off into an Anderson Shoulder Tackle. Universal stopped by a Gunner Shoulder. Collar and Elbow saw both men dance around the ropes. Ken went back to the Collar and Elbow. Go Behind into a Standing Switch. Amateur Takedown by Ken. Gunner dropped Ken with a Back Body Drop. Ken with wild Forearm Smashes. The fans started singing the Adam Rose theme music. The two men slugged it out. Sam Shaw slid in the ring. Ken popped him and Shaw went off on Anderson.

Your Winner (by Disqualification): Mr. (Ken) Anderson
Impact Scoreboard: 1.5

Velvet Sky and Angelina Love chatted about tonight’s Fatal Four Way for the Knockout Title. Sky said “one of us will walk out Knockout Champion”. Love wasn’t sure how to read that. She chased after Sky.

TNA reviewed the aftermath of last week’s show. Ray got everyone to sing “Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead” from Wizard of Oz. Dixie has a broken rib…and broken back! Mike Tenay will interview Dixie, next week.

Angelina Love vs Velvet Sky vs Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim
Fatal Four Way for the Knockout Title

The Beautiful People went after Taryn and Gail. Gail took the fight to Sky. Love joined her partner to hit a Double Team Neckbreaker. The BPs then worked over Taryn. Corner Splashes by both BPs. Sky went to bounce off the ropes but Gail pulled Sky to the outside. Love charged and ended up on the floor. Gail attacked both Love and Sky and the Bell Ringered their skulls. Gail came off the apron with a Double Clothesline. Taryn flew off the top turnbuckle to take out all three girls.

Taryn took Love back in the ring and got a two count. I loved the “Better Than Divas” chant that got started. Some of my best friends are from the New York/New Jersey area and they all seem to have that same attitude of “Say what you mean and mean what you say.”

Love pushed out of a Cutter. Clotheslines by Taryn. Rolling Neckbreaker by Taryn but Gail with the save. Velvet slid in and almost got the pin. Love and Sky squared off but Taryn and Gail attacked. Gail with Corner Clothesline to Sky. Love blocked a Monkey Flip. Love stopped Sky from hitting In Your Face. Taryn with a Clothesline to both BPs. Gail with Eat da Feet to Sky.

Your Winner: Gail Kim
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

MVP and his tribe were asked about Dixie Carter. MVP said the “chickens were coming home to roost”. King said Dixie was “old news”. MVP finished the sentence by saying “We make the news.”

MPV, Kenny King and Lashley vs Eric Young, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries
Six-Man Tag Team Match

Roode and Lashley opened up the contest. King tagged himself in and attacked Roode. King reversed a Whip but ate a pair of Clotheslines. Roode tried to go for the Crippler Crossface but King escaped. Inverted Atomic Drop and Tag to Aries. Miz and Morrison Slingshot Elbow Drop combo. Tag back to Roode. Roode with a hard kick to the ribs and Rush into the corner.

Knife Edge Chops by Roode. Tag to Eric. Double Whip into Stereo Back Elbows. 2 count. Eric ran King into the corner. King reversed a Whip but Eric with the Float Over. King with a hard kick that dropped Eric. MVP with a punch or two but Eric sent him to his corner. Tag to Lashley.

Eric talked trash and that led to punches, back and forth. Lashley popped Eric and sent him to the ropes. Lashley powered out of the Piledriver. Low Bridge into the Slider Dropkick. Roode and Aries took out the other two. Double Sledge, by Aries, to Lashley. Eric with the Flair Flop and Shoulder Block. Eric went up top but King pushed him off into a Crotch Buster, over the top rope. Lashley with n wicked Neckbreaker.

MVP tagged back in and punched away on Eric. King then tagged in and out to Lashley. Lashley drilled Eric with a hard punch. Roode screamed at Lashley. Eric tried to crawl under Lashley but got caught. When Eric did tag out, Aries went ballistic on King, who had also tagged in. Springboard Senton by Aires. King jumped Aries from behind. Aries went through the ropes to take out Lashley. Aries then snapped King’s neck on the top rope. Missile Dropkick to King. King got a hard boot. Roode and Eric were taken out. Aries converted the Spear into the Last Chancellory. Roode took out King with the Double R Spinbebuster. MVP blasted Roode but fell to an Eric Young Piledriver. Lashley with a Running Powerbomb to Eric. Lashley was rocked, by Aries, with a pair of Roaring Elbows and a Dropkick. Aries went to the penthouse but MVP cracked Aries with a crutch. The ref, of course, didn’t see a thing. Spear!

Your Winners: MVP, Kenny King and Lashley
Impact Scorecard: 2.75

Abyss was ready to discuss the issue with “Janice”.

Havok is still coming. Eventually. I would suggest 2 or 3 weeks down the road, due to the Letter Shuffle ting. (Actually, I read the spoilers and I believe it to be 2)

The Wolves discussed the greatest tag teams: Beer Money, The Hardys and Team 3D. Davey and Eddie were excited to see the upcoming battle. Eddie said they would gladly face Team 3D, anytime, for the Tag Belts. Cool.

Abyss limped out, very angry. Abyss no longer has possession of Janice. Impact looked at how Bram took control of Janice. Abyss bellowed at Bram to return Janice to him. Bram and Magnus came out. Bram said he enjoyed the rush he got from Janice and decided to keep her. Abyss freaked out and swore that he would get her back. Abyss suggested a “Stairway to Janice” match. Janice would be suspended from the ceiling. The first to get her gets to keep and use her. It will basically be a Hardcore Ladder Match. Abyss almost got his beloved “girl” back but the Brits double teamed him and Bram took off with Janice.

James Storm cut a promo about his Revolution. He mistreated Sanada but promised to turn him into “The Great Sanada”. This was some major brainwashing by “The Cowboy”. This is getting a bit disturbing.

The Six Sides of Steel returns at next week’s “Hardcore Justice” episode of Impact, moving to Wednesday.

Matt and Jeff Hardy vs Bully Ray and Devon

The Hardys vs the Dudleys was some of the best tag match series of the Attitude Era. The Hardys vs Team 3D should keep that fire going. Bully and Devon came out in Old School Camo.

Devon and Matt began the match. Collar and Elbow into an Arm Wringer by Matt. Devon reversed the Arm Wringer. Matt and Devon kept reversing the move until Devon took a Side Headlock. Forearm Smash as Devon came off the ropes. Tag to Jeff. Double Team on Devon to score a two. Jeff beat on Devon and sent him to the ropes. Amazing Grace Corkscrew Elbow by Devon. Legdrop combo by Team 3D as Ray got the tag. Time for a break.

Jeff with a Hurancanrana, off the Whip, from Bully. Matt tagged in and hit a Legdrop. Tag back to Jeff. Poetry in Motion! Devon rushed in and was almost hit with Poetry in Motion, but Bully pulled the hair of Jeff. The fans screamed about how awesome the match was. Devon slammed Jeff’s face into the corner. Measured punches by Devon. Devon got a two count. Rear Chin Lock by Devon. Jeff punched his way free. Jeff flew off the ropes but got Clotheslined, big time. Tag to Ray. Clubbing Sledges to Jeff’s back. Jeff wanted to tag but Bully with repeated Elbow Drops. Tag to Devon. Fist Drop to Jeff’s face, as Bully Ray held him.

Devon flipped Jeff with a hard punch. Devon with the Funk Neckbreaker.Tag to Bully. Double Whip but Jeff tried to fight back. Team 3D Double Neckbreaker to Jeff. 2 count. Ray moved around to block Jeff’s path to his brother. Bear Hug by Bully. Jeff Elbowed free and went to the ropes. Bully with the Back Body Drop. Ray wanted to fly but got distracted by Matt. Jeff went up top for a Hurancanrana. 1-2-not yet.

Earl Hebner almost got taken out. Matt and Devon both took tags. Clotheslines by Matt. Running Bulldog brought a two count for Matt. Side Effect but only a two. Matt climbed up and nailed the Moonsault. Bully dropped an Elbow to make the save. Jeff blasted Bully. Matt joined in. Devon took down Matt with a Clothesline. Devon then pushed Jeff off the ropes to crotch him. Matt joined his brother for a most-wicked Whispers in the Wind combo. 2 count. The Hardys put Devon up top. Matt smacked Devon and went for a Dual Superplex. Ray sent Jeff sailing and then Team 3D nailed the Doomsday Device. Could be…might be..Denied.

Ray planted Matt and the Wazzup struck gold. Ray told Devon to “Get the Tables”. The fans popped so loud. Poetry in Motion, over the ropes, by Jeff. Dang. Devon was pushed back in the ring. Twist of Fate by Matt. Jeff with the Swanton. 1-2-no! Ray pulled Jeff out of the ring. 3D!

Your Winners: Team 3D (Bully Ray and Devon)
Impact Scorecard: 4.0

After the match, all four men showed extreme respect to each other. So great to see.


–Jay Shannon

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