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We are less than one week away from Field of Honor. There was a ton of action, this week. Let’s get to it…

Roll the opening montage!

We are still in Dearborn, MI. Nigel McGuinness joined Kevin Kelly, at the announce desk, as former World Champion, Adam Cole, came out to fight.

Rocky Romero vs Adam Cole

Adam Cole came out without any of his teammates (Michael Bennett, Maria Kanellis or Matt Hardy). Cole looked super-focused, even without The Kingdom at his side.

Code of Honor Handshake. Collar and Elbow to the ropes. Clean Break by Romero. Test of Strength abandoned so Cole could work over the arm. Romero and Cole went back and forth, working over the arm. Hard Foreearm by Cole. Universal into a series of Forearms by both men. Romero lost his cool, a bit, and decked Cole. Hurancanrana that sent Cole to the floor. Wicked Tope Suicida by Romero. Eddie Shimmy by Romero. Knee Drop by Romero to get a two. Cole was bleeding from the mouth. Knife Edge Chops by Romero. Cole fought out of Sliced Bread #2. Cole yanked Romero off the ropes. Cole threw Romero into two different ring posts. Cole came out and whipped Romero into the barricade. Ring of Honor went to break.

Romero flipped out of a Back Drop Suplex and put himself between the ropes. Cole charged but ended up on the floor. Flying Knee Strike, off the apron, by Romero. Cole blocked Sliced Bread #2. The two men hit all kinds of wild moves, including a wicked Clothesline that flipped Cole inside out. Romero put Cole on the top rope and then hit a Springboard Dropkick that almost brought him the three.

Cole dropped the kneepad but missed the Shining Wizard. Inverted Bombs Away by Cole for a two count. Cole wanted the Destroyer but Romero with a Dropkick. Romero finally got Sliced Bread #2 but 2 was the count he also got.

Romero went to pick up Cole but Cole tried to go for a Figure Four. Small Package by Romero. Romero Kneed out of a Suplex. Romero went into the ropes and got Superkicked. Flying Neckbreaker into the Figure Four by Cole. Romero tried to escape but finally had to Tap Out!

Your Winner (by submission): Adam Cole
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

Cole screamed at Michael Elgin that Elgin would never be able to beat him for a second time.

Tammaso Ciampa vs “Waterboy” Adam Page

Ciampa yelled at Roderick Strong. Page went after Ciampa. Page tried for a Roll Up as Ciampa went after Roddy. Ciampa threw Page to the outside. Shooting Star Press, off the apron, by Page. Nice. Page threw Ciampa back in the ring and rushed the corner. Pump Handle Back Suplex by Page. 2 count. Page went up top and waited. He missed the Crossbody. Ciampa with a Discus Clothesline which led to an attempt at Project Ciampa. Page reversed it but Ciampa locked in the Sicilian Stretch. Page barely reached the ropes.

Page blasted Ciampa, over the ropes. The two traded Forearms. Ciampa kicked Page in the ribs. Slingshot Clothesline by Page. Ciampa escaped the Samoan Drop but got rocked by an Enziguri. Page flipped Ciampa over and hit a Backbreaker, off the shoulder. Roderick was ticked that Page dared to use one of Strong’s move. Knockout Knee into Project Ciampa!

Your Winner: Tommaso Ciampa
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.25

Strong yelled at Page to get to the back. Ciampa took the stick and said he wasn’t crazy. What he felt was crazy was that no one had the b*lls to shoot straight with their comments. Ciampa addressed Michael Elgin. He told Elgin that Michaelhad a Bulls-Eye on him and Elgin wants all comers. Ciampa channeled the spirit of the late, great Randy Savage as he ranted about being passed over.

Silas Young came out to counter Ciampa’s comments. Silas said he would be the next World Champion. Silas explained people would have to earn their shots against him. Silas got up in Ciampa’s face and told Tommaso that he didn’t have what it takes. “Wrong!” from Ciampa led to a massive Headbutt. Silas took off to avoid the Sicilian Psychopath.

RoH showed a clip from a House Show. Michael Elgin had Rowe and Hanson (War Machine) to help him counter The Kingdom. Michael Elgin gave the Iconic Title to Maria. Elgin used a Powerbomb on Hardy but Maria got involved. Twist of Fate by Hardy. The Briscoes got involved. Elgin with the Crippler Crossface to make Matt Hardy Tap Out.

Michel Elgin vs Kyle O’Reilly
Ring of Honor World Title Match

Elgin grabbed the house microphone. He told Bobby Fish to shut up. Elgin said he was bringing out his mentor…Tyson Dux. Dux would keep Fish in check. Fish asked Nigel if McGuinness knew about this. Nigel nodded that he did. The introductions were made.

I do like Elgin’s new look, minus the Mullet. Fish screamed at Dux and Elgin. Code of Honor Handshake as Fish continued to yell. Elgin’s left leg was heavily taped. Collar and Elbow and Kyle took the arm. Arm Wringer to control Elgin. Reversal by Elgin. Kyle with an Arm Drag but Elgin didn’t let go of the wrist. Kyle with a nice Spin Drop Toe Hold. Elgin quickly reversed into a Hammerlock. Shoulder Tackle by Kyle but Elgin didn’t go anywhere. Elgin dropped Kyle with the Shoulder Tackle and almost rolled up Kyle. Front Face Lock led to a Suplex attempt. Kyle got free and ran over Elgin’s back. Powerslam by Elgin. Gut Wrench led to Kyle being sent into the corner. Back Stabber like move. Kyle went to the floor. Shoulder Tackle, off the apron, by Elgin. Elgin pitched Kyle back into the ring. Fish got on the apron and Dux took him down. Kyle pulled Elgin off the ropes as RoH went to break.

Kyle took Elgin down. Kyle dropped the kneepad and flew off the ropes to drive the knee into Elgin’s shoulder. Elgin and Kyle traded kicks and punches. Kyle stayed focused on the injured arm. Standing Swtich. Black Hole Slam by Elgin. Elgin was a one-arm man but he still kept punching. Fish helped Kyle and Tyson came over to stop Fish. Elgin with a kick to Fish. He then hit an Enziguri and a Senton. Elgin with a Dead Lift German Suplex. 1-2-not yet.

Elgin went for a Suplex by Kyle Kneed free. Elgin with the Spinning Slam to earn a two count. Elgin couldn’t keep Kyle down. Kyle ran Elgin to the corner. Kyle turned a Powerbomb into the Front Guillotine. Elgin ran Kyle into the corner but Kyle would not release. Elgin finally Suplexed Kyle over. Boot by Kyle into a Tilt-a-Whirl DDT. Elgin blocked the Cross Armbreaker but Kyle was able to lock in the Triangle Hold. Ax and Smash by Kyle. PowerBomb. Kyle reversed a second Powerbomb into the Cross Armbreaker. Kyle switched arms. Fish held back the bottom rope to prevent Elgin from reaching it. Elgin reached a different part of the ropes to force the break.

Elgin urged Kyle to keep coming. Whip Crack Knife Edge Chops by Elgin. Kicks by Kyle. Back Fist by Elgin. Flying Guillotine, by Kyle, was quickly converted into an Elgin Spinebuster. RoH took a final break.

Elgin popped Kyle, who was on the apron. Dead Lift Suplex was blocked. Kyle brought the arm down over the ropes. Kyle started to climb but Elgin with a Dropkick. Kyle Elbowed the shoulder and locked in the Cross Armbraeaker, on the ropes. Elgin turned it into a Super Powerbomb. Elgin Bomb to seal the deal.

Your Winner: Michael Elgin
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.50

After the match, Silas Young, Cedric Alexander, Tommasso Ciampa, Jay and Mark Briscoe and Adam Cole all hit the ring. Hanson and Rowe (War Machine) came in to protect their mentor, Elgin. The fight was completely out of control. Jay with a wicked flip to take out half the guys. Cedric with a Flip Dive to take out the rest. Cole came in and grabbed the World Title Belt. Cole was ready to clock Eligin with the belt. He missed and took a Backfist. Elgin Bomb over the top rope!

Next week: Kevin Steen’s retirement match against Steve Corino!


–Jay Shannon

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