Posted August 10th, 2014 by Bill Apter

I have been a friend of The Rock’s family dating back to his grandparents Peter and Lia Maivia.  When I heard about Rock’s mom Ata being in a car accident,   I called her out of concern and then asked if it would be okay to share this with you and she said it would be fine to do so …

Regarding the automobile accident:

“It happened on August 9,” she told me.   “I was with my niece Lina.  We had just left the fundraiser that Afa and his family hold every year in Minneola, Florida — the USOS Foundation (The Usos Foundation, founded by Afa and Lynn Anoa’i, helps turn around the lives of at risk and financially disadvantaged youth by utilizing what they know more about than just about anyone else, professional wrestling. One of the scholarships presented each year is named after Lia Maivia).

“Afterwards a whole caravan of cars headed to a restaurant and I was driving with Lina as my passenger. Next thing I knew in the town of Clermont, a car had come over the median and crashed head-on-with my car.

“Lina sustained  bruises and collarbone injury and had to have surgery.  I had damage to my chest due to being pushed onto the steering wheel. I have a cast on my left hand  and had to have a Bronchosopy  procedure to check for pain, fluid, and lung damage.  Nothing was broken.  My son was there the whole time.  He sent a private jet to make sure we were taken to a Miami hospital after being treated originally in Orland0.”

“I want to tell everyone who is concerned I am on the road to recovery and thank you all for you concerns.”

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