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Welcome to Part Two of Destination X. Last Week’s episode was epic. This week, one of the most shocking moments in TNA history happened. Wait and see…

Tonight’s show had a Viewer Discretion advisory.

Tommy Dreamer, Devon and Bully Ray talked about how brutal their 8-man war was going to get. Who would be their fourth partner? Bully swore he would get EC3’s blood on him and Dixie would go through a table. #iTHAPPENS was the end of a promotional video’s message.

Abyss vs Bram
Monster’s Ball Match

There were so many toys around ringside. The arena was bathed in crimson light. TNA quickly looked back to when Bram used Janice to attack and defeat Abyss. Magnus came out with his partner. Bram grabbed a kendo stick but didn’t get to use it. Abyss blocked a Whip but took a boot to the face. Bram ended up on the floor. Abyss came out to get his foe. Bram and Abyss traded vicious pops. Bram blocked his face being sent to ring steps and put Abyss’ there instead. Abyss sent Bram to the steps. Abyss threw tons of Toys into the ring. He found a cheese grater. The fans cried out for blood. Bram bashed Abyss’ head with a trash can, multiple times. The fans screamed that this was awesome. Bram found the Barbed Wire Board. He placed it in one of the six corners.

Both men tried to Whip the other into the board but didn’t get it done. Low Kick by Bram. Bram went under and found his turnbuckle wrench. Abyss hid the Cheese grater and drove it into the crotch and pulled. Damn! Goozle but Bram Elbowed free. Abyss reversed a Whip. Abyss sent Bram into a chair that had been wedged in, a few moments earlier. Abyss went and got his “Girl”, Janice. Bram ducked the shot. Janice got stuck in the turnbuckle. Abyss went a chair into Bram’s face. Abyss ripped open his elbow but still kept going. Abyss got his black bag o’ doom. He poured out the dozens of thumbtacks. Bram cracked Abyss in the face with a kendo stick. Goozle but Bram kicked the knee. Bram yanked Janice free. Bram went to use Janice but never got to. Bram was dropped on the tacks. Holy Crap!

Now I see why they gave the Parental Advisory.

Magnus grabbed Janice but got punched. Bram Speared Abyss into the Barbed Wire Board. The board was stuck in Abyss’ back. Bram got Janice and blasted Abyss in the ribs. 1-2-3.

Your Winner: Bram
Impact Scorecard: 3.0

Bram took off with Janice. This won’t be the last time these two go to war.

Samoa Joe talked about having No Limits when he returned to the X-Division. Joe was cut off by the arrival of Low Ki. Low Ki brought up the sheer violence of their past wars. Low Ki warned Joe that both he (Joe) and Sanada were in his way. Joe responded that Low Ki was never able to prepare for Joe. Joe was certain he would be the next X-Division champ.

JB talked with Team EC3. Ethan talked about all the great stars around him; Rycklon, Snitsky and Rhino. Snitsky did his old “It’s not my fault” thing. Rhino started to chant “Gore!”. Ethan promised that Dixie would never go through a table.

Taz said Rycklon and Snitsky weren’t ECW, as far as he was concerned.

Bobby Lashley came out with some gorgeous girls. MVP and Kenny King were also there. TNA looked back at how Aries failed to beat Lashley, last week. MVP introduced Kenny King and Lashley. MVP said the girls were from New York. MVP discussed how he felt like a babysitter, when he was in charge. MVP said he had all the power without any of the headaches, since “He” controlled the title that Lashley holds. The fans started a “Boring” chant. MVP ran down all the men that Lashley has defeated. MVP said there was no one left to face Lashley.

Bobby Roode came out to correct MVP’s error in assessing the talent situation. Bobby admitted that MVP was saying some truths. Bobby acknowledged that Lashley was a Destroyer who had beaten some of the best. Bobby called Lashley one of the most dominant champs of all time. Bobby told MVP to shut his mouth. He was there to chat with Lashley. Bobby reminded the group in the ring that he was the long-reigning champ in TNA’s 12-year history. Bobby knew what it takes to be a champion. Bobby accused MVP of taking him out of the title picture. MVP wanted the belt for himself but had to switch gears when he blew out his knee. Bobby talked about kicking MVP’s and Kenny King’s *sses. Bobby got up in Lashley’s face and made it clear that he hasn’t beaten him. Bobby Roode challenged Lashley to a World Title Match.

King jumped Roode and MVP joined in the beat down. Lashley just stood back. Eric Young rushed down along with Austin Aries. MVP said they were not dressed for a fight. They started to leave, quickly.

Gunner and Sam Shaw were talking when Ken Anderson came up. Ken didn’t trust Sam for their six-man battle, coming up. Gunner asked Ken to give Shaw a chance.

Bully was asked for a hint as to who the fourth man was for their team. Bully refused to say anything except it was a guy who had their backs since day one.

BroMans (Jessie Godderz and Robbie E) and Zema Ion aka DJZ vs Sam Shaw, Gunner and Ken Anderson
Six-Man Tag Team Match

Ken really showed major disrespect to Sam Shaw during the entrance. Sam started, or so it seemed. Ken told him to go back to the corner. Ken and Jessie opened it instead. Scoop Slam by Ken into Elbow Drops. Jessie tried to tag Gunner. Ken did it, instead. Gunner almost got a quick pin. Jessie bashed Gunner and tagged in Robbie. Shot to Robbie’s gut. Al Snow Locked Arm Headbutts. Back Body Drop and Dropping Headbutt by Gunner. Gunner went to tag in Shaw but Ken took it instead. Robbie with knees to Ken. Ken tagged out to Gunner, even though Shaw was fresh.

Gunner blasted Robbie. Robbie went to the eyes to avoid a Samoan Drop. DJZ got the tag and hit a Missile Dropkick. Triple Corner Knees by the BroMans group. DJZ kicked Gunner in the head. Lift Drop by Gunner. Gunner crawled to his corner. Ken pushed Shaw out of the way and took the tag. Rolling Spin Neckbreaker to Robbie., who had tagged back in. Jessie rushed in to block the Mic Check. Gunner was sent to the outside. Shaw finally got in and took out all three members of the opposite team. Shaw tossed two of the three to the outside. Ken screamed at Shaw and Jessie School Boyed Ken to get the win. Shaw’s leg was being held, at the time, by the other two.

Your Winners: Robbie E, Jessie Godderz and DJZ
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

Ken was so upset but Gunner knew the truth.

Dixie Carter talked with King Mo. The Hardcore Super Match is up next…

Ken was livid that Gunner brought Shaw to the fight. The two got into a shoving match until Sam Shaw broke it up. Shaw took the blame for the loss. Ken walked off as Gunner nearly put his fists through the wall.

Ethan Carter III, Rycklon, Gene Snitsky and Rhino vs Bully Ray, Devon, Tommy Dreamer and their mystery partner
8-Man, Weapons Hardcore War

I’m thinking Brother Runt (Spike Dudley) might be coming to the party. Maybe they are bringing in Sabu or Taz might be returning to action. Just have to wait to find out.

Ethan Carter III was the first person to enter the fight. Ethan came out with Sting’s old black bat. Team EC3 has the man up advantage. Dixie watched this with King Mo. Ethan got to face…Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer had the kendo stick as my fuzzy orange cat meowed at his namesake. EC# had his own kendo stick but didn’t get to use it. Tommy spat in Ethan’s face with a liquid of unknown origin. Ethan sent Tommy into the ring steps. Full Mount Punches, on the steps, by Ethan. Tommy rolled into the ring. Flying Neckbreaker by Tommy. Tommy with a Pumphandle German Suplex with a kendo stick running along Ethan’s body. Ouch. Tommy punched away, in the corner. Tommy pointed at Dixie as he continued to punch and then bit Dixie’s nephew’s skull. It was time for someone to come to the party…

Rhino was the next to come out. Slingshot by Tommy to Ethan as Rhino rushed down and walloped Tommy with a trash can lid. Rhino stomped away and hit Tommy with the lid, again. Whip by Rhino but Tommy got the boot up. Weak Spinebuster by Rhino. Ethan took shots with a kendo stick to Dreamer’s back. Rhino shared the kendo stick to blast Tommy and then choke him. Time for another person to come out…

Devon rushed down with a trash can. He just beat the stuffing out of both men. Thesz Press by Devon to Rhino. Flying Headbutt to Rhino’s shoulder. Devon picked up the can lid and smacked Ethan with it. Dixie was freaking out. Cookie Sheet Alert! Tommy cracked Rhino with it as TNA took a break.

Snitsky joined the party during the break. Snitsky beat away on the two men until Bully Ray came out. Ray Speared Snitsky and bashed Ethan and Rhino with a can. Ray took out all three men. He then unloaded on Ethan with his trademark steel chain. Devon with Corner Punches on Snitsky. Ethan’s head was busted open, big time. Ray Chain Whipped Snitsky. He used the chain to Clothesline Ethan.

Rycklon was the final member of Team EC3 to enter the match. He went after Team Bully with chairs. Chokeslam to Daveon. Taz got his shots in on WWECW. Ethan screamed at Bully. Rhino choked Devon. Rycklon with Crossfaces to Bully Ray. Tommy was sent into a chair by way of a Drop Toe Hold. Ethan choked Bully with Bully’s own chair. The final member of the battle was…

AL SNOW! He came out with Head. The whole crowd had Heads. I love it. Snow drove Head into the lower areas of Snitsky and Rycklon. “We Want Head” rang out. Ethan tried to take out Snow but AL with his signature Trapped Arm Headbutts. Snitsky and Rycklon with a Double Team to throw out Snow. Bully with a Flying Crossbody. Tommy with a DDT to Rhino. Spud got involved in another God-Awful suit. WAZZUP as Snow drove Head into the nethers. The four men decided it was time to get tables. Rycklon and Snitsky beat down on Devon and Snow. Snow took down both men with a Moonsault from the ropes that brought a huge “You Still Got It!” chant. 3D to Rhino!

Your Winners: Al Snow, Tommy Dreamer, Bully Ray and Devon!
Impact Scorecard: 3.75

The Originals had a huge celebration after the win. Bully told the techies to turn off the music. Bully looked for and found Dixie. Ray mocked Dixie for sending failures to face The Originals. “Tick Tock” was Bully chant to let Dixie know it was almost time to put her through a table. Dixie shrieked that she would not go through a table. Dixie said King Mo would be knocking out Bully Ray before the end of the night.

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky grumbled about Taryn Terrell’s return. Love said she was owed a rematch and it was time to go and get it.

Ethan was asked about what happened. Ethan said his partners failed him. Ethan said Rycklon, Snitsky and Rhino were set to protect Dixie Carter. If they couldn’t get it done, King Mo would be there as backup.

A promotional video ran for Bound For Glory. This year, it’s coming to Japan.

The Beautiful People made their way out to the ring. I saw both Sky and Love, in New Orleans, a few months back. Let me tell you, the name Beautiful People is so appropriate. Love admitted she took out the Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell match so she could be the center of attention. Love demanded to get her title match…right now.

Taryn Terrell came out to discuss this situation. Taryn took the stick and Love yelled at her for stealing her spotlight. Taryn said Love took Taryn’s title shot away. Love claimed that she was better than Gail or Taryn. Love told Taryn to go tell her child that she would not be the best. Gail Kim then came out to even things up. Gail told Love to hang on. Gail talked to Kurt Angle about who she would be fighting. Gail made a Triple Threat Match of Gail Kim vs Angelina Love vs Taryn Terrell. Gail tried to drive a wedge between the Beautiful People by adding Velvet Sky to the title match. The BPs then attacked Gail and Taryn. Sky accidentally took out Love. Love and Sky were dumped out onto the floor.

Next Week: Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell vs Velvet Sky vs Angelina Love for the Knockout Title.

James Storm talked with Sanada. Storm told Sanada to win the X-Title…for him. Storm ordered Sanada to bow to him. He threatened bad things if Sanada didn’t’ win. That match is on deck…

Havok is coming.

Next week, The Wolves vs The Hardys vs Team 3D for the World Tag Team Belts!

Bully Ray was asked about going through Hell. Bully said it was Hardcore Heaven to them. Ray was thrilled to bust open Ethan Carter III. Bully warned King Mo that this wasn’t MMA and he would knock Mo’s punk *ss out.

Sanada vs Low Ki vs Samoa Joe
Triple Threat Match to determine the new X-Champion.

James Storm came out to talk to the fans. He introduced himself as “The Legend, Cowboy” James Storm. Storm then introduced Sanada. Storm claimed that Sanada ended Great Muta’s career. Storm demanded that Sanada bow to him, again. Low Ki and Samoa Joe then made their entrances.

Low Ki kicked at Joe to open. Joe kicked back. Sanada with a Dropkick to both opponents. Joe with wild punches and a Chop. Snap Mare into the Chop/Kick combo. Joe missed the Knedrop and Sanada hit a wicked Dropkick. Low Ki and Sanada unloaded on each other. Fantastic Universal. Low Ki with a Shining Wizard for two. Low Ki was tossed up and over the top. He grabbed his leg. He may be hurt. Sanada stopped a Suicide Dive by Joe to hit a Hurancanrana. Corner Rush and Jumping Enziguri by Joe. Joe focused back on Low Ki but Sanada tripped him. Low Ki Dropkicked, over Joe, to take out Sanada. Low Ki with a Knife Edge Chop. Joe took out both opponents with a Suicide Dive.

Joe tossed Sanada back in and went for a Powerbomb. He hit it and got a two count. STF by Joe. Joe let it got as Sanada bit Joe’s hand. Dropkick by Sanada. Backspring Enziguri by Low Ki to Sanada. 2 count. Low Ki and Samoa Joe got right in each other’s faces and Joe unleashed hard jabs. Low Ki came back with Pam Strikes. Uranage by Joe. Joe put Low Ki up for the Muscle Buster but Low Ki converted it into the Dragon Sleeper.

Low Ki with a Double Stomp after escaping a Dragon Suplex. Joe with a Snap Slam on Low Ki. Joe applied the Cross Armbreaker. Sanada hit the Standing Moonsault to break things up. Roll up into the Bridge by Sanada. Joe clamped on the Kokina Clutch. Low Ki couldn’t get there before Sanada tapped out!

Your Winner (and NEW X-Division Champion): Samoa Joe
Impact Scorecard: 4.0

Dixie ordered King Mo to take out Bully Ray. He agreed to knock out the Hardcore Legend and soon-to-be Hall of Famer.

Time to lock in the seat belts and put your tables in their upright positions. The last segment began with a recap of when Bully Ray made the promise to put Dixie through a table. Dixie has helped put Bully ray through several tables in recent months.

Dixie made her way out to the ring. Rycklon, Snitsky, Ethan, Spud and Rhino joined Dixie in the ring. Dixie was in no mood for the boos from the NYC fans. Dixie said Rycklon and Snitsky were worthless. She fired both Rycklon and Snitsky. Seriously? She called them useless has-beens. She told all the fans to get out of her building. She even let loose with a few profanities. The Originals came out with Dixie’s table.

King Mo took the center spot to protect Dixie. She ordered Mo to take out Bully. Bully took the stick and reminded everyone that he was going to put the most hated woman in the history of wrestling through a table. Tommy said Dixie was all what was wrong with the business. Mo took out Tommy but Bully clocked Mo. Spud was also dropped, along with Ethan. Team 3D set up for the ending. Spud helped pull Dixie out to the floor. Spud screamed that it was not going to happen. The bulk of the locker room came out to force Dixie back in. Spud fainted dead away. Tommy picked up Dixie and rolled her into the ring. The roster surrounded the ring. Devon put Dixie up and then Bully Powerbombed her through the table! She so landed badly on that one. Her head and shoulders completely missed the table and bounced off the mat. Taz screamed that Dixie was done! Mike Tenay and Taz were ecstatic that the Queen got crowned…hardcore style! The fans were going absolutely ballistic. I do hope that she is okay, since she took such a bad bump.


–Jay Shannon

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