Posted July 27th, 2014 by Bill Apter

I arrived at the arena at about 5:30 to get ready for the meet and greet before the show. Booker T’s wife, Sharmell, was running around building getting ready for the show and by the looks of it, she is doing a fantastic job behind-the-scenes of Reality of Wrestling. I was able to meet DDP and Devon during the meet and greet and then would take my place 2nd row getting ready for the show to start!

The show began around 7:35 and Booker T came out with his wife and wanted to keep it short and sweet. He welcomed the fans and told us to get ready for one heck of a night of great wrestling!

The first match was Abel Andrew Jackson vs Devon from Impact Wrestling. Devon not only had to fight Jackson but also had to worry about Jackson’s bodyguards outside the ring. Devon cleared the ring apron of Jackson’s bodyguards and hit a chokeslam/spinebuster and looked to have the win in the bag when Jackson’s lady manager (whose name I didn’t get) came into the ring and slapped Devon. Devon then grabbed the lady manager and kissed her passionately before slapping her butt getting her out of the ring. Jackson went to the attack but Devon was able to dodge Jackson and hit a huge spear for the win! Really great match to kick off the show and it’s always great to see Devon in the ring!

Next match was Rockstar Robbie vs Evan Snow which was a good match with Snow being the crowd favorite. Snow was easily winning the match and hit a big senton to the outside of the ring onto Robbie. Robbie was able to get control of the match but Snow would get the win with a beautiful leg drop off the top rope.

The next match was a female competitors match which was to crown the first ever Diamonds Champion in ROW. The match was a battle royal and the wrestler Cinema was dominant the entire battle royal. She had to have tossed out at least 6 diamonds and would go onto win the battle royal and become the first ever Diamonds Champion of ROW.

Following that match was for the tag team championships of ROW with the New Heavenly Bodies vs the Brothers Lockhart. Now this match was an incredible match!!! It was back and forth with the Lockhart Brothers having control for the first half of the match but the New Heavenly Bodies were able to distract the ref and get control of the match from then on. One of the best moments of the match was when one Lockhart brother had his opponent in a electric stair stance while the other Lockhart Brother was put into an electric chair stance so you had the competitors fighting each other on top of the others shoulders! That moment had the crowd on it’s feet with “This is awesome!” chants. The Lockhart Brothers hit their tag team finisher and retained their championships. A very, very good match

Next was another phenomenal match. It had a lot of history and it was finally going to come to an end tonight! Ruthless Ryan Davidson vs The Pride and it was a no DQ match! Davidson had attacked Pride on multiple occasions so now it was time for The Pride to get some revenge. Pride had the match in his hands but the tables turned when Pride went for a suicide dive but caught a chair to the skull instead. Davidson was going to make Pride pay for that mistake and took his belt and whipped Pride several times with it. Pride got the belt and started giving Davidson a taste of his own medicine. Pride hit Davidson with a trash can to the face and then performed a coast to coast on Davidson which had the fans on their feet chanting “YES! YES! YES!” But Davidson still had some life left in him and got a table. Pride set up the table and put Davidson on top of it but Davidson’s weight caused him to fall through the table on a very badly botched moment. Pride had no idea what to do but had to improvise. He grabbed one half of the table and set it up in the corner. Davidson was able to hoist Pride up in a razors edge position and tossed him through the broken table and the table shattered into pieces! Davidson pinned Pride and got the win. Great match and very smart by Pride to improvise when the table spot went wrong.

Next match was Jasper Davis vs Jinder Mahal. A lot of USA chants started throughout the match for Davis but Mahal was able to get the win with a big full-nelson chokeslam. Very surprised by Mahal getting the win but a decent match no doubt.

Next was an impromptu match made by special GM for the night, Teddy Long! I didn’t catch the good guy tag team name but they were taking on two members of Team International. The fans were VERY against Team International but with so many members in the faction the odds were far against the good guy team and Team International were able to pick up the win.

While setting up the steel cage for the main event, commentator Rich Brennan, was interviewed for being the original ROW commentator and now is apart of WWE’s NXT program. Rich had to say that he wouldn’t be at NXT if it wasn’t for Booker T, his wife Sharmell, and the entire ROW company. He is proud to represent Houston in NXT and in my opinion I think he is a great commentator for NXT.

Finally, it was main event time!!! A steel cage match for the ROW World Heavyweight Championship. The champion, Samoan Beast vs the challenger Mysterious Q! The Samoan Beast had Stevie Ray in his corner while Mysterious Q had DDP in his corner. Now, Mysterious Q had to give up his TV Title for a shot at the World Title. Was him giving up his belt going to be worth it? This match started with the Samoan Beast being a true monster and stopping any chance of Mysterious Q attacking. Samoan Beast threw Q into the steel cage multiple times and looked like he had the match in the bag. Beast even hit his finisher the samoan drop but was only able to get two and a half. Q was able to use his speed against Beast and actually hit his 450 splash off the top rope but could only get two and a half as well. Beast went back on the attack and had Q right where he wanted him! Beast even hit a moonsault off the top rope! Now, Beast has got be well over 300 pounds! It was incredible to see a man of that size hit a move like that. Yet Beast still couldn’t get a three count! Stevie Ray was enraged! Q hit a jumping cutter out of no where but still couldn’t get a three count. Finally, Q performed a back hand spring off the ropes into a giant kick, then hit his jumping cutter! Instead of going for the pin Q goes where he feels most comfortable and that’s the top rope. But Q can’t help but think he needs to go higher. Mysterious Q goes to the top of the steel cage and hits a beautiful 450 splash for the win!!! Your new ROW World Heavyweight Championship Mysterious Q!!! Stevie Ray is crushed! He goes to the aid of his Samoan Beast while DDP hands Q his new world heavyweight championship. Q and DDP’s celebration is halted with the music of Carlito!!! Carlito comes out and is of course eating his apple. The iPPV ends with Mysterious Q staring down Carlito.

This show was fantastic and I had a wonderful time! This is what Texas wrestling is all about and I recommend any wrestling fan to bring the family along for Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling. Booker T must truly be proud of the great wrestlers of his organization.

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