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TNA was still in New York City. The prelude to Destination X saw Austin Aries make his career decision as to whether to hold on to the X-Title or cash it in for a shot at Bobby Lashley. Plus, TNA had several familiar faces make their debut or return to Impact Wrestling.

Austin Aries arrived backstage.

Bully Ray’s promise to Table Dixie Carter was showcased. Dixie has put Bully through a table or had it done, several times. Bully sent a Carter through a table, last week, but it was Ethan not Dixie.

Team 3D and Tommy Dreamer will battle Ethan Carter III, Rhino and Rock Star Spud, later in the night.

Bobby Roode vs MVP
Falls Count Anywhere Match

MVP’s music went off but he didn’t show. Backstage, Kurt Angle confronted MVP and ordered him to go to the ring. When MVP wouldn’t go, Roode came back and began beating on MVP. The two slugged it out all around the backstage area. MVP tried to beg off the fight but Bobby wouldn’t allow it. He slammed MVP into the wall.

The fight went out into the crowd and the fans loved it. MVP put up almost no offense. Bobby asked the fans to clear the way. Bobby took out a whole section of seats by throwing MVP into them. Low Blow by MVP. MVP threw a beer in Roode’s face. He then jammed a chair into the ribs of Bobby. MVP missed the Running Boot. Bobby used the railing to rattle MVP’s nethers.

MVP with another Low Blow. 2 counts for MVP. MVP clubbed Bobby’s back and went for a Suplex. Roode blocked it and pounded on MVP, before sending MVP flying with a Suplex. Kenny King came out to attack Roode but he was neutralized by Eric Young. Bobby with a Clothesline, on the floor. MVP sent Bobby into the ring steps and then bounced Roode’s face off the steel.

MVP came in the ring with a steel chair. He blasted the ribs and then the back of his opponent. MVP drove the chair into Roode’s ribs and then walloped the back. MVP was distracted by the fans. MVP went for the Running Boot but jammed his own leg on the chair. Roode kicked at the bad leg. Roode got the chair and bashed it across the injured leg, over and over. Sharpshooter!

Your Winner (by Submission): Bobby Roode
Impact Scorecard: 2.5 out of a possible 5

TNA looked back at the Jeff Hardy vs Bobby Lashley war from last week. Hardy held his own until he hit a Swanton onto the ring steps, instead of Lashley. That led to a Spear by Lashley to retain.

Jeff Hardy limped backstage. He had something to say…next.

TNA looked at the Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer vs Carter Family feud. Dixie was asked why she was there, tonight. She was there to support her nephew, Ethan. Dixie swore she would be standing over Bully’s dead body by the end of the night.

Jeff Hardy’s music went off and Hardy limped out to the ring. Jeff said Willow heard the request of Kurt Angle and the fans so he took a vacation, for now. Jeff said Willow would come back, from time to time. Jeff wanted to talk about the future. Jeff had a surprise guest that would be a part of the company’s future. “We Want Matt!” rang out. Jeff then introduced his older brother…Matt Hardy!

“Welcome Back” echoed off the walls. Matt appreciated the fans’ reaction. Matt talked about the family dream for both brothers to become wrestlers. Matt said he had to go and get healthy. Matt felt that he let his brother and the fans down. Matt said he was done with apologizing. Matt wanted himself and his brother to once again hold the tag team straps. Matt threw out a challenge, for Destination X, to the TNA World Tag Team Champs. He called out The Wolves for an answer…

The growl heralded the arrival of Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. The Wolves came out with a microphone of their own. Eddie said he and Davey and the fans had nothing but respect for what The Hardys have brought to tag team wrestling. Eddie wanted to prove they are the best team of all time. To do that, they would have to beat the Hardys. Davey stepped up and accepted the challenge. Next week…THE WOLVES VS THE HARDYS I

Austin was asked, backstage, if he has made his decision. Aries said he wanted to change the equation, later in the night.

Zrma Ion was in the ring with the reunited BroMans (Jessie Godderz and Robbie E). The fans actually seemed to like the BroMans. Jessie said Robbie was no longer afraid of clowns. Zema Ion said he was better than thosein the X-Division and those in NYC. Ion said he would run the Division at Destination X.

Zema Ion vs Low-Ki

Sweet! Zema looked stunned to see Low Ki. Ki with wild punches and a Float-Over Mule Kick. Corner Forearm at warp speed by Ki. Zema dropped Ki over the turnbuckle. Full Throttle Shotgun Knees by Ion. Ki with a Dropkick to Jessie and a Shoulder to Ion. Sunset Flip/Double Stomp combo by Low Ki. He hit a pair of Clotheslines and a series of kicks. Corner Elbow Drop by Ki. Jawbreaker by DJZ. DJZ missed a Corner Splash. Low Ki with a wicked Running Dropkick. High Cradle Fisherman’s Driver by Low Ki to take the win.

Your Winner: Low Ki
Impact Scorecard: 3.25

Gunner and Sam Shaw were chatting, backstage. Ken Anderson came in and said that Shaw should stay in the back, tonight. Shaw said Ken would trust him, someday. “Nah!” was Ken’s response.

Ethan talked about being from the streets…the streets of Boca Raton. Dixie came in with King Mo. They talked about Mo losing to Rampage Jackson. Dixie said Ethan, Rhino and Spud needed to take out Bully Ray, Devon and Tommy Dreamer.

Bram and Magnus vs Ken Anderson and Gunner

Anderson did a modified entrance that included both himself and Gunner. Gunner did the second “Anderson” yell.

Gunner and Magnus started out the match. Shoulder Tackle by Magnus but Gunner came back with a Headbutt. Tag to Bram. Bram Steam Rolled Gunner and hit a Scoop Slam. Bram with a kick and Corner Rush. Double Sledge by Gunner into a Corner Splash. Bram fought back but took a High Knee. Off the Whip, both men cracked heads. Tag to Anderson and Magnus. Ken with Clotheslines into the Rolling Neckbreaker. Back Body by Ken into the Green Bay Plunge. Ken signaled for the Mic Check but Magnus blocked it. The two went to the floor. Bram sent Ken into the ring post. Back in the ring, Magnus nailed the Spine Shaker to take the win.

Your Winner: Bram and Magnus
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

The battle kept going after the bell. Bram with a Low Blow and then went out to get the ring wrench. Samuel Shaw rushed down and took a Bullet for Gunner (wrench to the ribs and back). Magnus took out Anderson. Gunner went after Magnus but Bram clipped the knee. Suddenly, Abyss came rushing from the back. Abyss and Bram went berserk on each other. Abyss with wild Clotheslines. Corner Splash by Abyss. Bram fought out of the Goozle. Abyss grabbed the throat, again, and shoved Bram, backwards, over the ropes. Magnus had to hold back Bram.

Austin Aries was on his way out to make his decision known. This should be interesting.

Bully Ray talked with Devon and Dreamer about his obsession with putting Dixie through a table. Bully was determined to rid the wrestling world of Dixie Carter. The Six Man Match would be a New York City Street Fight!

Option C was the next focus. Austin Aries created it, two years back. After a brief vignette, Kurt Angle came out to hear Aries’ decision. Kurt talked about how Destination X was a chance for the X-Division stars to showcase their excellent talents. Kurt hen asked Aries to come out and join him. Kurt explained that every man who has cashed in Option C has won the World title. Kurt said it was a Golden Ticket to the World Title. Aries wanted to speak first. Aries said it seemed like a forgone conclusion…

Bobby Lashley and MVP came from the back. MVP said he was there to talk to Aries. He wondered if Aries had really thought over what he would be facing if he cashed in. MVP knew Lashley would be champion as long as he wanted to be champ. MVP felt Aries was a decent wrestler and normally not a stupid man. Aries asked MVP to get to the point. MVP told Aries to keep the X-Title and keep out of waters that were too deep for him. MVP said Aries wouldn’t be able to catch lightning in a bottle, twice. Aries said he was able to take things and make them great. Aries threw it in MVP’s face that he has never held gold. Aries explained he created Option C because he believed in the X-Division. Aries said he could do things in the ring that MVP couldn’t do with four good legs. MVP acknowledged that Lashley was bigger and stronger than him, but he wasn’t tougher than Austin Aries. Aries knew he could beat Lashley. Austin Aries CASHED IN! He will face Lashley at Destination X. Aries was ready to create Option D. This would give the X-Champ a title shot, anytime, not just once a year. Lashley said Aries just made the biggest mistake of his life. Kurt broke up a potential fight and officially announced Austin Aries vs Bobby Lashley…for the World Title…at Destination X!

The history of Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim was highlighted. They have split a pair of matches. Tonight’s Knockout Title Match would be the Tiebreaker!

Taryn Terrell vs Gail Kim
Knockout Title Match

Earl Hebner was the Zebra-in-Charge. Collar and Elbow to the corner. Taryn reversed the momentum. Gail with a Side Headlock Takeover. Shoulder Tackle by Gail. Universal into a Clothesline by Gail. Sunset Flip by Taryn for a near fall. Monkey Flip by Taryn. Back Elbow by Taryn. Taryn went up top but Gail rushed up and launched Taryn. 1-2-no.

Gail with a Whip with the Drive ByCrossbody. Missile Dropkick by the champ, for a two. Taryn blocked Eat da Feet. Both women went for Crossobidy Blocks. The two threw wild Forearms. Clotheslines by Taryn. Suplex by Terrell. Flying Neckbreaker by Taryn. Terrell went up top but the Beautiful People hit the ring. Botox Injection by Love to Gail. In Your Face from Velvet to Taryn.

Your Winner: No Contest
Impact Scorecard: 2.0

Great Muta was ready to go, backstage. Cool outfit. I got to see Keiji Mutoh, back in the early 80s, when he was the Super Black Ninja in the old World Class area.

Dixie Carter was glad to hear that “He” was here. She would send someone out to get “Him” when he was needed.

Jeremy Borash introduced The Great Muta. Muta’s outfit looked like a cross between a Samurai and Spawn. Muta was cut off by the arrival of Robbie E. Robbie wanted his time to shine. Robbie wanted a match. Robbie challenged Muta.

Robbie E vs Great Muta

Robbie punched away on Muta to open. Robbie took down the ref. The Mist to Robbie’s face. Power Drive Elbow by Muta. Dragon Screw Leg Whip by Muta, followed by the Shining Wizard!

Your Winner Great Muta
Impact Scorecard: 2.5

James Storm then came out to face Muta. Storm called Muta “The Great Fraud”. Storm thought Muta was a Wanna-be Legend. Storm was offended that Muta would invade HIS company. Storm felt he was the Legend in this company. Storm spat beer in Muta’s face and punched away. Muta’s aide came in to help Storm but got laid out. Sanada rushed out to protect his mentor. Muta blew the red mist and then Sanada attacked Muta with a chair. He blew red mist into Muta’s aide’s face. Sanada with a Moonsault onto Muta! Sanada came out and bowed to Storm. Storm and Sanada then left together.

Backstage, Ethan, Spud and Rhino got ready for the Street Fight. So did Bully, Devon and Dreamer. That match was up next…

JB talked with King Mo and Dixie Carter. They were up in the balcony. Dixie said she and Mo were buddies. They would not let JB spell out “E.C.W.”. Dixie said Tommy came to her b*tching about wanting a reunion for the washed up bunch of guys. Mo told JB to watch and learn when Dixie said they would give them a reason to remember extremeness.

Rockstar Spud, Rhino and Ethan Carter III vs Tommy Dreamer and Team 3D (Devon and Bully Ray)
6 Man, New York City Street Fight

The toys were brought out, in full force. Bully grabbed a chair and cracked it on the ring post. The Originals rushed the ring and took out Dixie’s Army. EC3’s ribs were heavily taped. Legdrop Team move by Team 3D to EC3. Bay then Gorilla Press Threw Spud onto EC3, who had rolled to the floor. Double Tackle by Team 3D to Rhino. Dreamer then blasted Rhino, in the face, with a collection of cookie sheets. Time for a break.

Ethan with a Whip but Bully nailed the bad ribs. Flip, Flop and Fly by Bully. Trash Cans flew into the ring as Bully spun his logger’s chain. Bully popped Spud in the face. Bully with a cheese grater to Ethan’s chest. Ouch. The fans wanted blood. Double Yahtzee to Ethan’s crotch. Rhino cracked Bully in the face. Rhino went for a Gore but Devon got the boots up and ran Rhino into the chair. Spud attacked Dreamer but fell to the Doomsday Device from Team 3D. Ethan ended up in the Sullivan Tree of Woe. Hesitation Dropkick to the can, set in front of the trapped Ethan, by Tommy. Wazzup! to Rhino’s undercarriage. The Originals called for the Tables!

Someone attacked Devon, on the floor. Bully jumped the mystery guy. Bully pulled the guy over the barricade and beat on him. Dreamer with a Piledrier to Spud. Ethan missed with the kendo stick and took a Side Russian Legsweep. Dreamer took out Ethan with the kendo stick and a chair. Another mystery guy rushed the ring. It was Ezekiel Jackson and he went after Tommy Dreamer. 1%er to Tommy Dreamer from Ethan. What a rip off!

Your Winners: Ethan Carter III, Rhino and Rock Star Spud (with assist to Zeke and Snitsky—the other masked guy).
Impact Scoreboard: 2.25

Rhino Gored Devon. Rhino, Ethan and Zeke annihilated Bully Ray. Zeke with the Uranage to Tommy. The bearded Snitsky laid out Bully Ray. The Carter Army is now reached dangerous levels.

The show finished with a preview of next week’s Destination X.


–Jay Shannon

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