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Five days removed from what was a solid Battleground pay-per-view, the blue brand is steaming into Orlando, Fla., with a focus on SummerSlam some 3,000-miles and 23 days away. The show opens this evening with a video highlighting Monday Night Raw and the choice of Brock Lesnar as John Cena’s opponent in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at the biggest event of the summer.

WWE Tag Team Champions Jimmy & Jey Uso vs. RybAxel (Non-Title Match)
The rivalry between these two teams has been heating up slightly as RybAxel are coming into the match off the heels of a Ryback victory over Jey Uso this past Tuesday on Main Event as well as their victory over Big E and Kofi Kingston on Monday. The Usos, despite the setback Tuesday are still riding high after a great performance in successfully defending their gold against Harper and Rowan this past Sunday.

Jey and Ryback started, picking up where they left off Tuesday night, with Jey making the quick tag and utilizing fast double team offense to muster a one count as the focus of attack continued to be Ryback. Once tagged in, Axel was able to exercise some control away from the champions for a time as the play-by-play team of Michael Cole and JBL focused much of their attention on how RybAxel has grown and developed over the past few months as a team and begun to mesh as a unit, with Layfield even suggesting that a victory here could grant them number one contender status in the tag team ranks.

Back from commercial and RybAxel is still firmly in command, keeping things in their half of the ring, making smart tags and keeping their opponent Jimmy isolated from his brother until he was able to use the energy from the crowd to mount some quick kicks and get the tag in to the fresh Jey who was able to handle both opponents before isolating Axel for a Samoan Drop and a two-count. Jey however turned his attention to Ryback on the outside after this, connecting with a dive to the outside, but getting dropkicked by Curtis on the apron upon attempted reentry. Jimmy Uso used some quick thinking in utilizing some twin magic, lying prone next to his brother, clearly confusing Axel, who brought in the wrong twin (Jimmy) who rolled him up for the victory. Axel was clearly irate after this, as well he should be.

Miz TV
Sunday at Battleground The Miz won the 20 man battle royal becoming the new Intercontinental Champion. The new champion says the fans did not get what they wanted Sunday night which was an acceptance speech that he was now here to give. He thanked The Authority for “nominating” him in the match, his branding team, his parents, who he then greeted in the crowd and interviewed about how great he is, until it was time for his mother to tell him her favorite Superstar to which she replied “Roman Reigns,” with the reason being, “he’s hot.” A clearly embarrassed Miz passed it off as a joke before jumping back into the ring, thanking his wife and dogs and cats letting them know “daddy’s coming home with the gold.” He then thanked his fans before thanking the most powerful influence in his life “The Moneymaker,” and then rattling off more friends before being interrupted by Bo Dallas.

Bo let’s The Miz know it was alright that he wasn’t mentioned by name, because he knows that the champion Bolieved. Miz let’s Bo know he is a huge fan and tries to set up lunch before being interrupted by Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler sarcastically puts over the two before telling them they’re full of crap, Miz accusing him of being jealous and Dallas telling him to Bolieve. Ziggler then quickly attacked The Miz only to be blindsided by Dallas to end the segment.

Bo Dallas vs. Dolph Ziggler
Bo Dallas who is still undefeated in singles competition is taking on Dolph Ziggler in a match that was made by The Authority on the spot after Dallas’ attack during Miz TV. The Miz is still ringside providing commentary as Bo Dallas more or less picks up where he left off as he maintains control of his opponent while Cole and The Miz discuss the earlier Miz TV segment.

Ziggler was able to use a couple quick reversals to gain the offensive with Dallas rolling to the outside, Ziggler following in pursuit and feigning an attack in Miz’s direction before re-entering the ring and connecting with a Fameasser for a two-count. The Miz feels highly disrespected and got the attention of Ziggler, who took a swing at the Intercontinental Champion, leaving him open for a roll up from behind as Bo runs his streak to 17.

During Bo’s victory lap an angry Dolph Ziggler kicked Dallas in the face before being shoved into the post by The Miz.

Roman Reigns interview
Renee Young is interviewing Roman Reigns about stopping Randy Orton from being in the Main Event at SummerSlam. Reigns says he’s a wanted man and that is fine with him. One vs. all. Heading into his match with Del Rio tonight, Del Rio can not stop him.

Cesaro vs. Dean Ambrose (No Disqualification)
The two start the match off with fisticuffs eye rakes and other less than clean tactics as Ambrose stomps on Cesaro in the corner repeatedly asking Cesaro who sent him. Ambrose continued the assault before searching the ringside for weapons, taking a little to long in choosing a chair, giving Cesaro the advantage momentarily to grab a kendo stick before being sent over the retaining wall by Ambrose who then used the ring bell on his opponent before jumping off the announce table and falling victim to a kendo stick to the midsection as the show went to break.

Back from commercial Cesaro is still in command of the match, using the kendo stick in his hold to deal even further damage before slamming Ambrose through two chairs for a two-count. Cesaro then applied a modified Camel Clutch using a steel chair and the kendo stick again before teeing off on Ambrose’s shoulder. Ambrose was able to block the attack and stop Cesaro momentarily before utilizing the kendo stick himself before grabbing an unused steel chair from ringside and setting it and another chair up teasing a suplex on the spines of the chairs back and forth before Ambrose was successful in delivering a snap suplex onto just a single chair for a near fall. Ambrose then ascended to the top rope, chair in hand before crashing down on Cesaro’s torso for another near fall. Ambrose was sent into a chair then the steel post with the injured shoulder taking the brunt of the damage before Ambrose was able to recover hitting a dive through the second rope before grabbing more chairs and throwing them in the ring. After throwing Cesaro into the ring, Ambrose was attacked by Seth Rollins, whose attack was quickly thwarted by his former partner. Ambrose climbed to the top rope but the attack from Rollins was successful in buying Cesaro time to recover and attack Ambrose, superplexing him onto the steel chairs below for another near fall. An angry and frustrated Cesaro then tried to mount more offense only to be rolled up by Ambrose for the pinfall victory, just fleeting seconds before Seth Rollins was able to jump into the ring and continue his beating of Dean Ambrose with Cesaro eventually capping it off with a Neutralizer.

Rollins then grabbed an already unconscious Ambrose asking him when he would learn to just stay down and die before delivering a final Curb Stomp before officials could clear Rollins from the ring.

Paige/AJ Lee Feud video package
A video package of the past three months since WrestleMania and more specifically the last three weeks since AJ Lee’s return to WWE leading up to Paige’s blindsiding of AJ Monday night before advertising Paige, who is skipping through the locker room much like AJ Lee would, in the next match.

Paige vs. Naomi
Paige is still skipping to the ring as she tackles the former, or maybe remaining, Funkadactyl Naomi in singles action, clearly trying to mock the reigning Divas Champion. Taking the microphone before the match starts Paige lets the fans know she and Lee are still friends and she likes both AJ and her opponent this evening.

As the bell rang to start the match, Cameron’s music hit, distracting Naomi and leaving her open from behind, which Paige took advantage of hitting the Rampage followed by the PTO for the victory, Cameron watching from the top of the ramp before making her way to the ring as Paige continued skipping around the ring like AJ.

As Cameron hit the ring she began to attack Naomi, launching her off the apron, proclaiming the whole time that she was the star.

The Dust Brothers look into the future
In their never-ending pursuit of The Cosmic Key, Goldust peers into the future seeing the key in their possession. Everything was making far too much sense until Stardust replaced his brother’s crystal ball, literally. Stardust told his brother that he was looking in the wrong direction and needed to look in the stardust.

R-Truth vs. Bray Wyatt
As we come back from the break R-Truth is in the middle of his trademark freestyle rap, getting the crowd in Orlando behind him before being cut off, in what is Bray Wyatt’s custom.

The match started with Truth trying to take the fight to Wyatt, but to no avail as his size and power was too much for Truth to overcome, though he was able to respond with a fantastic flying forearm, before he was stopped by Bray Wyatt’s histrionics and a forearm smash of his own. From there it was more trademark Wyatt leading into Sister Abigail for the victory.

After the match Wyatt addressed Chris Jericho asking him where was he to save R-Truth before telling everyone that he was there to save them.

Stephanie McMahon Update
After being arrested in Miami, Monday, she was released on bail (posted by Triple H) early Tuesday morning after being charged with battery and resisting arrest. She was not offering any comments to the media. It was then announced that she will be at Raw in Houston, Monday.

Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio
The match between these two top contenders started with a test of strength that was won by Reigns who was able to send Del Rio into the corner before laying in some strikes. Del Rio was quick to gain control after that before Reigns quickly sent him out of the ring as the match went to commercial.

Back from the break with Reigns in control moving Del Rio around the ring and connecting with a Samoan Drop before dumping Del Rio over the top rope. As the fight went to the outside Del Rio was able to push Reigns into the post before wrapping Roman’s arm around it several times and kicking it before continuing the assault in the ring. A big double foot stomp that earned Del Rio victory in the past could have done so this time had Reigns not gone to the outside. Once outside Del Rio slammed Reigns’ arm against the steel steps before sending him back into the ring and an armbar.

Del Rio continued the offense until Reigns used his strength and power to get out of a Del Rio armbar that was aided by the ropes sending Alberto crashing to the floor outside trying to take advantage back in the ring several times before finally knocking him down with a clothesline. It did not last however as Del Rio remained a step ahead of Reigns and utilizing his craftiness before Reigns was able to power out of a Tree of Woe and connect with a drop kick to the apron setting up for the Superman Punch and leaving Del Rio in postion for a Spear stealing the victory to close the evening.

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