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TNA IMPACT Wrestling Wrestlers of the Week 7.24.14
By Neil Borenstein

Each week here at, I will select three of the top wrestlers from TNA’s IMPACT Wrestling and present them to you in inverse order as the show’s Wrestlers of the Week.

TNA IMPACT Wrestling Wrestlers of the Week for July 24, 2014

3. Magnus and Bram — for continuing to wreak havoc as a tag team by defeating the newly formed combination of Mr. Anderson and Gunner:

There are a lot of great tag teams in TNA, but none are more aggressive and willing to take any measure necessary for a victory than Magnus and Bram. Ever since Magnus completely went back over to the dark side, the two have been a largely unstoppable force and seem to be inching ever so close to a crack at the TNA World Tag Team Championships.

Their shot at the titles is not on the agenda just yet, but they are still getting some healthy competition. On IMPACT Wrestling this week, they faced the newly formed duo of Mr. Anderson and Gunner — brought together by Gunner’s desire to help Samuel Shaw and Anderson’s absolute disgust with that scenario.

The more cohesive unit got the leg up in this one. Anderson had Magnus in position for the Mic Check late in the match, but Magnus elbowed out and rolled out of the ring. Anderson followed him to the floor and chased him around the ringside area. Anderson ducked a shot from Magnus, but he didn’t see Bram coming at him from behind. Bram sent Anderson into the steel ring post before putting him back in the ring, where Magnus delivered the Spineshaker to secure a pinfall.

Bram and Magnus continued to brawl after the bell. When Bram brought a foreign object into the ring, Shaw ran down to try and protect Gunner. But Bram just ended up drilling him with the turnbuckle rod, and the brawl continued. As Bram pounded away on Gunner, Abyss entered the arena and eventually pushed Bram to the outside. Magnus held him back from getting back into the ring.

That post-match brawl was just further proof of how relentless Bram is, and a match with Abyss is definitely in the cards. As a tag team, though, Magnus and Bram remain perhaps the toughest tag team in TNA and are dangerous for any opponent.

2. Low Ki — for returning to TNA with a win over DJ Zema just in time for Destination X next week:

With Destination X taking place next week, the members of the X Division are obviously positioning themselves to take over some of the spotlight for their big night. DJ Zema was no exception to that, hyping up his prowess in the division and even stating that he was better than the people in New York during the IMPACT Wrestling broadcast.

That brought Low Ki, a Brooklyn native, down to the ring for his return to TNA just in time for Destination X. He competed in a match against Zema and managed to prove that Zema’s place in the X Division is not as high as he thought.

Low Ki recovered from a jawbreaker he received from Zema to avoid a charge in the corner, taking back control with a running dropkick to Zema. He then followed with the Ki Krusher to put Zema on the mat for a three count.

Low Ki wasted little time making an impact in his TNA return, and he sent a message to essentially the entire X Division that he is gunning to be a top star now that he’s back.

1. Bobby Roode — for opening the show with a submission victory over MVP:

Ever since MVP went on his power trip as director of wrestling operations, Bobby Roode has been itching to get his hands on him. An injury has thus far prevented MVP from competing, but Roode didn’t need to wait any longer than this week’s IMPACT Wrestling to finally go at MVP. Roode barely waited for the show to even start.

MVP was trying to plead his case that he was injured, but Kurt Angle was making this Falls Count Anywhere Match happen anyway. And if MVP wouldn’t go out to the arena peacefully, Roode had no problem going to the back, finding him and dragging him out to the ring.

There was plenty of fighting through the crowd and outside of the ring, but the end result ended up taking place in between the ropes. MVP seemed to have clear control of the contest by relentlessly whacking away at Roode with a steel chair. When he went to deliver a running kick to Roode, though, MVP ended up getting the chair instead, and Roode promptly took over. He focused his attack on the injured knee of MVP, utilizing the steel chair before applying a “Sharpshooter” that had MVP tapping out immediately.

Roode was plenty pleased with his win and made sure to rub it in to the downed MVP after the bell. It’s unlikely all is square between these two, but Roode definitely got his revenge.

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