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Ring of Honor presented Dark Matches from Best in the World, plus Jay Lethal vs Matt Taven for the TV Title. Get ready for some of the best action…well, in the world.

Roll the opening montage!

The show started with stills form the wonderful Pay-per-view.

War Machine (Hanson and Rowe) vs the Tate Twins

The twins from Tennessee are absolutely identical. Since the announce team couldn’t tell them apart, I won’t try either. I’ll just call them Tate 1 and Tate 2. I mean no disrespect to them but it’s impossible to tell them apart. Rowe is starting to get himself a pretty full beard, like his partner has. The crowd began to chant “War Machine”. Britt and Brendon are the twins’ first names. Rowe took down one brother and then threw around the other as the match began. Rowe threw Tate into the corner and tagged in Hanson. War Machine just annihilated this poor kid in a Double Team. Hanson put the kid on the top turnbuckle and bashed his chest, over and over. Wild Knee Lifts by Hanson. Hanson stood on Tate and tagged in Rowe. Step-up Enziguri had no effect. Tag to the other Tate, who got Snap Powerslammed. Forearm to send Tate into the corner.

Tate 2 tried a littleoffense but a Cartwheel and Monster Clothesline, from the freshly tagged Hanson, laid him out. Tag to Rowe. Hanson Powerbombed Rowe onto Tate. Dang. The other Tate rushed in and got Exploder Suplexed out of the ring. War Machine nailed the Legdrop variation of the Doomsday Device. I’d call that Nuclear Meltdown!

Your Winners: Rowe and Hanson…War Machine
Honor Roll Ranking: 2.5 out of a possible 5

Adam Page vs The Romantic Touch

B.J. Whitmer was in Page’s corner. Steve Corino really hates Whitmer. Touch’s entrance music still sounds like something off a Santana album. Touch blew rose petals to the crowd as Page did squats to warm up. Touch got down with a Rose (Air) Guitar. Whitmer told Page not to do the Code of Honor handshake but Page did it anyway. Side Headlock by Page. Shoulder Tackle by Touch. Universal into a Touch dance. Amateur Takedown and Ride by Touch. Drop Toe Hold by Touch with a slap to the butt. Touch with a Rolling Back Pin. Monkey Flip by Touch. Page went to the ropes. Page snapped Touch’s neck on the top rope. Flip-In Clothesline by Page for a two.

Page with a Whip and Corner Clothesline. Page with a nice Missile Dropkick but only got a one count. Page wanted a Camel Clutch but couldn’t lock it in. Touch ran Page into the corner. Touch blocked a Vertebreaker and hit a Dropkick. Morningstar Uppercut by Touch. Back Body Drop after a pair of Whips. Page with a headbutt. Page went for some kind of move but Touch with the Mile High Club (Inverted Airplane Spin). Touch went up top but Page hit the rope. Touch was Crotched on the top rope. Guillotine Driver by Page to seal the deal.

Your Winner: Adam Page
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.0

After the match, Whitmer allowed Page to do a partial Decade hand salute.

Cedric Alexander vs Roderick Strong
Submission Match

Strong offered the Code of Honor but Cedric refused. Standing Switches and reversals to begin the match. Strong went in between the ropes. Cedric waited and then bashed away. Whip by Strong was reversed. Universal into a wild Dropkick by Cedric. Knife Edge Chops by Cedric. Strong escaped a Suplex but took an Elbow. Kneelift by Strong. Strong stomped on Cedric’s head and hit his own Knife Edge Chops.

Cedric with an Uppercut which led to a battle of Knife Edges. Cedric Clotheslined Strong up and over the top. Cedric then hit a Suicide Dive Bulldog. Adam Page and T.D. Thomas checked on Strong. The two fought on the floor. Roderick caught Cedric with the nastiest Bck Body Drop that I’ve seen. Cedric’s lower back hit the ring apron. As Corino explained, the edge of the ring is the hardest part. The fans admitted that the move was awesome. Strong threw Cedric back in the ring and continued to work over the lower back. Strong kicked at the ribs and back of Cedric.

Knife Edge by Strong. Cedric pushed Strong away but he came back with another Knifed Edge. Side Drop Suplex by Strong. Break time.

We’re back and Strong was on the floor. Cedric with an incredible Flip Dive that took out Page and Thomas. Strong escaped. Cedric with a 540 off the barricade. Springboard DDT into the Guillotine Choke. Strong made it to the ropes. Strong with a Jumping Enzigut by Strong but Cedric with Trouble in Paradise. Running Dropkick by Cedric. Running Forearm by Cedric into a wicked Inverted White Noise. Cedric clamped on the Dragon Sleeper. Strong used three Knee Strikes to escape. Strong powered Cedric up to the top turnbuckle and hit the Jumping Enziguri. Knife Edge Chops by Strong. Superplex as some doofus threw in a streamer. Don’t do that DURING the match!

Strong with a hard Slap and Elevator Knees. He even spit in Cedric’s face. Cedric locked in a variation of the Kokina Clutch. Impressive. Strong looked stunned but still managed to flip Cedric over the ropes. Strong then flew off the apron to nail Cedric. Strong pitched Cedric back into the ring. Back Drop Backbreaker by Strong. Strong called for his finisher, the Stronghold (Walls of Jericho). Cedric kicked out. The tow men went up top. Cedric blocked the Butterfly Lock. The fans started chanting “Please Don’t’ Die”. Cedric dropped Strong on the top turnbuckle, hit the Lumbar Check and beat Strong with his own Stronghold move!

Your Winner: Cedric Alexander
Honor Roll Ranking: 4.25

After the match, Cedric offered a sign of peace with a handshake. Strong came out and thought about it. Strong backed off and left the ring. Yet another insult to Cedric Alexander.

Matt Taven vs Jay Lethal
World TV Title Match
(Truth Martini will be handcuffed at ringside)

Jay had Truth Martini and Seleezia with him. She’s an interesting looking woman. She’s Truth’s new bodyguard. Truth was worried that Taven would try and kill him. Jay tried to talk Truth into being handcuffed. Truth tried to run away but Seleezia carried him back. Truth was finally handcuffed to the turnbuckle.

No Code of Honor. Taven stard at Truth. Collar and Elbow Taven went out and started after Truth. Jay caught him and threw him back in the ring. Hard Knife Edge Chops by Taven. Whip by Jay. Float Over into another Chop. Standing Switches. Taven with a nice Dropkick. Raven reversed a Whip but ate an Elbow. Taven let himself be flipped over the ropes so he was close to Truth. Jay came out and hit a Knife Edge and pitched Taven back into the ring. Jay missed a Crossbody and Taven got a two count. Jay with an Enziguri that took RoH to a break.

Taven and Seleezia had a stare down. Lethal with a Dropkick, through the ropes. Jay pitched Taven back in and got a two count. Rear Chin Lock by Lethal. Truth kept trying to free himself from the cuffs. The men in the ring threw wild punches. Taven switched to kicks and a Leg Lariat. Clotheslines by Taven. Jay reversed a Whip but took an Enziguri. Spinning Neckbreaker, off the top rope. 2 count. Taven wanted his Climax finisher but Jay converted it to the Lethal Injection. Hail to the King (Savage Elbow). Could be…Might be…Denied. Jay went for Lethal Injection but Taven blocked it. Taven with a Backspring Enziguri and Brainbuster. 2 count, again. The two men went to the floor to fight. Jay went for the Suicide Dive but Taven with a Superkick. Taven then hit a pair of Suicide Dives and a Tope Con Hilo. Seleezia and Lethal were both taken out. Truth screamed at the head of security (J. Diesel) to protect him. He handed him some money. Diesel was ready to fight Taven. Diesel blocked a Superkick and slapped Taven. Taven nailed a Superkick. Seleezia broke the handcuffs and ushered Truth to the back. Taven went for the Frog Splash but Jay got the knees up. Lethal Injection!

Your Winner: Jay Lethal
Honor Roll Ranking: 3.75


–Jay Shannon

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