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Seth Rollins looked to be leaving for the night. He dismissed the security guys. Seth started looking for Dean. Dean came out of the trunk of one of the cars and chased after Seth. The fight started up, again. Dean threw Seth onto the windshield of the car. They fought over the top of the car, which was apparently Seth’s. Seth sped away as Dean limped after Rollins.

The guys all got their entrances, complete with music. Damien Sandow was added to the mix. Heath Slater now comes out in new gear but still with the 3MB music. Before the match got started, Bad News Barrett came out to chat. Barrett had some “Bad News” for the winner of this match. He said the winner would have a nice run, for awhile, until he returned. I hope he heals and gets back soon.

Khali was immediately the target but he would not go gentle into that good night. Khali really had to fight hard. Xavier Woods was the first to go and then Zack Ryder hit the floor. A Brogue Kick rocked Kahli and made him an easy target for elimination. Sin Cara tried to do a Springboard move but ended up eliminated by Bo Dallas. Truth was eliminated and Axel went quickly after that. Sandow was gone after a flip over the ropes. Ryback threw out Diego. Ryback with a Scoop Slam on Alberto Del Rio.Ryback and Sheamus slugged it out. Brogue Kick sent Ryback out. Miz tried to throw out Sheamus, but failed. Miz slid under the bottom rope, so he was still safe.

Titus with Backbraekers to Sheamus. Bo tossed out Titus. He ran around and celebrated. Cesaro dropped Bo like a bad habit. Kofi flipped Cesaro on the apron. Cesaro lifted Kofi but Kfi didn’t hit the floor. That was just cool as can be. Cesaro grabbed Kofi’s dreadlocks. Dropkick by Kofi. Del Rio with a Tilt-a-Whirl Bacbreaker to Dolph. Dolph with a Dropkick. Del Rio with the Cross Armbreaker off the apron. Dolph took out Del Rio, on the apron. There was a weird glitch that hit. Big E tried to throw out Cesaro but Cesaro with the Belly to Belly to send Cesaro out. Kofi landed on Big E’s shoulders and pulled Cesaro to the apron. Kofi was playing Chicken. Cesaro Suplexed Kofi back in the ring. Cesaro with a huge kick. Kofi blasted the Swiss Superman. Cesaro tried to punch Kofi out of the match but Kofi held on. Kofi was finally sent to the floor by Cesaro. Heath Slater tossed out Cesaro! Yes!Sheamus then put Heath on the apron and hit the 10 Beats. Brogue Kick took out Heath. Sheamus with a Battering Ram to Bo. 10 Beats to Bo. Dolph took out Bo Dallas. Darn, that was my choice.

It was down to Sheamus and Ziggler. Both men kept blocking or avoiding each other’s moves. Dolph with a Sunset Flip. Sheamus with the Slingshot but Dolph held on. Sheamus continued to punch at Dolph. Dolph slid under and hit a La Bandera Clothesline. Sheamus didn’t go. Fireman’s Carry by Sheamus. Dolph with a Supekick to send out Sheamus. Wait, Miz was never eliminated. He rushed in and tossed out Dolph!

Your Winner (and NEW Intercontinental Champion)): The Miz
Battleground Scorecard: 4.0

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