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Thank the Heavens for long introductions as I was out of lemonade. Smile.

Both belts were at ringside. I thought Cena gave the old World title to Ric Flair but I guess not. All Hell broke loose when the bell rang.


Roman fought both Kane and Randy. Kane blasted Roman. Kane and Randy with a Double Team on Roman. Cena was kept on the floor. Roman took down both Authority members. Cena slid in and hit a Fisherman’s Suplex on Randy. Double team on Cena. Side Slam by Kane and he let Randy try for the pin. Really? Randy and Cena fought away. Kane went out to get Roman. Kane came in to protect Randy. The fans chanted for Roman Reigns.

Kane kept Roman on the floor. Double teaming on Cena. Cena went Vintage on Randy. Five Knuckle Shuffle but couldn’t get he AA. Randy held onto the top rope. Roman and Cena looked ready to fight but Randy and Kane jumped them both. Kane dropped Roman and almost pinned him. Randy lost it seeing Kane’s attempt at taking the title. Meltdown alert. Kane put Randy on the top rope. Tower of Doom using all 4 men to send people flying. Randy got the worst of it.

John and Roman were about to fight but Kane sat up. Roman and John went after Kane. Randy with the Twisted Sister Backbreaker to Roman. Randy with a Double Rope-assisted DDT by Randy to John and Roman. Kane made the save. Kane with a Big Boot but Roman made the save. Roman with a Samoan Drop to Kane but Randy broke up the count. Randy with a Drop Toe HOld into a Half Crab to Roman. Roman powered out. Roman put Randy in the Half Crab. Cena grabbed the other leg and put Randy in the STF. AA to Kane. Cena with another STF to Randy.

Roman pulled Randy out and threw him over the announce table. John and Roman exchanged hard fists. Stone Wall by Roman. Roman kicked out of the STF and hit the Samoan Drop. Roman missed the Superman Punch but Cena with the Protobomb. Roman came back and nailed the Superman Punch, after all. Spear! Kane broke up the pinfall. Roman with a Flying Clothesline to Kane. Roman with he Rising Son Dropkick to Cena and Randy and Kane! Roman drove Randy threw the barricade.

Roman broke out of the Goozle and hit the Spear. John came in and stopped the count. Cena with the AA but Roman stopped it. John with an AA to Roman but Kane prevented the three. Kane with Chokeslams to Cena and Roman but couldn’t get the 3.Spear by Roman. RKO by Orton. AA by Cena! Cena retains.

Your Winner: John Cena
Battleground Scorecard: 4.5

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